Just be with me…Episode 4

Thanks to all of u for bieng a good reader.
And thanks for ur suggestions too.
Guys actually, there is a little bit change in the pattern of my written.
From here, I’ll narrate the story as a third person. As many of u want to take the plot a little bit fast.
I hope u will like it.
And if u want me to continue plzz let me know.
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So, there u go

One of the most beautiful and weirdest thing that happens is to fall in love with a person that u didn’t even noticed at the first time u met the them.
The same case applies to thapki and bihaan .
When the first time they met each other at dhruv’s office. They didn’t have the slightest idea. That they are gonna be this much to each other one day.

“why u buoght me here bihaan” I asked thapki.
“is it bad to visit temple” replied bihaan sarcastically.
“I didn’t mean that” she protested.
“will u plz shut ur mouth and pray. It’s ur interview today u need god more than I” he said while folding his hands infront of the idol.

“Oh god!! I really need u, Please guide me. Why is he caring for me so much. Did he love me. Or have i falled for him. I don’t know. Plzz get me oit of this awkward situation” Prayed thapki.
When she opened her eyes bihaan wasn’t beside her.
She was decending from stairs,but her eyes were searching for her husband
She felt relieved when she saw him paying for something That he buyed.
“but what” she thought
“hey thapki Watch your step” he warned
She slipped and was about to fall, but in the mean time,bihaan held her by waist.
She closed her eyes in fear.
“Thapki u alright” he asked worriedly.
“yeah I am” she said while trying to compose herself.
Nxt she found was, his intense gaze on her.
“bihaan will u please leave my waist” she said while trying to hide her smile.
“Oh……oh!! I a..a…m” He stammered. His face was red with embrassment.
“its ok Ok” She said while luaghing
“let me leave I gonna be late” she told while leaving.
“wait” he held her hand.
she turned around and found a bunch of red roses In front of her eyes.
“it’s a…aactually” “ I thought u like red roses”
“Offcourse bihaan I love it” she replied.
“thank god she don’t know its rose day today” he thought
“I know bihaan its rose day today” “trust me I liked it a lot that I got these from u, thank you bihaan.” Saying this she kissed his cheeks.
Bihaan frozed for a moment.
“oh gosh!! I am dead she killed me” “she killed me with her one kiss”
She smiled at him and went off to office.

Dhruv was eagerly waiting for thapki as he knew thapki will come for interview.
Thapki entered and saw everyone’s shocked faces. Everybody was shocked becoz they knew its thapki for whom dhruv fell for.
She ignored them went for interview and got the job.
Clock struck five she was about to leave when she got a call.
she entered to dhruv’s cabin
“sir u asked for me” askef thapki
“yeah welcome thapki bihaan pandey” said dhruv sarcastically.
“what u want me to do sir”replied thapki calmly
Dhruv: u’ve to help me
“why” She asked
Look thapki I know u did this for a reason.
If u tell me I’ll be able to help.said bihaan
“but I am happy with whatever I am left with” said thapki
“I happy with bihaan” she replied coldly.
“but I want to make everything right” he snapped
“I want to do this for maa” his voice clearly shows his anger.
“ I am leaving sir . I’ve to go home” said thapki
“sir believe me. Whatever happens,happens for a reason, its better to leave it like that” said thapki before leaving.
“ don’t worry thapki. Very soon u are going to tell the truth with ur own mouth” bihaan huffed.
Weather was quite heavy today.
“where are u bihaan come fast. Its getting dark” thought thapki while waiting outside the office.
She saw some men coming towards her she was scared.
Here bihaan was searching for thapki in the parking lot.
“where are chuk chuk gadi” He said aloud
Then he saw her walking restlessly. He went to her and put his hand on her shoulder.
Thapki felt a hand on her shoulder and she was familiar with the touch.
It was her husband bihaan.
She turned around and hugged bihaan tightly with out looking at his face surprising him.
“bihaan I was scared” she murmured.
“he cupped her face “with whom” he looked around
“I think they are gone”
“ u are scared, and they ran away,” “gajab”
“ bihaan u’ll never change”
Saying this she turned and started walking on road.
“hey chuk chuk gadi wait” he ran after her.
It started raining
Ohh god!! This rain
They both were fully drenched by the time they reached for shelter.
Thapki wore white kurti due which her upper part of body was exposing.
She crossed her arm near her cheast. And looked around for something.
The back of her neck tickled as she realised that bihaan’ s gaze on her .
They both looked into each other’s eyes. And were lost.
Thapki looked down as she couldn’t bear the heat of his love in his eyes.
There was an inch gap between them.
They both turned around as soon as they came to their senses.
“Don’t do this bihaan You are making her uncomfortable” “ Control yourself” thought bihaan.
He took out his jacket and covered her.
“thanks bihaan u ahain proved that u are true gentleman” Said thapki in her mind.
“let’s go home thapki” “ I am hungry” he said diverting the topic
“ok, but its your turn today wash dishes today” she too participated.
“nooway its ur turn . U forgot I did them yesterday” He protested.
Then they both went home.

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    1. Hey i’ll continue it.
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  16. Hey Mineey! Don’t be upset. Believe me your writing skills are really impressive. This episode was superb, especially the Thahaan scenes.
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    1. Thankyou for ur love and support sonia dear

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