You are just mine only swasan (episode 12)


Sanky is in his room and lost in thoughts. He is thinking about sumi.

“wht to do now? I know this will happen. But, so soon?”

At that time swara comes there and hugs him from back. This made a smile on his lips. He holds her hand and makes her come in front of him. She again hugs him. He too hugs her back.

“Sanky i want to ask you something.” she slowly whispers.

“I’m listening shona” he says.

“wht happened to you today? You were upset since we were shopping?”

He tightens his grip on her waist.

“shona nothing is like that. Mhm… Shona you’ll be very tired coz of dance practise. So go and sleep.”

She nodes and turns to go.

“so, will you sleep without me ?” asks sanky catching her hand.

She smiles shyly and hugs him. He picks her in his arms and goes to room.


ragini is pacing here and there murmuring some thing.

“how ? how could u sanky? how could u ignore me. how could u leave even not informing me”


sanky slowly places swara on the bed and stares at her.

Swara notices it and blushes.

He slowly caresses her cheeks with his palm and kisses her forehead and both cheeks. Swara blushes hard. He stares her and whispers

“you are so beautiful shona. ”

Hearing this she blushes more. He slowly leans to her and pecks her lips. He again stares at her and leans to have a deep kiss


A call disturbs them. Its swara’s phone. They get irritated and swara takes the phone and sees the caller ID its arjun.

Sanky gets angry bt, doesn’t show it.

“hi arjun. ”

“hello swara i just called you to remain about 2mr party. You are coming na?!”


“swara are you there? Can you hear me?

No response from swara. Coz, sanky is shutting her mouth with his…

Arjun cuts the call and sanky released her lips.

Poor swara didn’t come out from the shock yet.

“shona wht happened? Why are staring at me like that? If you have any wrong intention very sorry. Now I’ve no mood” saying this smiles naughtily.

Instead of getting angry. She blushes.

They have an eye look.
Again they are disturbed by a call.

This time its ragini. Seeing the caller id sanky gets angry and switches off it.

Sanky hugs swara and hides his face on her crook of her neck.

“shona are you sure u can do that?”

“ha sanky.. Till you are with me.”

Here in GM

“Sanky has cut my call. Oh shit. How to make him come to my path. Think. Laddo think… Papa, papa is right solution.”


“papa do u have any meeting 2mr?” ragini asks while entering the room.

“ya laodo, mehta group of co. Is launching a project so….” shekar says caressing her hair.

“its k papa. Cancel the meeting and come to the college 2mr. I’ve to introduce someone” ordering this she goes without expecting a answer.

Shekar jus looks on…

I know this is really short. But its needed for nxt update. Plz keep commanting

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  1. Awesome epi dear…but y ragini nd arjun r trying to separate swasan..i hate dem..pls dnrt separate my swasan…nd y sanky was tensed seeing sumi??post soon waitng fr nxt eagrly

  2. Do whatever don’t bring misunderstanding btw them

  3. Plz dnt seperate swasan yaar I lv ur story very much….

  4. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum.loved hate these kabab main haddis arjun n ragini alot ??..hope everything will be fine b/w swasan..continue soon

  6. Khushiii


  7. Dharani

    very nice

  8. Awsome Dr…..

  9. Abirsha

    Awesome hope swasan doesn’t get separated with arjun nd ragini’s nasty plans….

  10. awesome… what relation shomi and swasan have.. dont seperate swasan… arjun and ragini i hate them…

  11. Nice

  12. awesome..!!

  13. Hey dear plzzz ragini or arjun ko swasan ki life se dur rakho & don’t separate swasan & ha swasan to orphan h na clear yrr k sanskar swara ki family ko janta h k sumi swara ki mom h ragini uski sis but start ke episode me to swasan ko orphanage me dikhaye tha unki koi family nhi thi…. Dear plzzz clear all misunderstanding to the swasan life

  14. Soujanya


  15. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear.Loved whatever you want but don’t separate swasan????. Waiting for nxt.

    1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

      Sorry it’s ‘Do’ not ‘loved’

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