Just be with me…Episode 7

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“thapki” Shouted bihaan.
His legs were trembling. Past memories were flashing in front of his eyes. Memory of thapki hanging with exhaust fan. Hospital incident in which he have almost lost her.
“no she was drunk” “may be she playing some kind prank with me” he tried to convince his mind.
“thapki bahar aajao dekho hum sach mai darr gaye hai” “tum hamai darana chahti thi na” he said aloud.
“thapki plzz come out. Enough of ur drama” He warned. No reply terror swept over him.
He rushed inside.
He searched frantically everywhere But there wasn’t any sign of her. “dhruv thapki kaha hai”. He searched behind dhruv thinking she would be hiding behind him. Her melodious laughter was echoing in his ears. He felt his heart is going to stop and legs felt heavy. Couldn’t stand any more. He sat down on the chair holding his head In his hand.
“bihaan sambhalo apne aap ko” “thapki yahi kahi hogi” Dhruv observed Shraddha from the corner of his eyes and saw her smiling. He took the note from his hands and understood what must have happened.

“inform the police about the kidnapping” “bihaan mere saath ghar chalo” “we will find her” he consoled him.
Tears were flowing down bihaan face unknowingly He once told thapki that he can’t cry. He hides all pain inside him, but today his heart can’t take it.
“tension mat ligjiye dewar ji hum thapki ko doond lenge. He heard a voice.
His blood boiled “kya kiya tumne uske saath” he asked in extreme dangerous voice.
She stood there speechless. She was scared of him. She knew he is extremely angry.
“bihaan shraddha was with me” “u just relax we will find her” dhruv consoled him.

“bihaan take me home” “u…mmh head is paining” she opened her eyes. Her eyes adjusting to the darkness. “b..bbihaan” she called him.
“where am I” “what am I doing here” she whispered. She tried to move her legs but in vain. Her legs and hands were tied with the rope.
“bihaan” “mai yaha kaise” She saw herself lying on floor. Suddenly the room got brightened.
Its looks like a store room there were barrels of fuel, big piles of ropes which are used in ship.
She saw two men wearing black mask standing near the door talking phone looks like they are taking instructions.
She realized she is being kidnapped.
“bihaan” she started Screaming. “C…choro mujhe” “bihaan bacchao plzz” But the mask man seemed unaffected. He approached her and tied her mouth. She was terrified
“bihaan where are u” She thought
@pandey niwas

“bihaan beta Dharya rakho” Thapki bitiya mil jaegi” Bauji hugged him.
“ bauji hum bohat bure hai. Hum thapki ka dhyan nhi rakh paye” He cried.
Vasundhra was standing speechless. She wanted to hug him but she can’t do that. After all she was responsible for their such state.
“bihaan lets talk to the police first” dhruv dragged him out of the house.
“bihaan I want to tell u something. I known who kidnapped her” “its shraddha”
Dhruv saw his eyes blazing with anger. “bihaan relax we’ll find her”.
He told Him about his plan. “dhruv Y didn’t u tell me Before”
“I have tracked her calls now. We have got the location. But hope “ shraddha ko iss baat ki banak nhi lagni chahiye” “u calm down and try to be normal” Dhruv said.
Bihaan hugged him. “I will find her thank u so much dhruv” “ I am coming thapki” he said to himself.
@Shraddha’s room
“mummy ji thapki was about to tell dhruv our secrets” “I had no option” Shraddha explained.
“aap ko pata hai mummy ji who kaha hai. mai usse nuksan nhi puccha ungi”
“but its wrong neither I am helping u in this nor I am letting u do this” “mai sab ko bata ne jaa rahi hu ki ye sab hum dono ne kiya” vasu warned.
“wait mummy ji l got ur point. Lets go together then we both will bring thapki back safe and sound” shraddha said
“hmm lets go”

Here thapki was exhausted and tired because of the drugs which took.
Shraddha and vasu reached the destination. She asked mummy ji to go inside first she is coming in a minute.
Vasu entered she saw thapki lying on floor.
“thapki” she cried seeing her miserable state.
“m…mmaa. Aap yaha” her voice was shaking.
Vasu went to her and hugged her.
“thapki meri bacchi mujhe maaf kr do” she was untying her hands. Thapki looked at her lovingly. She hugged her in fear.
“m..mma Plzz take home take me to bihaan”
“I think ur saas bahu drama is done now” “let me think mummy ji what to do with u both” shraddha smiled evilly.

“shraddha what are u saying” Vasu was shocked but this was nothing new to thapki.
“I’ll not let u do anything to maa” “I am ur enemy so face me” Thapki came forward.
Vasu now realized what she has done. She trusted shraddha instead of thapki. She was the remembering the moment when thapki tried to stop the marriage. Tears were rolling her eyes.
“shraddha I trusted u” vasu said
“aaaah u again started buriya. Sara din bak bak bak bak. Stop lecturing me. Look this is real shraddha. I married ur son becoz I wanted to be famous. I instigated u thapki and bihaan. Because they knew my truth” She shouted
Vasundhra was not able to move.
She ordered her men to drag them out of the room.
Bihaan and dhruv reached the place. It’s a deserted area. Only building that stood was the closed factory. Dhruv was about to enter the building when bihaan dragged him. They saw some men dragging thapki and vasu.
“maa” Dhruv was shocked. But bihaan understood what must have happened. They caught the mask men one by one and beated them. Now only two men holding thapki and shraddha were left.
Bihaan ran to them and saved both of them while dhruv pointed gun on shraddha.
“ tumhara khel khatam” Dhruv warned her. She was shocked.
“no no dhruv u are taking me wrong” “stop it otherwise I will kill u” bihaan shouted.
“ I haven’t done thus alone tell them mummy ji u were with me all the time. It was ur plan to throw thapki and bihaan out of the house. It was u who forced bihaan to marry thapki. It was u all the time” She blurted out.
Vasu was standing head down.

“this is not true she came to save me” Thapki protested
Police arrived and arrested shraddha.
“b..bbihaan I was Scared where were u” Thapki wrapped her arms around him.
He hugged her tightly. “ Aab hum aa gaye hai na thapki aab hum tumhe kuch nhi hone denge” “ye humara p for pucca p for promise”
But there was only one person who was hurted the most dhruv he stood there motionless. First he lost his love but he managed himself he was pained on seeing his love with his brother. Now betrayal from his mother whom he loved the most, he couldn’t take it. His wife with whom he was trying take his relation ahead, was trying to be normal, was the real culprit.
Bihaan held thapki’s hand and with another held vasu’s . He looked at her as if telling her that I’ll make everything fine maa .
She looked at him lovingly. This time he saw true love for him in his mothers eyes.

Precap:- thaahan back in pandey niwas, marriage preparation.

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      1. Name of the show was”chore tera gaon bada pyara”
        bihaan’s name was rajbeer
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