Just be with me…Episode 2

Thankyou so much guys for encouraging me to write. I’ve planned it to finish within 5 episodes but it now it depends on you people so,plzz do comment to let me know your opinion.so,
There u go,
@morning at park near pandey niwas
Thapki’s pov
I opened my eyes when sunrays falled on my face. I found myself in bihaan’s lap. I composed myself amd sat beside him.
But he was still in his dreams I looked at his face, which reminded me of yesterday night.
I sighed, it was like bad dream now. So I got up
“bihaan wake up” I shooked him.
“bihaan wake up. W’ve to go now. Bihaaan” I shouted then I saw the corner of his mouth curving into a smile which he is trying to hide.
“I know what u want me to do” I thought mesciviously.
“Aaaaa” he opened his eyes in shock

“Are u out of your mind thapki” said bihaan while trying to take the water pipe from me.
“bihaan everything is fair in love and war” I said while laughing
He too laughed but didn’t replied
I admit it!!! I wanted to hear from him that what is it “love or war”.
Nxt I saw he wasn’t laughing any more I knew what was bothering him “his family” “his maa”
On this second thought giult swept over my heart.
“how can I be so selfish. How can I saperate him from his family”
But I don’t want to lose him too
Bihaan is the only ray of hope in my life.
I know I used to hate him earlier. I punished him for the mistake he haven’t done.
My thoughts wre interupted as my gaze froze on the road.
An eldely woman was walking holding hand of a small child of about 5. She smiling talking to the child unaware of the fact that a car was aproaching her with high speed.
“bihaan” I murmured.
He looked around and frozed.
The nxt thing i saw was him running towards them the car was about to hit them When bihaan in the peak time saved both of them.and fell on the road.

I went over to them
“Are u alright” I asked the woman.
“Yeah Thankyou so much son for saving us” she said shievring with fear.
“come with me aunty” I took her to park made her sit.
“Thankyou so much child what’s your name” She asked
“I am thapki and he is my husband bihaan” I replied then I realised what I said
can’t I shut my mouth
“oh god bihaan ur hand is bleeding” I said worriedly
I took his hand in mine caressed his wound then I tied my hanky around his wound.
He smiled at me.
What’s there to smile
Can’t I care for him.
Bhihaan’s pov
Oh my god!! Did she really introduced me as her husband. What a change chuk chuk gadi. I thought
Can’t she close her mouth. Her mouth is like a magicians hat nobody knows whats gonna come out of it.
“So u are happy to her husband” asked my inner voice.
I ignored and looked at her innocent face. I smiled at her care.
“its not that she didn’t cared about me earlier”
She cared about everyone except herself!!!
“But I can feel lots love for me this time”
“love as friend” I told myself as if trying to convince my mind.
We talked with the woman and shared every thing with her.
“hmm so u need a place to stay” she asked

“I a…..m” I tried to speak
“Mmm ok, come with me I’ve got a place for you” she interrupted.
We entered into a small house Its can accommodate only two people. But it was a beautiful one.
I used to stay here earlier but now my son asked me to stay with him so,u can be here.
We thanked the pretty old lady and she left us with the keys.
I turned to thapki
She seems to lost in thoughts “thapki” I called
“ I think its good that we’ve got a place to stay but”
“but whats thapki just relax” Why u think too much thapki maata.”
She frowned
I enjoy irritating her.
“but we’ve to work bihaan. How are we going to manage” she asked innocently.
“I can’t even tell my papa about it” she said bitterly.
Oh god not again I hate her tears
“Okay done, u will work and I will enjoy” I annoyed her
But she laughed suprising me

“how cute she looks when she laughs rosy cheeks those large brown eyes baby pink lips”
I put those thoughts away as soon as I came to my senses.
“how did u find out bhihaan that I’ve did it intentionally to save maa”she asked
“I didn’t find out. I just realised what I knew”I replied.
She looked at me & thanked through her eyes for trusting her.

Precap:- thapki joining dhruv’s office

Thahaan’s cute nok jhok

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