Just Be Mine!!! (INTRO)


Hi guys….this is rabul’s girl and i am here with a new ff. the story is about 2 couples, a different combination. RABUL and SWALAK.

Purab Khanna: A smart ,dashing,successful and young business tycoon. lost his parents when he was 15. loves his dadi and younger sister swara a lot. Has a girlfriend purvi.

Bulbul Arora (Tweety): A Cardiologist. sweet,bubbly and a responsible girl. shares a sweet-sour relationship with her brother but loves him and her family a lot.

Laksh Arora (Lucky): A Handsome cool dude but values all his relations and loves his sis and family a lot.younger brother of bulbul. a mischivious guy. Is searching for his dream girl and thinks that she will enter in his life soon. Is studying his MBA first year.

Swara Khanna (Shona): A sweet,vivacious and smart girl. Loves her dadi and bhai. is studying her MBA first year. loves music.

Purab and swara lives with their dadi and bulbul and laksh lives with their parents and dadi. Purab loves purvi but its not actual love and just a infactuation and purvi is also not a serious girlfriend.

guys please tell me how’s it and which ff should i continue,this one or “LOVE ME THODa” or both.

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  1. continue both

  2. Love me thoda …..only

  3. I am so sry if I hurt u ….u asked any one so I selected it because I loved that ff so………plz forgive me if I hurt u

  4. Love me thoda

  5. Ammu

    Atlast rabul’s girl is shanaya
    Continue both
    Intro is awesome

  6. Sakshi (rabul forever)

    Continue both

  7. Sakshi (rabul forever)

    Oh so finally recognised rabul’s girl shanaya that’s u why u didn’t told on Twitter ohk but I m telling I just open telly updates to read ur ff n if u did’nt recognised me than I m arnalforever !!!:)

    1. Thanks but sorry I am not that shanaya as I am not on twitter.

      1. Sakshi(rabul forever)

        Sorry but whatever I said was true it doesn’t matter that u r shanaya or not but yes now I have became a fan of urs keep it continue u r fab !!;)

  8. Loli

    Love me thoda….

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