You are just mine only swasan (Episode 2)

Poonam: munna where is swasan?

Mu: they must be at the garden. I’ll take them here.

In the garden.

Swara is looking at the mango tree and say
“sanky its enough. Look at here the bag is already filled. Come down.”

“wait shona last one.” saying this he tries to pick the mango which is in the one of highiest branches.and he plucks it and starts come down.

“sanky careful. Come slowly. You may fa…”
Before she culd complete



Bt, she could’nt acteam. Something stucks in her throt. The world starts to rotate..
She rushes to him and takes him on her lap.

“sa…n…ky ” she could’t complete her sentens. her voice choks. eyes are welled up and tears make their way through her cheeks. one of her tear drop falles on his cheeks and he opens his eyes. He sees his shona is weeping. he hurriedly gets up and cups her face and says

“shona look here. nothng has happened to me . I’m alright. I just played a prank i’m sorr….MENU

“wht? u played a prank? how dare u are? i was worried about u & u played a prank” swara says angrily and starts to hit his chest.

“ouch! shona listen. ots just a prank listen” says sanky catching her both wrist.

“you idiot leave my hand. I’m leaving. and don’t u dare to talk to me saying this she starts to go.

Bt, before she could leave his hands completely he catches her palms (exactly like in the 1st episode) and pulls her toward him with full force. As the results she lands on his chest..

BG starts…


they have an eye look.


unknowingly both forehead touches


both of them leann toward eachother.


Oh i’m sorry realy sorry. I think i’ve came in a wrong time ……. Says munna disturbing their lovely moment.

hearing his scream. both come to their sense and depart from eachother. both avoid eye contact

To avoid this akwardness munna says
“that…that… Ah poonam ma called you both.

Swasa leave from there

Munna turns and sees the rose and things to give it to siya and impress her. he goes near the rose and about to pluck it


Munna gets scared and turns and sees swara who’s giving him a death glare.

“how dare you’re blo*dy murderr,”

“what? where where is the muerder?

“act as a innocent. you’re the muerderer.”

“what? me? wht are u saying? I didn’t kill anyone”

“not only killing, attempt to kill also a murder”

“when i attemped to murder and whom?”

“just now. you were trying to pluck that rose na? plants also has life didn’t u study? murderer!”

Munna’s mouth turns to ‘O’ shape

“now close your mouth and collect those mangos and come. or else you know i’ve your trim card.” saying this she goes frm there. munna sighs there’s no any ways to escap.

Poonam’s room.

Swasan enter there after seeking permission.

Poonam hugs both of them and says ” you both got it. i’m vry proud of you both. you got seat in ABC college in dhelhi. you’ve to go there by 2mro evening. so get ready i’ll give this news to everyone.” saying this she goes from there leaving swasan alone.

As soon as poonam leaved from there swasan gug each other tightly forgetting evrything.

when they come to their sense swata pushes him angrily and goes from there
Bt, sanky being sanky without giving up runs behind her.

Swara’s room belconey,

Sanky comes there and sees her who’s lost somewhere

He gugs her from back and says ” sorry shona! i was just kidding. I won’t do this again. I promise. Plz talk to me”

swara doesn’t say any thing bt, her precious pearl whish has fallen on his hand says that she’s crying.

hurriedly sanky turns her and cups her face.

“plz dn’t cry. I won’ do this ever. i can’t tolerate your tears”

Saying this wipes her tears.

Thats enough for swata to break down completly. She hugs him tightly and says

“don’t ever leave me sanky. I don’t have anyone rather than you. I just can’t even imagine a world without you” saying this she weeps

Sanky hugs her even more tightly.

“do you remember we promised each other that will not leave eachother whatever the situation. I’ll never leave you shona”

They both remain silence for sometimes



“2moro we’ll be dhelhi”

She slowly raises her head from his chest and looks at him.

“Be ready shona”

She doesn’t say anything and nodes.

Hello friends thank you so much for your comments. Bt, i hardly know hindi or hindi songs. Can anyone plz suggest me some friendship, love, sad, hindhi songs.

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