You are just mine only swasan (episode 11)


Swara is sleeping on sanky’s chest. He is caresing swara’s hairs.

“after all my preyers are answered by your confesstion. And arjun… Wht to do with you? finaly you came inbetween me and you. Now its my time. wait and watch i’ll show you wht i can do”


Next day

“swara i sorry. I dont know about you and sanky. Thats why i was rude to him. Sorry plz. Sanky im sorry. Plz tell na”

“shona fogive him. he dont know about us na thats why he behaved like that.”

“ok sanky for your sake only i’m forgiving him. it shouldnt happen hereafter.”

Swasan leave to there class.

“swara its time to make you realize that sanky does not deserve you”

While going to class swara sees those girls coming toward them. She looks at sanky and gets worried. She suddenly pushes him inside a empty class and breaths heavily. He is shocked by he behavior.

“Shona wht happened??”

“vo that… Ah i felt like hugging you tightly ” and hugs him tightly.

He gets confused and sees those girls are going understands the situation and hugs her more tightly and whispers

“shona dont worry! Im just yours. No one can snatch me from you and more ever i dont have any interest in those hot girls”

She looks at him and again hugs him


“students she is a new comer. Ragini godadia, daughter of mr shekar godadia the head of the college administration.”

There comes a girl wearing blue jeens and brown shirt. She goes to swasan bench and sits with them.

Swara gives her a light smile and trio introduce with each other.


At the canteen.

As usual arjun joins swasan.

“swara can you give me your phone no? I have only sanky’s no”

“arjun i dont have phone. Sorry.”

“its ok. Dont be sorry”

“hello guys can i join you?”

“oh ragini come. Arjun she is ragini. I think you know about her”

“ya sanky! I know. So lets hev our meals.”

Ragini sits little close to sanky which made swara feel uncomfortable. Arjun notices this and smiles evilly

While they are chit chatting arjun by mistakenly dropps some curry on swara dress. She excuses her self and goes to washroom

“wht this sanky is thinking about himself. After ragini has come he is ignoring me. I will see him today.”

She comes back to them and sees ragini’s hand on sanky’s shoulder and they are laughing. Seeing this she gets more upset and angry. She silently sits there and starts to have food. Sanky notices this

“shona wht hapend? You are looking so dull.”

Bt, she says nothing and again starts to have food.


“shona stop there. Im saying stop. Now wht happened?”

“i wont. You go to ragini. I wont come to you”

“shona im warning you. Come to me or else…”

“or else wht? . Im not afraid of you. Goo…”

With in nano of second he smashes his lips with hers’.

She tries to pull back.

The more she tries the more he deepens the kiss

He gets wild and bites her lips and sucks it.

At last she gives up and takes part in the kiss.

He tightens his grip around her waist and pulls her more and more closet.

He breaks the kiss and hugs her tightly and says

“dont ever say that you wont come to me, i just cant tolarate that”

She tightens her grip and says

“i’m sorry sanky. I just cant see any girls near you. Bcz YOU ARE JUST MINE ONLY”

He makes her look at him and cups her face

“just now you your self told me i’m only yours. Then why are you fearing ”

“i have to fear coz, i know you are just mine and i trust you. Bt, i cant trust any one other than you. I cant even think of loosing you.”

He doesn’t say anything and adores her possesivness.

He adores her innocent face

He adores her big black eyes

He adores her sharp nose.

He adores her chubby and dimple cheeks.

He adores her rosy lips.


But, something is disturbing him.

Its her long yet silky hair.

He simply tucks it behind the ears.

She feels his touch and closes her eyes. They are slowly losing their sense.

He gets closer to her by pulling her waist.

His hot breath touches her face making her week in knees.

He once again captures her lips and starts to suck them.

While they are lost in kiss……


“pack this and wrap is like a gift

Mission swara is started…………”


“Why i’m feeling like i’ve seen them somewhere???

And sanky, i have a feeling like he is only for me

Sanky you are driving me crazy…”

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    Awsum..superb..loved Swara’s Possessiveness n Sanskaar’s Love fr wat this stupid Rag n Arjun gonna do..plzz no MU or Seperation. swasan’s Love n bonding n hw they fyt angst all the hurdles :)..plzz

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