you are just mine only swasan (episode 25)


At XYZ Place.
“sanky I Want To Knw About Swara.. I Mean How Rani Turn To Swara? How U Both Met? Tell Me Is She Realy My Sister? Exactly Wht Happend?” Ragini Asks Sanky Who Is Standing Infront Of Her Without Any Emotions. “k. I’ll Tell U. Bt, Plz Dnt Stress Her.” Sanky Starts To Tell The Flash Back.

10 Yrs Back. At The Kaali Temple. Small Sanky Is Praying And She Hears Someone Crying And Follows The Direction. He Sees A Girl Is Wounded And Sitting On The Floor Wid The Support Of A Pillar. He Sees Blood Is Coming Frm Her Back Of Head. He Rushes To Her And Sees Her. He Dont Know Wht 2 Do He Calls The Pandit And Ask Help From Him. He Also Helps Swara And Takes Her To The Hospital. After Treating Her Doctor Asks Swara Some Questions. “baby, Wht’s Ur Name? How Did U Get Injured? Who Are Ur Parents?” Bt, Swara Stares At Him Blankly. “i.. I Don’t Know. Bt,… I Remember Someone Callng Me Rani.. I Dont Knw Any Thng” Sayng This She Holds Her Head And Starts To Scream. Doctor Gvs Her A Injuction And She Falls Sleep.

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