You are just mine only swasan (episode 23)


Sanky Knocks On The Door. And Ragini Opens The Door And Smiles. “come Swara! Come Sanky… Ma They’ve Come” Ragini Asks Them To Sit. Sumi Comes There And Swasan Get Up. Ragin Say To Swara “maa..” Swara Too Smiles And Says “hell AUNTY!” Sumi’s World Freezes And Gets Emotional “no Beta! Maa.. Call Me Maa.” Swara Is Cnfused And Just Stares At Her. Sumi Cups Her Face And Says”rani Beta! Dnt U Remembr Me? I’m Your Ma! Du U Knw Hw I Flt When I Lost U? I’ve Searched U Evrywher. Du U Knw Hw Many Nitghs I Was Sleepless? I Missed U Very Much. Now Call Me Ma! Plz.. Its Been Years U’v Cld Me Maa!” Sumi Cries

“no Aunty! U Are Mistaken. I’m Not Rani. I’m Swara!” Swara Tries To Take Sumi’s Hand Frm Her Face.

“no! Rani Look At Me.. I’m Ur Mom. Till Now Our Fate Has Seperated Us. Now No One Can Seperate Us. Come To Me.. Come Hug Me! Come To Me…” Sumi Pleads To Swara Holding Swara’s Hand.

“come To Me..” Sumi’s Word Eachos In Sanky’s Ears. This Is The Day He Feard For! This The Words He Never Wanted To Hear!

Sanky Stands There Freezed. He’s Feeling That His Life’s Slipping Frm His Hands. He’s Waiting For…
“no! No I Wont Cme To U. U R No One To Me. I’m An Orphan. U R Lieng. Wht Will U Get By Lieying To Me?” Swara Leaves Her Hand And Steps Back.
“rani Listen. Look At Me. Cnt U See My Motherly Love 4 U? Cnt U Feel My Morthely Warmth When I Hold U? Cant U Recall That I’m Ur Mom Even Aftr Seeing My Tears? 10 Yrs.. Solid I’m Missing U 4 Solid 10 Yrs. Nw I Wont Let U Go Away Frm Me. Now Onwards U’ll Be Wid Me Only. Come To Me Rani.. Plz!” Sumi Begs To Swara.

Hearing Sumi Swara Gets Scared. She Looks At Sanky And Hugs Him “sanky Take Me Frm Here. They.. They’re Planning To Separate Us. She’s Lieng. I Dnt Knw Who S She.. Plz Take Me Frm Here Sanky.. Plz…” Virgously Crieng Swara’s Voice Fades Slowly And She Losses Her Concious. Sanky Gets Tensend And Hugs Her Tightly. Feels Her That She’s Losing Her Sense. He Breaks The Hug, Cups Her Face.”shona Look At Me! Look At Me. Ur Sanky Is Here Only” He Continously Pats Her.

Sumi Is Heart Broken Hearing Her Daughter’s Talk. Bt, She Gets Worried Seeing Her Unconcious. Sumi & Ragini Run To Swara Who’s Now In Sanky’s Arms. Seeing Sumi And Ragini Sanky Fumes And Raises His Hands To Stop Them. Her Sprinkls Some Water On Her Face. Swara Slightly Gains Concious. He Makes Her Drink Water. After Conforming That She’s Stable He Hugs Her.

“rani Plz.. Listen To Me Once” Sumi Cries. “aunty, Plz Give Her Some Time. These Are So Fast For Her. She Cant Bear Any Sudden Shock Or Any Stress. It May Harm Her. She Has Some Asthma Prblm. Bcz Of Strs It May… I Hope U Understand. I’ll Slowly Make Her Understand.. Plz…” Sanky Say Suppressing His All Kind Of Emotions. Sumi Agrees Wid Heavy Heart. Sanky Takes Swara From There Leaving A Crying Sumi And Emotionless Ragini Behind. Just Then SK Enters GM. Swasan And Sk Doesnt See EO. Seeing SK Sumi Cries Badly.

“i Lost Her Shek. I Lost Her Again. She Cnt Remember Me. She’s Nt Effected By Me. She Has Totally Forgotten Me..” SK Hugs Sumi And Consoles Her.

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  1. Asthama …memory… what logic..?? i know fiction hai but itna..?

    1. Yes Dr. There’s No Any Link Between Memory & Asthma. Bt, There’s A Link Btween Asthma And Stress Caused By Bad Memories. U’ll Get To Knw In Upcming Episodes.. If U Feel It Isn’t Logical Plz Let Me Knw And I’m Kindly Expectng Ur Suggestns.

  2. Amazing dear!

    1. Misz

      Thank U Dr!

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    I am hell confused but chappy is nice. Waiting for nxt. Keep it up.

    1. Misz

      Thanks. Your Cofusion Will B Cleard In Upcming Few Episodes

  4. Nice superb

    1. Misz

      Thank U Priya

  5. Very nyc yaar keep gng i loved swasan bonding in ur story so plz dnt seperate them…….

    1. Misz

      Thank U Aksh And They Won’t B Seperated

    1. Misz

      Thank You!

  6. Khushiii

    Superb continue soon

    1. Misz

      Thanks Khushi

  7. Yrr very confusing story plzz sanskar ko villain mat Bana Dena ki usne khud ke happiness ke liye swara ke family se dur rakha use

    1. Misz

      Thank U. I Dnt Knw Hindi Bt, I Thnk Don’t Make Sanky As A Villian. It’ll Never Happn Dr!

  8. Soujanya


  9. Vyshu10

    nice….reveal d past soon

    1. Misz

      Thank U!

  10. so much confusing.. dont seperate swasan and dont show him villain.. whats this now why she askng her daughter to back when she cme to know she is her daugter? please for god sake dont seperate them

  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. And than for long parts

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