Just be with me…Episode 6 (Part 1)

Part 1:-
Thanks to all of u. I will make valentines day Paty a little bit early in my ff as after this episode I may not be able post For two days sorry guys I will be busy . I hope u don’t mind.
@thahaan House
Thapki was on cloud nine. She realised how much she is in love with bihaan. She decided it that she’ll confess her feeling to him. She planned how to surprise her beloved husband.
She made all the arrangements and waited for him.
Clock struck six he didn’t showed up still. Thapki was really worried. They didn’t met in the morning too. As he went out early.
“where are u plzz pick up the call” she mutterd while yawning and she soon falled asleep.

@thapki’s parents house.
“ thankyou so much bihaan beta today because of u that diwaker is out of our lives” krishnkant hugged him.
“god bless u my son”poonam gave blessings to him.
“ its my duty. After all I have done so much bad with ur thapki” bihaan looked down with shame.
“no no bihaan jiju” “past is past thapki dii is really lucky to have a frnd like u” “but thankyou so much for helping us” Aditi said.
“a…aa..actually I want to tell u something. Its been two weeks Me and thapki have left the house” he closed his eyes as he knew what would be the reaction of her parents.
“what” “but how beta why didn’t u tell us” Krishnkant frowned.
Then he told everything. He alsi mentioned that he didn’t allowed thapki to call them. As diwaker was here.
“once again thanks for trusting our child” “I know there must be some big reason that thapki did this” said poonam while crying.
“jiju please take us to dii” aditi requested.

Thapki opend her eyes and saw the hour hand pointing nine. Terror swept over her heart.
“bihaaan” she whispered and started runing to the door.
As she opened the door she saw her beloved standing infront of her eyes.she let out a sigh of relief.
She hugged him tightly. Bihaan was shocked by her sudden movement.
“where were u. U scared me. Why didn’t u informed me”
“u..mh mmmh” “ I can’t breathe u are suffo…mmh..soffcating me”
She composed herself as soon as she realised her position.
“wo…. Wo…h mai…” She stammering worsened. Her cheeks turned red with embarassment.
“ thapki meri bacchi” poonam entered followed by krishnkant and aditi.
She got Shocked.
“papa u r here” she asked
“haan beta bihaan told us everything” “everything’s gonna be alright now”

She looked at bihaan with lots of emotions in her eyes. “haan papa a..a..ab sab thik ho jaega” she said as she thought of confessing her love.
“okk thapki, tommorrow u ar going home with ur parents” bihaan closed his eyes
Thapki falled back on earth as she heard this line. Her heart sank. She felt numb.
“did he asked me to leave. Am I dreaming” “my bihaan is asking me to leave” She looked at him in confusion.
“ thapki humne sab kuch thik kr diya tumhari zindegi mai” “humne diwaker ka khel katam kr diya” he said said looking away not able to meet her eyes.
She felt her mouth dry. words died away in her throat.
Poonam got confused,but understood her feelings towards bihaan took thapki to the room and asked her to rest.
@night terrace.

Bihaan was standing silently watching over the night sky. Aditi went up to him. “U love her a lot bihaan jiju. I have seen it in ur eyes. Then why ar u punishing urself”
“yes I love her this was love meant after all” “sacrifice and selflesness. It didn’t always mean hearts flowers and happy ending. But the knowledge that another’s well-being is more important than one’s own”
“bas boldiya jo bolna tha”she said agrily.
“you always Call her mahaan aatma but u are the bigger one” “let me tell u one thing” “if u love some one, you’ll be willing to sacrifice ur life for them. But if they love u, they won’t let u” saying this she left him. Bihaan looks on.
“what if she loves me” asked his inner voice. He found himself speechless at this.

@ pandey niwas
Dhruv and kiran are talking in dhruv room.
“kiran I think our plan will work” “thapki has to tell the truth. I have invited both of them in party and I will ask them to stay at the hotel at night as per my plan. I w’ll definetly catch the culprit tomorrow” He said aloud.
Sharaddha heard the conversation b/w them. She was standing at the door “oh no I have to do something otherwise they will get to that I have done every thing” she left hurriedly.
“l think she heard us bhai” kiran whispered
“if she is the culprit then she’ll definetly do something” “I catch her red handed” he replied.
“I hope she doesn’t harm thapki bhabhi”
“don’t worry I’ll not let her do any thing” he reassured her.
@nxt day thahaan house
“ar u sure thapki beta” asked poonam.
“yeah maa I will ask bihaan to drop me after the party” she told.
“dii I know u will make everything fine” Aditi whispered in her ear.
She nodded and smiled.

Bihaan ws still asleep as he didn’t slept last night.
She went into the room and saw him sleeping peacefully on the floor.
“m..meri neend chain cheen Ke khud aaram se so rahe ho” “but I’ll not let u sleep bihaan pandey”.
She took the water jug. And splashed it on his face.
“aaaaa” he sat up.
“Chuk chuk gaadi What have u done”
“every thing is fair in love and war bihaan pandey” she didn’t waited for his reply this time “and offcourse this is war”she replied in a cold voice.
“don’t worry kal se tumhe koi pareshaan nhi karega”.

His heart ached At this statement.
He totally forgeted that he has asked his beloved to leave his life.
“no I can’t cheat my brother feelings I can’t cheat thapki. She would be very successful in future I’ll not come b/w her dreams”he thought.
He stood up “accha hi hai kam se kam hum apne bed pe toh so sakenge” and tried to sound normal.
“enjoy bihaan enjoy but I am not gonna leave u so easily” She thought to herself.
“bihaan maa has asked u to Drop me After the party so, u also have to go with me”.
“b…bihaan r u ready”she entered room. But he wasn’t there there was a note lying on the bed
“thapki u go urself I will meet u there only”.
“b for bhagodra bfor bihaan mai tumhara pichha itni asani se nhi chorungi”
@ night party hall

Dhruv was egarly waiting Thapki. Bihaan entered Alone
“bihaan where’s thapki she’s coming right”
He smiled at dhruv’s concern.
“don’t worry dhruv she is coming”
Thapki entered the hall she wore a plane red Saree with sparkling golden blouse looking stunning. Bihaan was mesmerised seeing thapki. Every body was stunned seeing her.
“is she an angle” spoke his inner voice.
He soon jerked his thought away.
“waah chuk chuk gaadi looking gud”he smiled.
“but I didn’t dressed up for u” She snapped. And went to her frnds.
“u should get used to it bihaan pandey” He thought
Precap :- to be continued…

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