Just Be Mine!!! Episode-1


hi guys…..I was really confused that i should continue this ff or not because some said that i should not and some said that i should continue both ff’s and decided to continue both my ff’s. I will update both simultaneously.Guys i want to clear one thing,purab doesn’t have any girlfriend. I just thought to change it. purab is a guy who didn’t got time for his love life amongst his responsibilities. and imagine purab and swara’s dadi as Farida Jalal who was in satrangi sasuraal. here the story goes…..

A Mansion is shown where a girl is doing puja and praying god. Only the girl’s eyes are shown and then her lips, simultaneously.
Girl: Oh God! please shower your all blessings today. Its a very important day for him. show him the path to success and give happiness to my family.
Then the girl takes the aarthi thaal and goes to a room. It’s a huge master bedroom with a big bed and a huge pic of her bhai on the wall behind the bed. and the walls of the room decorated with the pics of her bhai with her,her dadi and some of his pics and awards and certificates. a clean room with a study table with files and laptop and a big wardrobe.

Girl: Bhai…..
Boy: shona! you woke so early,why?
Girl: Today is your meeting with the international clients,so i prayed to god on your behalf because you everytime forgot to take blessings from god in a hurry.
the hands her brother the prasad and the girl’s face is shown. It’s swara and the boy is none other than Purab. Swara hugs purab.

Swara: All the best. i know you will rock it.
Purab:Thanks Shona. and all the best to you too as today is your first day of college.
Swara:Thanks Bhai.
Dadi:If you both are done then can i disturb you both.
she feeds both of them sugar curd and both goes to their respective destinations.

St.Stephens College

A boy is shown entering the college with his friends. One of his friends says
Friend: Lucky we have to do something so that we can save ourselves from the seniours from ragging themselves.
Lucky: Don’t worry. I have a plan…
he sees swara entering alone and by her behaviour, he finds that she’s also a fresher. He says something to his friends. and then they surround swara and then lucky says
lucky: so, you’re a fresher. right
Lucky:whats your name.?
Swara(hesitantly): Swara Khanna.
Lucky:so friends,what task we should give her…
friend:Lets make her sing..
Lucky:so,Ms.Swara sing something for us…
Swara remembered her bhai’s words of facing every challenge in life with confidence. she took her guitar,closed her eyes and started

Sun Raha Hai Lyrics (Female Ver.)
Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Ye meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai aa…

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de naye bahaane de
Khabon ki barishon ko mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)


Waqt bhi thehara hai
Kaise kyun ye huaa
Kaash tu aise aaye
Jaise koi duaa
Tu rooh ki raahat hai
Tu meri ibaadat hai

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)

Laksh was mesmerised in her singing. just then everyone clapped.
Swara:I’ve done what you said, so now can i leave
just then a boys comes
Boy:hey lucky,are you coming for the freshers party.
laksh sighed him a punch and bit his lip.
swara was staring him. laksh’s all friends vanished from there.
Laksh:listen, but swara went from there.
Laksh(in his mind): Lucky what you did. she’s so sweet and beautiful. dad’s says one thing correct that i am a duffer.
Just then sarla ma call lucky.
Laksh:Ha ma, bolo
sarla ma: Beta,college ke baad bulbul didi ko market se pick karke unse samaan leke usse hospital drop kar dena,theek hai.
Laksh:ok ma.
just then he went with his friends and forgot about what sarla ma said.

Super Market

A girl is bargaining a little with the bargainer and then takes the stuff. She’s wearing a beautiful maroon short kurti and jeans with small jhumkas. her long hair dancing in air. she turns and her face is showned. It’s bulbul. she calls sarla ma.
Bulbul:Ma i am waiting here but that lucky didn’t came yet.
Sarla ma: he must be on his way.
Bulbul:no ma,i am getting late,i will come by auto.

she’s walking on the foothpath and from her opposite side purab is coming while talking to his dadi on phone.
Purab:yes dadi,the meeting was great and don’t worry i will bring your things ok bye. just then bulbul whise carrying shopping bags in her hands clashes with purab and the packet of flourburst open and spreads in the air. Bulbul picks up her stuff.

Purab:I am so sorry, woh
Bulbul:what sorry,already i am late and you, if you cannot see properly then better be stop walking on road.
Purab: and if you cannot talk properly then stop speaking.
Bulbul:Listen mister….
just then her phone rings
Bulbul: agar late nahi hoti toh ache se batati tumhe
saying this she went from there. both turn and give each other angry looks and then went from there. sanam re plays in bg.

Arora House

It’s evening and laksh reaches his home.
Sarla:lucky,beta where were you and you forget to pick bulbul.
Lucky: oh shit! she will kill me today.
he runs from there
sarla:lucky beta,listen
Just then a sandal hits lucky’s head and he look up and sees bulbul standing on the terrace(their house is just one storey house).
Bulbul:Lucky, kaminey why you didn’t came to pick me.
Lucky:so what your not a kid you can come alone. i forgot then i are you making a issue.
Bulbul:Issue,i am making a issue.
Laksh:so who else, now let me go and rest.
Bulbul: Kutta.
Bulbul: hat

Both laksh and bulbul are sitting in the hall and laksh is not giving the tv remote to bulbul.
Bulbul: Lucky,did you brought dad’s suit from the drycleaners that he has to wear in the relatives function tomorrow.
Laksh: oh shir! tweety dad will kill me.
just then a voice roars “LAKSH”. and bulbul and laksh’s dad comes there.

Dad:where is my suit?
Laksh: Dad woh…
Dad: oh my god, you just give the receipt.
Laksh: kedi receipt.(which receipt)
just then bulbul brings the suit.
Bulbul: papa i bought your suit in noon, i knew lucky will forgot.
Her dad kisses her fore head and says “she’s my daughter, sarla from where did you bought this duffer,i am sure he must be exchanged in the hospital. bulbul laughs.

In their room
Laksh: today you saved me otherwise dad would have done my funeral till now…but tell me how are you dad’s favourite
Bulbul: just like your moms….
Laksh:whatever but your best di
he hugs her and then bulbul pats on his head and says “duffer”.

Khanna House
Swara goes to purab’s room and hugs him.
Swara: Congratulations bhai,you did it.
Purab: Thank you shona and tell me how was your first day of college.
swara remembers her meeting with laksh .
Swara: It was awesome bhai.and now come for dinner,dadi is calling you.
just then she sees a little flour on his court and hair.
Swara:bhai what happened to you. why this flour…
Purab tells her the whole incident,on the other hand bulbul also tells the incident to lucky. he starts laughing,when bulbul hits him with a pillow,he ran away from there.

Purab and bulbul unwillingly but still think about there meeting. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Purab’s dadi tells him to find a good girl for him but he refuses. Purab’s dadi sufffers a cardiac arrest.

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