Just Be Mine!!! Episode-2


the episode starts with bulbul getting ready when sarla and prakash(bulbul’s dad) enters her room.

sarla: bulbul,we were thinking that you’re 25 now and we should start thinking for you to get married.
bulbul:marriage…now….i mean
just then laksh interferes

laksh: ma who will marry this wild cat.

just then by looking at his dad he became quiet.

Prakash: dear we are just talking about finding a good groom for you and will get you married only if you’re happy.

Bulbul:ok papa.

bulbul went to hospital and laksh went to his college.

Khanna House

Purab: dadi i am going to office and don’t forget to take your medicines.
dadi: i will take my medicines but if you really want to see me alright then why don’t you bring a bride.
purab: dadi you again started.
dadi: purab either you are involved in your work or taking care of me and shona but what about your personal space and love life. a mperson is alone without a life partner.
Purab:dadi,i am not alone. i have you and shona who love me a lot.ok now i am getting late so i have to go. bye.(hugs her).

just then dadi gets a pain in her chest and put her hand on her heart. she tries to call purab but is not able to speak and falls on the floor,thus breaking a vase whose sound makes purab turn and see dadi unconsious. he rushes her to the hospital.


Dadi is rushed to the hospital on the stretcher.

Purab: is there any doctor….
just then bulbul enters and is shocked to see purab.purab also recognises her.

Bulbul ignoring her fight with purab asked him politely “what happened”.

purab: my dadi, she was perfectly fine just after few mins she fainted…..

bulbul checked her and said “It’s a cardiac arrest, we need to do the operation right away”. purab do all the formalities when the nurse tells them that the doctor who is to perform the operation cannot come.

Purab: please do something.
bulbul: i alone will do the surgery.
nurse: but mam you have never done this surgery alone.
bulbul: so what, its more important to save the patient. get thr OT ready.

Precap: bulbul comes out of OT. purab asks in a tensed tone “what happen,is my dadi fine”.

sorry for short update. please do comment to let me know if you guys are liking the story or not.

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  2. nice but update on time please.
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