You are just mine only swasan (episode 18)


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Sanky calls swara back.

“shona wht happened? Why so many missed calls?”

“sanky, I’m priya. Where have you gone. Plz come to college as soon as possible. Swara needs you” priya says being tensend.

Sanky gets more worried and hires a auto and goes from there followed by ragini.

At the college.

Sanky calls back priya and she asks him to come to the medical room.

Sanky rushes to medical room and gets tears seeing the scenery.

Swara is hiding under the bed and shouting. Priya , another two students and the doctor is trying hard to get swara back.

“go away. Plz, don’t do anything to me. Plz. VARUN… plz come” swara is crying.

Sanky rushes to her and says” rani. My princess here i came, plz come out. They wont do any thing to you.” he consoles her and takes her out of the bed and makes her lie on the bed. Doctor gives her a injection and goes from there. Swars sleeps coz of the injection.

“priy wht happened to her” sanky asks sitting next to swara and caresses her hair.

“while practising the dance swara excused her self to go to somewhere and went. After some time electricity has cut. So all of us departured. When i was going i heard swara is screaming in the lift. After much difficulty we got her out of that.” priya narrates wht happened.

Sanky is feeling guilty about not able to be with his shona when she needed him the most. Ye gets tears in his eyes. At the time ragini reaches near the door and stops hearing their talk.

“but sanky, why swara is behaving weirdly and you were calling her RANI” priya aska confusingly.

Hearing RANI name ragini stands there frozen. She gets some flashes

“wo its her name only. some bad happenings in her childhood makes her behave like this. She has forgotten her childhood. But whenever she faces some similar situation she gets panic attack”

Ragini stands there speechless. Her world rotates for a while. Unknowingly she is having tears.

Swara gains conscious and calls sanky. Sanky takes her in his embarrass and rubs her back

“I’m sorry shona. I couldn’t be with you when you needed me the most. I couldn’t save you” says with chocking voice.
Swara wipes his tears and says

“its not your fault. Its just happened like that. Shall we go home. I’m not feeling well.”

Sanky nodes and takes her to their apartment. While going sanky sees ragini and gives her a angry look and goes from there.

Swara’s phone rings. Sanky gets irritated and sees the caller id
Its ragini. Sanky is alerted. He answers the call while caressing swara’s hair.

“rani…my child. Are you really my rani, I’m your mother
Plz talk to me. Where are you now? tell me now I’m coming there to take you with me”

Hearing this sanky’s throat dried. He looks at swara

Swasan apartment.

Swasan are on the bed hugging each other. Sanky is top of swara and nuzzling his face on her crooks of the neck. Swara’s one hand is caressing his hair and other one is rubbing his back.

Swara’s phone rings and sanky gets irritated and takes the phone and sees ragini calling. He answers the call and hears a lady is speaking in other side.

“hello rani, rani can you hear me? I’m your mom is speaking. Where are u now? Tell me now its self I’ll come and take you with me. ”

Aftet listening this sanky’s throat went dried. He looks at swara who is caressing his face and smiling.

“sorry wrong no” saying thia he cuts the call and switches off it. He hugs her tightly and says

“i love you shona you are just mine only. I wont give up you to anyone”

“ha sanky i know I’m yours only. I won’t leave you ever.”

He hugs her more tightly and thinks i won’t give up you to anyone means not even to your mother.

Later at night. Sleep is far away from sanky. He gets up and sits on the bed. He looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully.

“wht if shona’s mom comes here and takes her from me ” the thought its self made him worried. He just couldn’t imagine a single second without her. He slowly takes her to his arms and hugs her. He leans on the bed while she is sleeping on his chest.

Next day morning.

Swara wakes up and sees she is on sanky’s chest and smiles. She kisses him on his neck. The kiss disturbs his sleep and he wakes up. They have an eye look. He slowly leans to her and takes her lower lip in between his lips and starts to kiss it. She to responds in the same manner. The kiss soon turned to a passionate and hunger one. They leave each others lips when they found difficulties in breathing. Swara blushes and hides her face on his chest. He smiles and hugs her and kisses on her head.

“get ready we have to go to kaali ma temple” sanky pats her head.


“kaali ma i don’t know whether its right or not but i cant lost my shona. Till every thing gets cleared i will my self tell her about her mom” sanky prays.

“wht is the special today? You’ve taken me to temple?” swara says while giving placing a teeka on his forehead.

“its a surprise turn around and see” sanky says smilingly. Swara turns and surprised to see poonam, munna and siya. She runs to them and hugs both poonam and siya while munna gives a friendly hug to sanky.

“swara after reaching Delhi you have forgotten us. But sanky didn’t. He invited us to your college’s golden jubilee.” poonam says with a fake anger.

“oh poonam ma! wht if i invitetd you nor sanky both are same na” swara saya giving her a side hug.

“shona you take them to our flat. I’ll go to college and come. I’ve some works. ” sanky says and swara agrees.

At the college.

Ragini is waiting for swasn. But to her disappointment sanky comes alone. She rushes to her.

“sanky where is swara? ”
“i think she is at her home. I’m sorry ragini I’ve no time to waste time with you” saying this he goes from there without giving her a chance to ragini. Ragini stands there not knowing wht to do. Sanky goes to meena mam and informs about their leave and assures her that their performance will be perfect and goes from there.

Swasan apartment

Trio having a good time in chit chatting

“munna did you touch my rose flower? ” swara asks with a dangerous voice.

“I’ve confessed my love with plastic roses” munna says with a pout face which made all of them laugh.

Sanky reaches there and sees swara lovingly.

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