You are just mine only swasan (episode 10)


Before sanky could leave swara cathes her hand and turns him toward her

“where are you going sanky?”


“leaving me alone here….??”

Sanky gets teary eyed…

“let him go swara. At last we’ll get some time to spend alone” says arjun while try to take her gands from sanky.

She jerks his hand and shouts

“dont u dare… dont u dare to speak a single word arjun. ”

Still she is holding sanky’s hand and continues

“who are u to me? Tell me… Who are u??

You were saying he is coming inbetween me and my personal life. But its u… its u who is coming between me and my personal life.

Coz, sanky is my personal life.

What do you know about me? Leave that how long do you know me?

For past 3-4 months.

How long your being with me as my friend?

For last 1 month.

But sanky he is being with me for 18 years.]

And he is with me from my birth its self.

Remember this well arjun you are just JUST my friend.

But sanky is my life and my soul.

If you wanted to speak with me some thing then tell that when sanky is with me.

If you want to tell something without sanky then i dont want hear about that

He was with me and he will be with me till my last breath.

No one can separate us”

Saying this swara drags sanky from there.

Arjun is standing there speachless and shocked.

He jus couldt believe his eyes wht hapenned jus before and couldnt believe his ears just wht swata talked sometimes ago.


Swasan apartment.

Swara doesnt speak with him after the incident.

Sanky comes to swara’s room and she is nowwhere to seen.

Finally he sees her near the pool side. She is staring at the half moon and lost in thought.


“dont speak with me sanky. Leave me alone and go from here.”

“shona wht did i do? Why are you not speaking with me?”

She turns and says

“wht did u do? U were silent while arjun saying so much about u? U were going to leave me hearin him. How could u? How could u do that ? How could u?”

She starts to hit him.

“shona listen thats not like that.”

“then wht was that? U are right? Why would u say that all. U are seeking chance to leave me right?” saying this she starts to cry. He gets shocked.

“what… Wht do u mean by.?

“ha… I meant it. After all i’m not hot like that girls. I dont wear short dress like them. Im not the one you are searching. Im dont deserv……”

Before she could complete she has been pushed in to the pool.

He too jumps to the pool and holds her waist and makes her stand.

She is shocked by the sudden incident.

Both of them are fully drenched.

They states at each other.

Her dresses are stuck with her body exposing her claveage.

She gets shy and turns.

He doesnt let her go and pulls her more closer to him

He hugs her from back placing his chin over her shouldet and holding her belly tightly.

“shona you know wht? You are the most beutiest and hottest girl in the world.”

She blushes hearing him.

“you are more beutiful than this” pointing toward the reflection of the moon on the water.

He makes her turn toward him

“shona i know you from the childhood. Infact from the birth. I always shared each and every thing with you. To day also i want to shere my feeling. But not only for today, i wish, i want to shere this feeling till my last breath. That… ”

She looks at him

There shadows are there saparately waiting to join soon.

“I LOVE YOU SHONA, I LOVE YOU. Will you be with me forever? Till now you were withe as my friend. Will you be my lady love and friend forever.?”

This is the moment she is longing for, it is the moment that conformed sanky is only hers.

I will be with you forever till my last breath”

He stares at her lips where a water drop reflecting the moon light. He leans toward her lips and captures her lower lips and kisses it softly.

She kisses his upper lips and response in the same manner.

He holds her waist tightly and deepens the kiss.

She careses his hairs and pulls him more closer.

They break the kiss and their forehead touches with each others. They breath heavily.

“sanky, i want to say some thing those girls…”

He again presses his lips against hers and they share a passionate and long lasting kiss


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