You are just mine only swasan (episode 17)


Same day at the college.

Swara has gone to get her project from lecturer. Sanky and ragini are sitting under the tree.

“this is a good chance to tell my heart out to sanky.” ragini thinks and looks at sanky who is busy in going through his notes.

Ragini: sanky, i want to tell you something shall i?

sanky is confused and says “ok ragini, go ahead I’m listening.”
Ragini feels shy and turn other side

“sanky, you know very well, I’m the only one heir of godadia family. I’m the princess of my parents. Basically i wont like anyone or anything so easily. But for the first time in my life i liked, i can say i loved someone at my first meet. Its you. Yes sanky, I’m in love with you. Will you mine forever?”

There is no responds from sanky. She turns to see him and gets shocked to see the scenery.

At some distance sanky is holding swara by her waist and pulling her closer. Sanky is holding her hand. And they have an eye look. Ragini gets angry like hell
Her eyes are filled with tears. She feels rejected. She stamps her foot on the ground and goes from there angrily.


********Flash back*******************

Ragini:”sanky, you know very well……

at that time sanky sees swara is coming from other side. He is lost in her charm. He couldn’t hear anything from ragini. He slowly approaches her leaving ragini alone there. And a heavy wind blows and the papers which drops her project leaving some papers blow in the wind. Swara gets tensioned and starts to collect the papers. He is walking behind and bumps to sanky and he catches her. He twirls her and makes her face him and holds her closer. They have an eye look.

**************flash back ends**********

“swara swara swara… you are getting iny nerves now. Sanky, how dare you are to ignore my talks and go an the middle? I know, you like me, but swara is the only one hurdle between us. Lets see how you are going to save your so called friendship. I’m challenging you swara, i ragini godadia will drift apart your friendship. It will happen for sure. Very next day of golden jubilee sanky will known as boy friend of ragini godadia.


“swara meera mam is calling you to the dance room” priya one of the swasan’s class mate informs her.

“sanky i think its about the solo performance. I’m going.” swara says and seeks permission from sanky.

Sanky smiles and says “go and perform well. I’ll be waiting for you. Once your rehearsal is over give me a call” he sends her with priya.


“sanky, plz come with me to the park one of my friend needs me. Plz sanky” ragini pleads him and shows some crocodile tears.

“but, ragini i cant let swara to be alone here. ” sanky tries to protest.

“sanky, swara is not alone. there are so many students with her. But, my friend has no one. Its about a life sanky. Plz” ragini some how manages to convince sanky and takes him with her.

Sanky unknowingly goes with her.

Ragini sees sanky’s phone is vibrating and takes it without his knowledge switches off it. Sanky is driving the car. Soon they reach the park and gets down from it. Sanky looks at the park and asks “where is your friend ragini?” he turns and sees ragini is no where to seen. He goes to find her

Suddenly he feels his heart beat is raising. A unknown fear makes him restless. He is sweating

“wht is happening to me. Why I’m feeling something bad is happening.”

Then he sees ragini is coming holding two ice creams in her hand and smiles seeing him.

“ragini you were saying your friend’s life is in danger. Now wht are you doing” confused sanky asks her.

“oh sanku, did you believe my words. I just lied” ragini casually says.

“you lied?? Wht kind of a joke is this ragini? Why this drama and all?” sanky gets angry.

“wht to do sanky. You are making me play drama. I was trying to spend some times with you but sometimes swara is coming between or you are taking her in between. Be cool sanky. Lets spend sometime together. Swara wont call you until 4 pm. Bcz i have instructed meena mam to not to let her go any where till 4 pm. So be cool!” ragini says enjoying her ice cream.

“cool! My foot… Ragini i didn’t know you can play such a dirty game. Is this the way to spend time alone. You wanted to stay some time alone right. Then be here and enjoy the ice cream. You are disgusting.. ” he holds his fist and goes from there angrily.

“oh god! Now wht to do? This plan is flopped. Ragini.. Think something new.”

Sanky goes to the car and takes his mobile.

“my mobile is switched off. But i didn’t. ” he confusingly switches on the phone and gets panic seeing so many missed calls from swara.

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