Just be with me…Episode 5

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“love isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairy tale or a story book.and it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing callenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is short word, easy to spell, difficult to define & impossible to live without”
Thapki and bihaan were in a same stage of life.
Bihaan went against his family and became thapki’s shield. So, she also became his strength.
Love is work. And they realised that every hour, every min. Every sec was worth it becoz they did it together. But the problem is they don’t want to name it as love.
As days were passing thapki amd bihaan came closer to each other. Now, they somewhat have realised “what they feel for each other” But are not ready to except it.
On the other hand pandey family was badly missing their son. They have been totally dependent on dhruv “as they know that only he can bring back his bro.
Dhruv has tried his best to know the truth but was failed. Now only one option was left with him that he doesn’t want to try.

@thahaan house
“bihaan how much time u’ll take. Aren’t u finished with ur work. Come fast . I m waiting” thapki disconnected the call.
“things change with time. But this much darastic change. Ohh god” she thought.
She remembered that time when they use to hate each.
And now “when they can’t survive with out taking glance of each other”.
“why am I wasting time” “I should prepare for dinner”
It’s not her holiday today.
She took leave on purpose, as she want to surprise bihaan by preparing his favourite dishes.
While she was arranging the table.
“coming” she shouted as the house bell rang.
“bihaan can’t be back so early” she thought as he works as a mechanic in garage.
“what is all this” she said aloud.
“ I know u kids are again irritating me” she said to the society children as she saw priya hiding behind the wall and laughing.
“this time I am leaving u. But from nxt time I won’t spare u” she warned with fake anger and closed the door.
She turned around and got shocked and happy too. As she saw the living area sofa full of white red and yellow roses.
“I know bihaan its u” “how did u entered” I didn’t see u”
“because u have buttons instead of eyes” he laughed.
“bihaan” she huffed.
“its ok, I won’t do it again” “so, these are ur roses,now, U give my return gift” he forwarded his cheeks.

She smiled at his gesture.she put her arms around neck. Came close to her and kissed his cheeks. ( This was common b/w them now)
“thankyou so much” she cheered.
The bell rang again.
“wrong timing” he cursed under his breath.
“come inside kiran”she hugged her.
“I missed u so much bhabi”she knows about thapki innocense and shradha’s evilness. And she often visit them. But pandey family is unaware of this.
“umm… what have u prepared bhabhi it smells dilicious”. She jumped on the table.
“ kiran how’s ….” Bihaan started
“ I know bhai what u will ask me now . Bauji is fine dadi is fine. Bhaiyaa bhabhi gulaboo rampyaari Driver uncle mali kaka” every body is fine.i also knew that u won’t ask about maa. She is also fine” saying this she took a bite of food. And looked at bihaan.
Then she brust into laughter.
“ why are u laughing Kiran” he asked
“I think I have very bad timing” “but please don’t be angry on me”
Then Thapki saw lipstick mark on his cheeks and remembered their kiss.
She sighned bihaan. Then she saw his face going red with embrassment.
“there is nothing to embarass” came a voice from door way.
It was the voice of dhruv.
“she is ur’s don’t u remember u married her” he taunted
Bihaan got teary eyed.
Thapki saw this and came forward.

“ welcome dhruv sir to ur brothers house”
“so, sir what can I do for u sir”
“u can’t do any thing” “I was just passing by so thought to invite u 2 To valentines Day party as ur my employee” he gave an invitation.
“I guess u will come”
“ definetly sir”she replied with confidence.
Dhruv left taking kiran with him.
At night terrace
“how can I do this to my own brother. He loved thapki and what am I doing with her. Chee bihaan chee how can u think about it” “ I m sorry thapki.how can I forgot my deeds.”bihaan said to himself.
“no I don’t regret things I have done in past or the things I have chosen not to do, what ever I have done i must have done something right becoz I ended up with u” said his inner voice.
Yes he shouted “ yes thapki I m in love with u. Yes yes yes” “ oh my god I am in love. Bihaan pandey is in love” he shouted.
“ and I won’t let u go I promise”.
He smiled as he realised love of his life.
Nxt day thapki has came to mandir as she felt something bad is going to happen.
There she met the same elderly woman. They waved hii to each other.
“u are upset my child why” she looked at thapki
“no no aunty iam alright” “ Tell me how are u” she protested.
“come child sit here and tell me” she led her to nearby bench.
Thapki told her about her confused feeling towards bihaan.
“see child” she started

“One of the most amazing things in life is to find love in the middle of all mess I ur life. Its magical to find some one who loves u when u are shattered and broken. This is a kind of love which is purely unconditional and u will respect someone who gathered your broken pieces and loved u to core. So if u find someone who loves u despite of mess in ur life”
“never let them go” “I hope u understand my child”
Tears flowed down her cheeks but these tears were of happiness. As she has found that person in her husband bihaan.
“yes I understood , thankyou so much aunty”she said while crying happily.
She came back home running.
“get ready b for buddhu b for bihaan pandey to get the biggest shock of ur life tonight” She thought

Precap:- Thapki confessing her love. Vasundhara and thapki kidnapped.

I hope u liked it. Waiting for ur response.

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