You are just mine only swasan (Episode 1)

You are just mine only swasan. [Episode 1]

In 2004,
XYZ mercy home school.

A lady around her mid 40 s enters in the 3rd standard clss room with 2 children. Seems they are new comers. The lady gathers the attantion.
“hello ! children, i’m going to introduce your new friends sanskar and swara”
Bt, swara doesn’t say anything and stays quietly.

Lady:k. Go and take your seats.
Sanskar holds swara’s hand and sits on near by chair along with her. Then the lady takes maths subject. all are involved in subject. while 2 pure souls sits there silently and tensenedly.

It’s break time.

some students come near swasan and tries to be friend with them.
Boy1: hi! I’m munna
Girl1: hi! I’m sia
Sanska: hello

Munna:when did you come here? With whom you came? Where were you till now?

Siya:hey munna ask one by one. Or else they will be confused.

Sankar:we are comig from dhelhi mercy home. 2day only we came.

Siya:k. Bt, why she is’nt speaking anything.

Sankar:she’s bit nervous bcz of new place.

Siya: dn’t be nervous we are your friends rite?
Bt,swara doesn’t say anything.

Siya:its k. You want some time.

Sanskar:munna can you plz take me to the washroom?

Mu:sure. Come with me.

Sanky gets up to go bt, swara holds his hand and nodes no.

Mu:oh ho !swara you can’t come there. Bcz its boys’ washroom.

Swara’s eyes are filled with tears and she slowly leaves his hand.

Sanky looks at her and cathes her palms with his before her hand leaves fully and says

” shona i’m just going to wash room. I’ll be back soon. Be with siya ok?”

Swara says nothing and nods. Sanky goes to washroom.

After reaching the class sanky is shocked to see the scenery.

All students are surrounded sanky’s bench and siya is shouting.

Siya: raj! Teacher already warned you na not to rage anyone. Wait i’ll complain about you.
Raj: ha ha complain i’m not scared of anyone.
Hearing there speach sanky and munna rush there. Swara is weeping badly.
Sanky sits near her and wipes her tears and asks wht happened.

Siya: i was speaking to swara bt suddenly this raj monkey came and sterted to teas swara and called her dumb.

Sanky looks at raj and about to say, english sir entered in the class so he keeps quiet.

Soon it becomes night.
In mercy home

The enlish maths teacher is miss poonam. She’s the caretaker of the home. She makes the children sleep and goes to check everyone. There she’s notices swara who is crying . Poonam goes near her and tells
“beta? Why are you crying? Are you afraid of some thing?
Swata weepingly says

“sanky.. I want sanky. Take me to him”
Poonam: bt, bete he’ll be sleeping. Come i’ll make you sleep.

Swara adamantly says
“no i want sanky only. Take me to him.” saying this cries badly. Poonam couldn’t cotrol her and ask khana(another ct) to take sanky to her room.

Poonam’s room.
Swara is sittina on couch bt, she hasn’t stoped her crying. Soon sanky enters the room and rushes to swara. He sits mear her and says “shona!”

She looks at him.he wipes the tears. and says “don’t cry. I’ m here only.”
Swara: dnt leave me i’m very scared.

Poonam signs khana to go and make swsan sleep in her room its self.

Next day… In the class room.

English teacher enters in the class room and asks everyone to submit the home work. He corrects it and looks at raj angrily
“raj! Wht’s this? why didn’t you do the homework?”
Raj:”sir i’ve done it sir. How it will go missing?”
Sir:”are you trying to fool me?. Go and run in the compound and making 50 rounds. Go… Now..” sir shouts.
Raj runs out. All these time 2 pair of eyes are enjoying the whole seen. There are non other than swasan.
Swara:”sanky see him he needs it . Yesterday he teased me na” saying this she smiles wholheartedly. Sanky says nothing and stares her lovingly and recalls how he torn the homework page of raj during their first break.
Sanky looks at raj who’s just comleted 2 rounds and very tierd

” yesterday bcz of you only my shana cried
Thats why i gave you this punishment.”

After the school swsan goes to the garden which belongs to mercy home. The garden is not in a good condition.seems like no one has looked after it since long time.. They look at each other and nod their head.

Now the garden is cleaned propely. No doubt swasan cleaned it. Now they are sitting in the bench of the garden and enjoying the nature.

Days starts to covert to months , months to years… Its been 10 years since swasan came to mercy home. Many thing has changed. Swara speaks with everyone, the garden is very beutiful now, even raj.. Even raj has changed
Bt, one thing didn’t chang yet. That is swasan
They were swasan.. They are and they will be swasan. Always………

2dy is very special for both of them. Bcz they are going to there dream college. Let’s see the new place, new entries, new friends, new crushes can harm swasan.

Stay tuned. Thank you very much.

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