You are just mine only swasan (episode 12)


“shona! Can you plz give my blue shirt. Its in my ward robe.”

Sanky says while having a sip of his coffee.

“bt, you look good in black colour”

Answers swara while keeping her cup on the table.

“today i want to wear blue shirt. Plz ger them”

She sighs and goes to his room followed by sanky.


“sanky whts this?”

Asks swara showing him a box.

“a gift”

Says sanky casually.

“who gave you?”

“i’m giving you. See that”

Saying this he hugs her from back and places his chin on her shoulder.

She unwrapps the gift and surprised by this

“phone… For me ?? For wht??”

“if you have amergency. U can call me.”

She turns toward him

“why should i call you? you will be with me always na?”

He tucks her hair behind hear

“ya! I’ll be with you always. I cant be with you every time na”

She holds his shirt button

“bt, sanky, we are saving money to reach our target na. Why to waste like this?”

He pulls her closer and says

“nothing is important than you”

“for now i can buy this only. Bt, after full filling our dream i will buy you a latest version phone”

“your love is enough for me. nothing else.”

Saying this she places her head on his chest.

“shona lets take a selfie. Be like this only.”

They click a photo.

“sanky get ready we have to go to temple before go to college.”

“ok dear shona” saying this he packs her cheeks and goes to change.


Kaali ma temple.

Swasan are lighting the diya. A pundit comes there and says

“today is a precious day for kaali ma if u lit 7 diyas then your whole prayers will be accepted.

Swasa lit 7 diyas and pray
(wht they prayed? I’ll reveal latet”

They see there is couple is getting married. They look at each other and smile. One day they will also get married like this na? They leave for college.


“oh sanky! Where were you till now? Why you are late?”

Says ragini while giving him a hug.

Swasan feel uncomfortable. Without letting him answer ragini continues,

“you know our college is celebrating golden jubilee so papa told me to give a performance. So i thought to give a dance performance. So will you be my partner?”

Sanky didn’t say anything just stares her.

“i mean dance partner.” ragini corrects her.

“i’m sorry ragini! i’m not interested in dance
more ever I’ve given my name to a music performance. if u want any partner, add shona, she is very talented in dancing” says sanky politely.

Ragini is disappointed with sanky. But agrees with sanky to join swara with her.

“no sanky. I cant. you know about me right. i… i cant dance.” swara refuses.

“ragini go and give shona’s name. She’ll dance.” sanskar says determined and sends ragini from there.

“sanky u know very well, i cant”

“till when you will hide from your past? you have to face it bravely.”

“but sanky…” swara hesitates.

“you trust your sanky right? go and start practising from now onwards.” sanky assures.


Sanky is in musical room practising, that time arjun comes there and sees him

“he is here alone. means swara is alone there. this is the right time…”

Arjun starts to search swara and finally finds her near the dance room.

“hi swara! you here?” arjun starts the conversation.

Swara turns and gets tensioned seeing him

“yah. Dance practise for the golden jubilee. But you here?”

“i came here to give this to you. A small gift from me” arjun says forwarding a gift.

“gift…? for me…? for wht?” asks swara confusedly.

“as a sign of our friendship. Plz accept it. if not I’ll think you didn’t forgive me till.” arjun say pleadingly.

Swara sighs and accepts it. “thank you” says before going inside the dance room.

“my first step is successfully completed. Now this is the time for next step” saying this arjun smiled evilly while leaving.

In the dance room

Swara opens the gift and surprised seeing it is a i phone. She sees the phone gifted by sanky this morning and other phone gifted by arjun. She is confused thinking wht to do.


At the canteen

“tomorrow there is a party in my home. i have invited all my friends. I’ll be happy if you all also come” say arjun looking at swasanrag.

“bt, wht we’ll do there. Its your home party…” sanky asks.

“oh come on dude. You all are also my friends. So you should come.” says arjun strictly.

They agree and goes to there class.

While going there ragini says

“you know wht I’ve a habbite that whenever i make friends I’ll gift them something so, today we are going for a shopping.”

“but ragini…”

“no ifs and buts you are coming that’s it .” ragini says and swasan agree with her.

Shopping mall.

While swasanrag are looking at some stuffs ragini’s eyes land on a beautiful gift which is made by glass with a blue shade. She takes it and sees it

“sorry mam. That is already booked.”says sales boy

“wht already booked? Its OK. Cancel the booking and pack this.”

“sorry mam we cant. There is another with black shade. You can take that mam” sales boy says politely.

“do u know who am i? I’m ragini godadia. I wont get any alternative option. If it is not for me then its not for anyone.” saying this she leaves the gift which is broken into thousand pieces in nano of seconds.

Swasan are shocked to see that. They just stand there blankly. That time ragini gets call from her mom

“ya ma I’m in the shopping mall. Ok bye!” she cuts the call and turns to see swasan who are still looking at her.

Ragini just smiles and starts to select dresses. At that time sanky sees sumi is entering the mall and gets tensioned. He looks at swara who is busy selecting dress and get worried. He goes near her and says

“shona we are getting late for tutorial. Come lets go.” saying this she drags her from there without even informing ragini…

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  1. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Hope ragini and arjun doesn’t seperate swasan…. I think sumi is swara’s mom…. May be ragini’s sister….

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  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Fabulous dear. That arjun, I wanna kill him????. What’s the connection between sumi and sanky??? Waiting for nxt.

  4. nice.. why seeing shoni he drags swara from there.. reveal it…

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum..loved it.mwant to kill Arjun ??..I jst hope No MU n No Seperation of SwaSan..n i guess SwaRagini r Sisters n da way Sanskaar took Swara after seeing Shomi looks Shomi is related to Swara’s Past ..hope m right..continue soon

  6. Vyshu10

    nice….is shomi swarag’s mom?

  7. Jwala


  8. awesome..!!

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