You are just mine only swasan (episode 13)


Next day @college

“hi sanky why did you leave yesterday without informing me.” asks ragini holding his arms.

“ragini sorry about that a small urgent work.” sanky says removing her hand politely.

“oh its k. I braught the dresses which we’ve purchased yesterday. U should wear that for today’s party.” giving the bags.

“Thank you ragini” says sanky giving her a smile.

“swara you should come with me to the parlour today. We’ll get ready there.” ragini says looking at swara.

“I’m sorry ragini. I’m not interested. ” swara refuses.

“sanky tell na. Swara u should come. That’s it” ragini strictly says.

Swara looks at sanky and he nods her to go.

Swara says ok and they leave for the class.

At the break time.

Ragini is waiting near the gate for shekar godadis(SK). And he comes there in the car and get down from it. Ragini happily hugs him. At some distance sanky notices SK

“oh shit! He is here. Where is shona. It shouldn’t happen now.”

Swara comes near him and places her hand on sanky’s shoulder. He gets alerted. He hurriedly pulls her toward him and hugs her without letting her see SK.

“shona i love you very much.” he whispers.

“i love you too sanky. But leave me someone will see us.”

“let them see” that time sanky’s phone vibrates. He silently sees the caller id. Its ragini..

“shona go and wait in canteen I’ll be back soon” saying this he sends her.

After she has gone sanky answers the call. Ragini asks him to come near the gate.

Near the gate.

“come sanky, i want to introduce him. He’s my papa SK. papa he is my friend sanskr.” ragini introduces him. They shake hand.

“so you are my princess’s special BEST friend.” asks sk smilingly.

Ragini shies.

Seeing this sk smiles too and starts to talk with sanky.

“sankar, im feeling like ive seen u somewhere. From where are you coming and who are your parents?” sk asks.

“me too have the same feeling uncle. I’m from XYZ place. My parents…they are no more” says sankar.

“don’t worry sankar, now they will be happy seeing you” says sk. He nodes and makes some excuse and leaves from there.

“uncle, i have to leave now. Bye!”

They bid bye.

While going sanky notices one of those girls deliberately leaving a paper chit near him. He takes it sees that

“plz call me 09……”

He smiles and says “mad girl”

At the canteen.

“swara you are alone here?”arjun enters the seen.

“yah. Sanky will come now.” swara gives him a nervous smile.

“i saw him near the gate with ragini, i think now a days they are bonding well.” says arjun having a hidden evill smile.

Swara doesnt say any thing bt sees sanky has come. Seeing him she smiles.

Sanky comes near them and sit with them.

Swara is drinking water, to divert the topic arjun asks

“last night i called u. Bt u call has cut in the middle. Wht happened?”

Swara starts to cough recalling their kiss and sanky smiles silently.

“vo…network problem.” she smiles and covers it.

“ok guys, come to our home at 7 pm. I’ve informed ragini.” arjun reminds again and leaves from there.

Sanky remembers how arjun spoiled there moments yesterday and recalls how he tried to instigate swara telling about ragini,

“arjun you are really doing wrong by coming in between us. So you have to face the consequences.” thinks sanky.

Sanky looks at swara who is having food and sits closer to her. He sees her phone and gets a idea. He takes the phone and unlocks it, their first selfie is the wall paper. He smiles seeing it and diverts arjun’s call and SMS to the hot girl’s no.
After that sanky says ” shona come lets take a selfie” and sits more closer to her and takes a selfie.

Ragini sees them while entering the canteen and gets jealous. She couldnt bear their clossenes.

“hello guys! Can i also join you in the selfie” says while approaching them.

Seeing her swara’s smile vanishes. Ragini is about to join them the bell rings as the break is over.


At 6.30 pm,
Near the parlour.

Sanky is waiting for swara and ragini. Just then ragini comes out of the parlour wearing a back knee length one peace and her hairs are free and curled


sanky stares at her and ragini blushes and lowers her gaze.


she slowly approaches him without easing her gaze and stands beside him while blushing hard


ragini looks at him bcz she didn’t get any complement from him. She gets confused as sanky is still staring at the parlour entrance. She too sees there, there swara is standing while blushing hard. She is wearing a blue colour full length frock it is backless and shoulder less. She has made a hairs as a bun and some curled hairs are touching her cheeks.


(actually from start sanky is staring his shona)

He approaches her and says

“looking so pretty.”

Hearing him she blushes more.

Ragini gets angree and jealous as well.

“sanky we are getting late”

Ragini’s talk brings them to sense who lost in each others eyes. Trio leave for malik mansion.


Arjun is welcoming gest, bt his eyes are continuously looking at door expecting someone. Soon ragini’s car stops near the door and trio get down from it. Arjun’s eyes twinkles seeing swara. He is totally lost in her Betty. Seeing this sanly gets angry and holds swara by her waist. And arjun’s smile vanishes.

Ragini sees sanky holding swara’s waist and gets angry. They get inside.

“welcome. Welcome swara, sanky and ragini, welcome” arjun welcomes them by a smile. They smile back and gets in. Seeing so many strangers swara gets nervous. Sanky gently hold her hand consoles her.

“until sanky is near her i cant do any thing.”arjun thinks and calls a waiter.

The waiter goes near swasan and intentionally drops juice over sanky’s dress and says sorry.

“its k. Show me the wash room.”sanky says politely and goes there as he shows that.

As soon as sanky leaves from there arjun reaches near swara and offers her a glass of juice. She accepts it and about to sip it arjun’s father calls him and he leaves there.

“hi sk he is my one and only son arjun malik”

Hearing sk’s name swara is alerted. She holds the glass tightly and tries to see sk’s face.

“nice to meet you. And she is my one and only daughter ragini godadia” sk introduces ragini.

Now swara can clearly see his face. She get shocked and tears brimmed on her eyes. She holds the glass more tighter making it break into peaces.

Sanky reaches there and understand the situation and rushes to swara.

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