Just be with me…Episode 3

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@pandey niwas same day

“Finally, I succeced in throwing her out my son’s life”
“now, I don’t have to hear her digusting voice” Said vasundhra while sipping tea
Yeah mummy ji !!! Exclaimed shradha
But Deep down somewhere vasundhra has developed a soft corner for thapki
After all, she’ve done so much for her family.
Shradha was blabering continuosly in excitement.
But only one person’s memorys floated in vasu’s mind.
“bihaan” was all she could think of!!
Tears blurred her vision. Suddenly she got up and leaved hurridly, as she didn’t want anybody to know about it.
Leaving shocked shraddha behind.
@evening thapki’s house
“It’s enough” I thought
“What the hell he is doing out there” I Said frustrated
It’s been 3 hrs since he left as I send him to buy some grocery items.
“Let him come then I am going to show him” I said aloud
I’ve almost finished my work, I felt exhausted & lied down on bed. Remincing all incidents that happened with me from past few days.
“My family didn’t trust me I’ad sacrifieced all my life my dreams for them”
“for their so called family reputation”

Most of all “maa” . I trusted her more then my self and What she paid me inreturn “death”!!!
“She was planning to kill me”
Tears flowed down my cheeks.
It reminded me of the most important. Person of my life “Bihaan”
He hates tears. So, I got up, quickly wiped my tears.
“what he was going through right now” I wondered
The person for “whom he can sacrifice his life”
“whom he loves the most” “has asked him to get lost from their lives”. “ not even thought for a second”.
“I will always be with u bihaan”. I unknowinly said.
“why” asked my inner voice.
“because he is my best friend” I tried to convince my mind.
“friend or something more than that”argued my inner voice.
I felt my heart beats growing fast. At that argument.
I came out of dilemma as I felt cold hands across my neck.
Whoa!!! I jumped around and gave a hard punch at his stomach.
“Ouch!!…. Thapki….” He cried.

I came to my my senses as I was familiar with the voice.
“are trying to kill me” Said bihaan
“how dare u bihaan” “ U scared me” I cried.
“ look at your face” he said laughing holding his stomach
I glared at him. But inside I was happy to see him smile.
“don’t dare to use these kind of prank again” B for bewakoof , B for bihaan pandey.” I showed him fake anger.
Ohh!! My god . He again smiled.
Now, this is too much
“I can’t take this anymore” I left to kitchen.
BIHAAN’s pov
As I opend the door I saw thapki lost in thoughts
A wicked idea popped in my mind.
I tip toed towards her and held her by neck.
She jumped around and punched me hard.
Oh my gosh!! I didn’t expected this From her.
“Ouch!! Thapki Are u trying to kill me” I cried
I looked at her frightened Face
I really scared her out of her’s wits.
“ look at your Face thapki” I laughed.
I glared at me.
I annoyed her more.
“how cute she looks when she is angry”
“B for bewakoof ,B for bihaan pandey”
I heard her imitiating me.

How innocent she is!!!
I smiled at her childish act. “she looks damn cute” I couldn’t control on my emotions.
“chuk chuk gadi” I called her.
She didn’t replied.
I knew she was angry with me.
I went inside the room and saw her taking the last bite of her food.
“thapki won’t u serve me” I said hoping for a negative reply.
“no, help youself” she replied arrogantly.
That’s it She made my work easy!!!
“ok done!! U also have to work, I won’t let u stay home and enjoy”
She looked at me suspiciously, I knew she caught my lie
“I u…m” I tried to explian.
“u stole my documents and applied for the job” she completed.
she looked at me with mixed emotions in her eyes one of them was LOVE…

@night pandey niwas
“dhruv”called vasu with a shaking voice while entering his room.
“yeah mom what happened” asked dhruv worridly.
“mom u are crying!!!” asked dhruv as he tears in her eyes.
She broke down and collasped on floor.

“ bring my son back” She cried
“Bihaan please comeback” was all she could say.

Precap :- bihaan meets vasu

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  1. your writing style is nice…..MINEEY, i have a suggestion for you to avoid dragging….you should have the ability to make the story attractive….ok.

    1. Thanks Dear
      as you said i too felt that i dragged it a little
      but i will try to avoid it.
      feel free to give suggestions ok..

  2. Great job Mineey!!Its too gud yr…a beautiful combo of love…masti…gussa..Awesome!!
    pls continue udpdating : )

    1. thanks jerry
      thankyou so much!!

  3. Oh!!this vasu is quite different yaar…to continue…awesome updates….thahaan scenes were really lovely….enjoyable…..

    1. Thanxx!!!
      puppy thankyou so much.

  4. Great job frnd!!Its too gud yr…a beautiful combo of love…masti…gussa..Awesome!!
    keep on udpdating : )

  5. Amazing n not so faster but try to make it long n just take it as my advice.u write really very well n please add some more thahaan scenes so it would b fantastic…overall superb n update soon m waiting…

    1. thanx pratibha
      i try to add some more thahaan scenes
      my next episode will be romantic too.
      thank you so much for ur suggestions

  6. Nice yar
    dnt want devilish ff plz we want thahaan love story.
    good writing

    1. Thanks deepu
      i will make my nxt episode romantic.
      don’t worry!!

  7. I loved it a lot yaar can’t wait for the next episode

    1. Thanxx fatarajo.
      u always encourage me.
      thankyou so much dear.

  8. Anytime dear…All the very best n Tc

  9. Hey!going nice.just don’t confuse and fill ur story with combo of love and emotions

  10. Hey!its nice.the way ur going is really impressive .keep it up

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