You are just mine only swasan (episode 15)


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Next day
Swasan apartment

Swara is sleeping hugging sanky placing her head on his chest. She wakes up and sees sanky is already waken up and staring at her lovingly.

Sanky slowly plants a kiss on her forehead and strokes her hair

“did you sleep well?” he whispers.

She nodes and kisses on his cheeks and looks at him properly and widens her eyes. She sits with jerk.

“wht happened shona” sanky too sits being confused.

“where…where is your shirt” swara asks sanky who is there bare chested. She is blushing.

“my shirt is with you, which you are wearing”answers sanky smilingly.

Swara looks at her self and realizes she is just wearing his shirt and blushes more.

“when…when did u change my dress” shyly asks swara lowering her gaze.

Sanky hugs her from back and nuzzles his nose on her head and asks huskily.

“night, after you have slept. Mhmm… Don’t u want to know whatever happened between us?

“no need bcz i know about u very well san…ky”

Her voice shivers bcz sanky is giving her lot of wet kisses on her nape. He slowly traces his fingers on her bare thighs. She feels butterflies in her tummy and she holds his hand and they entangle their fingers with each others. His another hand seeks its way to her neck through her chest and makes round there. She is moaning in pleasure. He whispers huskily “i love you so much shona. ”

But swara is lost in his touch and closes her eyes. He makes her lie on the bed comes top of her and starts to kiss her all over face and leans to kiss her lips and presses his rough lips on her soft lips. She too starts to respond it with the same passion. Their kiss turned to a hungry one he holds her hand very tightly making her winch in pain.

They come to there sense coz of swara’s shout. Sanky has pressed her wound on her palm.

“I’m so sorry shona. So sorry. I didn’t do that intentionally” sanky gets worried and holds her palm and slowly rubs it.

Swara stares at him lovingly and suddenly kisses on his lips tightly making him numb.

“i love you sanky” swara says. And sanky smiles.

Just then swara recalls last night and starts to sweat. She hugs him tightly.

“sanky that sk… Did he see me. Will he come here? Wht if… Wht if he snatch u from me?” she tightens her grip.

Sanky hugs her more and more tightly

“no shona he wont come. Moreover he cant reach even your shadow. And no one is dare to separate us.” he consoles her.

“but im very scared sanky”

“dont be scared. Be strong. You know very well one day or other day we have to confront him. Till then we should be very careful about our steps” sanky slowly makes her understand.

Swara nodes and says “today I’m not going to college.”

“not I’m. But, we aren’t going to college.” sanky winks.

They gets up and freshen up.

At college,

Arjun and ragini are waiting for swasan respectively.

Time is going on but , they aren’t coming.

Swasan apartment, sanky takes his and swara’s phone and switches off it.

Rag-arj are trying to their phone. But its switches off. (about arjuns call i’ll reveal it later.)

Ragini is pissed off.

“wht has happened to sanky. Why he is avoiding me.” she recalls parlour incident and thinks

“swara…is she beautifully than me. Wht she has which i haven’t. Swara i wont let u come near sanky. But, when you are around me I’m feeling like rani is around me. Whatever… Youare the only one hurdle between me and sanky.

Swasan apartment.

Sanky is reading business today and he calls swara

“shona, come here. Read this news.”

Swara comes there and he makes her sit on his lap and she takes the news paper
(guys I’m very poor in business studies. Bcz I’m a bio science student.)


swasan look at each other and says

“mission maheshwaey empire is started”

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