Just be with me…Episode 6 (Part 2)

thapki saw bihaan talking to one of her frnds. Her blood boiled at this.
“u are mine bihaan” she thought. As she went to him and tried to talk. He ignored her and went with her frnd.
she lost her senses now.
“hii thapki” dhruv smiled at her. But she was lost. “ha…haaan sir” she spoke as dhruv shook her.
Shraddha was witnessing all this from distance. She sighned one waiter. Waiter went to dhruv to offer the drink.
“piyo piyo dhruv ise pikar na toh tum kuch sunne ke layak rahoge aur na hi koi plan banoge” she muttered.
“sir drink plzz” waiter offered.

But thapki took the glass and drank at one breath. Then she finished three glasses simultaniously.
“ohh shit!! Thapki ye kya kiya. Chalo dhruv nhi toh tum hi sahi”sharadha laughed.
“whoa whoa” “thapki what r u doing” he asked worriedly.
She didn’t replied and went out of the gate.
“have u seen thapki”bihaan was asking the same question since halfhour. He almost asked everyone.
He went out to search. His heart throbbed against his cheast.
“thapki agar tumhe kuch hogya toh hum apne aap ko kabhi maaf nhi kr payenge” “where r u chuk chuk gaadi” he raked his hand through his hairs.
Then he frozed as he heard her melodious laughter. He turned around and found her beside swimming pool throwing wine glasses in the pool.
She almost slipped but in the mean time he held her by waist.
“thapki what r u doing here” “u scared the hell out of me” he again heard her laughter. This time he realised that she is not in her senses.
“r u drunk” he was shocked to see her state.
Meanwhile in the hall.
“hey dhruv where’s thapki she was with u right” she asked.
“yeah she was there with me. But she went home as she has some work” he made excuse.
“sharadha can I trust u” he asked trying to sound normal.
“offcourse dhruv” “tell me what’s the matter”
He told her how he and kiran Have made plan to prove bihaan and thapki innocent and to catch the real culprit.

“ actually thapki saboot lane gayi hai” “bas thodi de mai sacchai sabke samne aajaigi”
Shradha got shocked
“no thapki I’ll not let u do it I’ve to do something”she muttered which was audible to him.
“that’s it, I want u to do some thing” he gave a fake smile .
@swimming pool
“ Why ar u drunk” “look at urself” he pulled her towards the gate.
“why should I go with u” “who am I to u” she held his collar. He removed her hands and held her by shoulder.
“thapki what ar u doing u r not in ur senses”
She took few steps back “ I don’t want to be in my senses” “why would I be” “hey isn’t that funny” “I am not in my senses” She started recieting it as a poem
“thapki” bihaan lost his temper.
She became quiet like an obiedient child. “let’s go home” he said with an angry voice.
“why do u care for me so much” “why bihaan who am I to u” her voice was almost breaking.
“u know what bihaan pandey is a coward” “tell me bihaan why did u left ur family for me” she cried.
“how easily u asked me get lost from ur life” She sobbed hardly at this. her eyes clearly shows her pain.
“thapki u don’t know whar u r saying” his heart started beating faster. “did she love me??” His heart pondered over this question But he didn’t want to hear it.
“ I know I lost my senses. I’ve gone mad” “I’ve gone mad in ur love bihaan” she almost shouted.
“I luv u damn it” he frozed. He didn’t believe his ears. “its just my illusion or she really loves me”
She leaned on him “now tell me don’t u love”she looked into his eyes.
“thapki” he said in a husky voice. Which a sent shiver down her spine. A secret smile played upon her lips.
“what are u doing” “ u lost…”
“my mind” She interupted.

They were very close to each other.they felt each other’s heavy breathing. She put her arms around his shoulder. He put his hands on her waist.
“don’t do this to me” he begged.
“I want to show u that u have not been loved before. I want u to feel with one kiss, how can I make love to ur soul for eternity” she almost whispered in his ears.
He was hell shocked. He was about to say something. But nxt he felt her soft lips against his. He too gave in. Their eyes were closed enjoying the moment to the fullest. Soon their breathing mingled. They were lost in their kiss. They parted due to lack of oxygen.
She realised what she has done. She struggled to hide her face in his cheast.
“thapki I luv u” he hugged her.
She smiled and closed her in Hugged him tightly. “ I luv u too she murmured while dozing off. She got unconsious due the drugs which she consumed.
He laid her down on the nearby bench and sat beside her.
“thapki I didn’t know u ar this bold” “I have Hurted u, I Am sorry” he caressed her Face
“I am gonna get some water” “chuk chuk gaadi kahi bhaag mat jaana” he kissed her fore head. And left inside.
When he came back she wasn’t there. But a note was lying with something scrabbed on it.
“I kidnapped ur loving wife”
He frozed. He felt as if his heart is going to stop.
“thapki” He shouted.

Precap:- vasundhra came to rescue thapki.

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