Just be with me…Episode 8

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All family members gathered in the hall.
It was morning.
Dhruv entered followed by bihaan who was holding his mother’s hand. Everyone was shocked.
“vasundhra ji aap dhruv ke saath kab gayi” bauji asked.
“bauji maa went with shraddha to save me” thapki came forward.
“thapki bitiya are u alright” “come beta sit here” “suman get her some water” bauji said.
“ I am alright bauji” thapki told seeing the concern of her family.
“shraddha, save u, I don’t understand anything” dadi said giving confused looks.
“ but where is shraddha” Everyone was confused.
“she is in jail” dhruv announced. “I will tell u everything how thapki got kidnapped. How shraddha cheated our family. And most of all who helped her in her crimes” dhruv said while looking at vasu.
Every was shocked listening him. Dhruv told how he and kiran made plan to catch her red-handed, how shraddha made plans to throw thapki and bihaan out of the house.
“ hey bhagvaan” “ humse kitni badi galti hogai”. Dadi sat down.
“ Hume maaf kr do thapki bitiya” Bauji folded hands infront of thapki.

“I am sorry meri bacchi” Dadi joined.
“ d…d..dadi Bauji y..ye..ye aap kya kr rahe hai” “ U did what u felt right”
“ But thapki what was the need of proofing urself wrong” “u could have told us”
“b..b…bauji w..woh mai” She got nervous as she can’t tell that she did all this for maa.
“bauji u know she such a big mahaan aatma” “she loves inviting problems” bihaan held her hand and winked at her.
She smiled at him “how do u know bihaan” I was nervous she thought.
Thapki felt dizzy she closed her eyes “thapki” bihaan’s concerned voice got her back to her senses.
“its ok now let her rest suman preeti take thapki to her room” dadi ordered.
“wait thapki u forgot to tell something” “or u don’t want to tell” Dhruv stopped her.
Vasu closed her eyes in shame.
“dhruv sir we’ll talk later” Thapki held her head.
But she couldn’t stand anymore. She fainted. Bihaan took thapki in his arms and laid her on bed.
After a while.
“Doctor how is thapki”
“actually patient have taken some kind of drugs which she couldn’t stand” “ Don’t worry I have given her medicines” “ She just need some rest”.
Bihaan sighed in relief. Every one went back to their work to welcome thapki and bihaan.
Except vasu.
“I am sorry” She cried.
“no maa its not ur mistake” he reassured her. Yes he was angry with her but when she went to save thapki against shraddha he became sure that it was shraddha who instigated against them.
Tears were rolling down her eyes.

“maa hamari taraf dekhiye” “best people give u memories good people give u happiness bad people give u experience but the worst people give u lesson shraddha was one of them. So, don’t blame urself again.
She just nodded and looked at thapki who was sleeping and went out of the room.
Bihaan sat beside thapki and caressed her face.
“u know thapki today I have seen true love for me in my mothers eyes”
“I luv u meri chuk chuk gadi” “I will never let u go” He kissed her forehead.
When she opened her eyes she it was almost evening. She saw bihaan sleeping beside her while sitting. Then she remembered their previous night incident their first kiss. She felt her face going red.
“how am I going to face him now. What have I done” She thought
“chuk chuk gadi when did u woke up” he got up.
“b..bbihaan mujhe kuch yaad nhi aaraha” “kal kya hua” She thought it is the only way to get out of this situation.
“ what” he asked with a mouth wide open “that means u don’t remember anything”
“what should I remember” she asked innocently “that u were flirting with my frnd” She showed fake anger.

“don’t u remember that happened between us”
“what happened b/w us” “ohh!! God bihaan what have u done” now she was enjoying his attention.
“nhi hamare kahne ka mtlb woh nhi tha” He protested.
“Yesterday She was ready to eat me in love” “now she is ready to eat me in anger” He thought.
“u know tume bachana hi nhi chahiye tha” “ wahi chor diya hota toh accha hota”
“its all because of u if u didn’t left me alone Yesterday” “then it would never have happened” She felled in his trap. She realized what she said. She closed her eyes and went to the window.
“ohh so u remembered that I left u alone And that I flirted with ur frnd” “ok then let me help u” he teased her.
“I make u remember every thing” he came close to her and pulled her close to him. He lifted her chin with one hand and placed a kiss on her cheeks.
He was about to kiss her on lips.
“ahem ahem” They parted its was suman bhabhi.
“ If ur romance is finished then Plzz come every one is waiting for u in the hall” she said while trying to hide her smile.

“ha haan bhabhi bas abhi aa rahe hai”
Thapki laughed at him and went to the bath room.
“what happen why everybody are looking serious” “I hope dhruv didn’t tell anything” bihaan thought.
“thapki’s parents were also present thapki looked at him and held his hand as if telling him that she don’t want to leave him.
Poonam ran to her and hugged her asking her if she is fine. Thapki just nodded.
“ after all that happened we have lost the right to ask thapki to stay” Bauji said
“thapki bitiya u can leave if u want” “ Divorce procedure still have time Of two weeks” “ur patents have come to take u back” “ Go back child we didn’t trust u, so we don’t deserve u” dadi said
She felt tears trickling at the back of her eyes. She looked at her husband. Her begging him to stop her.
He was hell shocked by the word divorce.
“but bauji” he tried to speak.
“but what itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi tu thapki ko yaha rakhna chahta hai” bauji interrupted.
Everyone burst out laughing.
Look at ur faces someone said “we were joking Nobody is going to separate u” “we know u both love each other” said preeti bhabhi.

They both sighed in relief. And looked at each other and smiled.
“but on one condition” bauji announced. “ I want to get them married once again with properly with all rituals” “ Is it ok thapki bitiya”
She blushed.
But bihaan’s eyes were searching only for one person that was dhruv. He saw hum standing on one of the corner. Dhruv looked at bihaan and nodded in approval and smiled at him. Bihaan also smiled.
At last every thing is going to be fine.

Precap:- Dhruv and aditi also getting married.

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      1. Introduce a new entry for Dhruv and keep the ff going with Thahaan Romance 🙂

  3. Nice episode. I like your fan fiction. But last 2 or 3 episodes, you used lot of Hindi words, so I con’ t understand fully. So plz try to use only English words, it’s my request..,,

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      1. Wow u r also so sweet like your fan fiction, thank u so much for accepting my request, I waiting for next episode,plz update soon

  4. As usual awesome n u did really well toh made aditi n dhruv as a couple n it was also decided in show to pair aditi n dhruv but god knows why writer changed it but overall superb…update soon..

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  5. Yes
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    Thapki & bihaan

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