Just be with me…Episode 9

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Marriage date was fixed after 1 week.
Everyone were busy in marriage preparation. Bihaan was searching for dhruv. He didn’t find him since evening. Thapki left with preeti and suman to kitchen.

Dhruv was lying on the grass watching the night sky and lost in thought. Simultaneously vasu was at Terrance but she wasn’t looking at the stars or moon, she was staring down at his son. dhruv was unaware of his mothers gaze.
“dhruv what are u doing here” asked bihaan with a concerned voice.
“nothing I was just relaxing” dhruv said calmly.
“are u ok” “I want to ask u something dhruv” He sat beside him.
“are u fine with our marriage” “ i..mean.. If u…!!” he looked away hoping for a positive reply.
Dhruv started laughing. He looked on.

“what is there to laugh” He scowled.
“its ur marriage and u are asking me is it fine” “u both love each other” he grinned.
“dhruv I am serious” He said angrily.
“so u want me to be honest” “look its impossible to forget a love that has given u so much joy or caused u so much pain, but that doesn’t mean moving on isn’t possible” “I have moved on bihaan” “thapki never loved me she liked me” “but she loves u bihaan” “u both are meant to be together” “I guess that is why destiny played game with us and got u married with her”
“dhruv” bihaan said with tears in his eyes. He was pained seeing him.
“bihaan I can’t hold it anymore I want someone to share my pain. Will u…” dhruv couldn’t complete .
“ I am always there with u” bihaan hugged him.
“I am sorry. I thought u did it intentionally. I thought u married thapki because….” “I am sorry” he Said with tears in his eyes.
Bihaan listened him quietly. He knew his brother need to let out all the pain all the frustration he carried in his heart.

“it was my mom who did this. How can anyone be so selfish”
“dhruv” Bihaan cutted him “she is ur mother she did this because she loves u more than her life” “she thought that thapki is not the right girl for u” “I don’t know weather she was right or wrong she did it only for u” “please forgive her”
“I trusted mom. And look. Sometimes, the person you’d take the bullet for, ends up being behind the gun” “I need sometime bihaan” “I need time” dhruv looked at sky as he spoke
Vasu was witnessing all this.
“ I am so selfish. I ruined my son’s life” “ He can never forgive me” She cried and sat down.
@night thahaan room.
Bihaan was eagerly waiting for thapki. He didn’t talked with her since evening. She entered followed by kiran preeti and suman.
Bihaan stood up. He didn’t expected them to come at this time of night.
“what happened dewar ji” suman giggled.
“no no nothing” he stammered.
“actually dadi ma has asked u both to stay in different rooms till ur marriage” suman said.
“kya!!! Humara matlab hai ki”
“what do u mean bihaan dewar ji” preeti teased him.
“ I was saying that thapki is habituated to sleep in her room” “am I right thapki tell preeti bhabhi” she didn’t replied but stood there smiling at his childish act.
“Bhai we didn’t asked thapki bhabhi to leave this room” “we are talking about u” Kiran chuckled.
“but I am not going anywhere” “this is my room” he sat down aggressively.
“dadi bihaan bhai is…..”
“ssshhhh ja rahe hai hum” He huffed and went out.
They laughed at his act.

“oh god!! I want to talk to him. I want to tell him how much I luv him. But they are not leaving me for even a sec” She thought and watched them laughing.
Bihaan couldn’t sleep.
“ she kicked me out of my room. How dare she. I’ll not leave u chuk chuk gadi” he sat up. A wicked idea pooped in his mind.
Here thapki was lying on bed remembering how she confessed her feeling to him. Whenever she closed her eyes she can only see him. Her face was red like tomato as she was blushing hard.
Suddenly she felt someone’s presence in the room and got damn scared. She covered herself with blanket. Suddenly she heard faint footsteps. Sound of the foot steps grew louder as it approached her. She closed her eyes in fear.
“aaaaaa” she screamed.
“thapki its me ssshhhh” bihaan closed her mouth.
“bihaan what are u doing here. And….and u scared me” “how dare u” She stood up.
“c…ch..chalo niklo” She pointed towards the door.
“do u want me go through the door. Just think if any body sees me” “then” He grinned.
“u kicked me out of my room” “ I am not going anywhere” “its my room I will stay here tonight” He made fun of her.

“bihaan” she scowled. And started throwing pillows at him. Suddenly she slipped and fell on him. Her hairs were scattered on her face. He Tucked her hairs behind her ear.
Touched her face.
A pleasant shiver ran up her spine with the contact. Which she paused to enjoy it.
Bihaan, who probably knew exactly how his touch made her feel, and winked at her before turning her aside. Now he was on her.
“bihaan” she whispered.
Ssshhhh!! He put his finger on her lips. He placed a kiss on her cheeks indicating his authority over her.
“thapki I luv u” He whispered.
“I luv u too” She held him tightly. Then he descended to touch her lips through his. They kissed passionately.
After an eternity. She was too shy to look into his eyes and hugged him.
“bihaan” She whispered.
“hmm” He didn’t bother to lose her from his embrace.
“I am not going to marry u” she replied
“what!!! Why” He looked at her.
“u didn’t proposed me properly” “u never asked me for a date”
“what!!! U don’t want to marry me because I didn’t asked u for a date. Typical girls” He muttered.
“choice is yours now” she sat up.
“ok I’ll think about it ”he grinned.
“bihaan” She huffed “u should go now”

“no I am not going. This is my room” He replied.
“bihaan” She got up from bed. “either u are leaving or I’ll tell dadi about this” she warned.
“thik hai thik hai hum jaa rahe hai” before leaving he gave a light peck on her lips.
“gud night chuk chuk gadi” He left through the window. “pagal”she laughed.
She smiled and went off to sleep.

Precap:- Bihaan proposing thapki.

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