You are just mine only swasan (episode 14)

Sanky rushes to swara whose hand is bleeding due to broken glass pieces. He takes his hanky and wraps his palm and looks at her. Swara is in shock. She is emotionless. Sanky takes her out without anyone’s notice.

“shona look at me. Say something plz. Shona plz don’t be silent.”

Sanky tries hard to make swara speak. But, no use. So he takes her to their apartment.


Sanky takes her to his room and makes her lie on the bed.

“shona be here. I’ll get milk for you.”

Sanky is about to get up but swara catches his hand and nodes in no. He sit beside her and she hugs him tightly. Swara is weeping silently. Sanky is just caresses her hair until she falls in sleep.


“no no don’t take me there. Plz, I’m scared sanky… Leave me sanky plz come.”

Swar shouts coming out of her nightmare. She is sweating badly and crying.

Sanky too wakes up from his sleep and take her in his arms and tries to calm her.

“shh…shona. look here. Nothing has happened.”

“sanky …sanky he had come. He will take me from you. Hug me tightly. ” she keeps on blabbering.

Sanky tightens his grip and says “no one has come. No one can separated me from you. I’m here only.”

Slowly he makes her lie on the bed comes top of her and kisses her forehead and caresses her hairs. She hugs him tightly and calms down after sometime and falls in sleep.

“shekar godadia… You have to pay for this. You have to. Not only you but the whole godadia family has to pay for the deed which you did 10 years before.

He looks at swara’s face which is turned pale and there are stains of tears. He kisses her forehead and says

“I’ll never leave you shona. You are just mine only”

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  1. Tulina

    I thought Gadodia family is swara family but I think it’s not like that

    1. I Cant Say You Are Wrong. Bt, U Hv To Wait.

    2. Misz

      Thank you dr
      I cant say u are wrong. But, some how right. Stay tuned

    1. Misz

      Thank you dear.

  2. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Omg..sedum..jst knew it GF is related to way..m.really scared.coz.of Rag n Arjun..hope sanskaar n swara does nt get separate..continue soon n plzz write a bigger part na..its too small..

    1. Misz

      Thank you. U domt need to get worried. They will nevet get separated.

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Good..nw continue soon wid a lil more intense romance n a longer Part ????

  3. Wooow amazing part suprbbb & ha close this chip arjun chapter idiot….. & don’t separate swasan or unke bich misunderstanding bhi mat create hone Dena

    1. Misz

      Thank you. There wont be any mis understandings or separation. So cool❤❤

  4. Soujanya


    1. Misz

      Thank you soujanya dear.

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome dr….. Very nice

    1. Misz

      Thanks a lot shan

  6. Khushiii

    Amazing continue soon

    1. Thank You So Much Khushii

  7. Vyshu10

    superb…getting more interesting

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. I didn’t read intro part.. I searched many times bt couldn’t find it.. Except that I read all chapters bt I dn’t get to know how swasan are together from childhood.. Plzz try to clarify it

    1. Misz

      Thank you. I didnt reveal yet that how swasan get united since childhood. Its there past. Stay tuned. You will het to know that.

  9. awesome… dont seperate swasan because of arjun and ragini… update soon

  10. Nice

  11. Thank You. Thank You So Much. By Reading Your Commant I’m Getting More Motivation Write. So, Plz Keep On Bashing. So, It Will Really Help Me To Improve My Self. Once Again Tanks A Lot, Alway Welcome For This Ff.

  12. Misz

    Thank you so much ragsan fan. Really your commant is motivating me to improve my self. So keep bashing i mean keep commanting. I will be very grateful to you. You are always welcomed to this ff and i’m expectin g more and bashings i mean commants from you. Once again thanks a lot

  13. AnuAnn

    Waste of time to reply to you….He eee heeee

  14. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear.Loved swasan specially sanky the way he care for swara. Keep it up.

  15. I love u…miszz wat a storyy yaar just mindblowing…such a sweet cute and love oriented story..really loving it to the core yaar…i really love sankyy in dis storyy i m a diehard fan of swasan…der love making me to comment here…i wishh everyy girl including me get der sanskaar as lyf partner wid same care love and wat not….ohhh my god am addicted to ur stry can’t wait fr nxt one…love u swasan…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY DEAR…

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