Just be with me…Episode 17 (last part)

Thanks to all of u as u liked my work so much. Here is the 17th part hope u enjoy it.
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“doctor plzz save my child”
“see we can’t say anything until the operation completes” “the bullet had passed right below his heart it’s a very risky operation”
The faint voices of bauji’s pleading were echoing in bride’s ear she was still in her wedding attire with mangalsutra on her neck indicating her husbands authority on her and the red color in her maang sighn of getting married but the red mark which she carried in her maang was of blood instead of sindoor “it was the blood of her husband” She stood motionless, lost in her thoughts as she was staring from little window of the operation theatre at the motionless figure lying on the bed. The hands which were always there for her support was now lying in a stationary position. The eyes which can’t bear her pain were not even blinking. The legs which always rushed to save Her when ever she was in trouble were not moving. She was going through the most loneliest moment of her life, she was watching her whole world falling apart, her bihaan struggling between life and death, but all she could do is to stare blankly. He was getting dressed for operation she came to her senses as the nurse drew the curtain and blocked her view. She felt as if someone have taken her heart out.

“how dare she Prevent her from gazing at her husband”
Anger replaced blood in her veins suddenly she started banging on the door “open the door” “bihaan” “let me stay with him” She was screaming, crying and pleading to let her inside.
The family members realized that she is not in her senses.
“thapki hold on child. Calm down” poonam and krishnkant Said trying to drag her away from the door. But her mind wouldn’t listen to any of their talks.
“open the door. He needs me. Let me Be with him” “plzz” She was screaming like an insane person trying hard to get out of her father’s strong hold.
Dadi maa and vasu broke down on seeing her miserable state. Dhruv came to rescue.
“thapki hoosh mai aaoo” Dhruv held her by shoulder tightly. “look at me he will be alright” But Her mind wouldn’t accept any kind of explanation.
Her blurred vison cleared as dhruv Splashed a glass of cold water on her face. She was trying hard to focus on the voices on her surrounding. She was breathing heavily. Dhruv supported her to sit-down on the chair.

“thapki look at me everything is gonna be fine” “he’ll gonna be fine” “have faith on god” She looked at him a fresh set of tears flowed down her cheeks.
“have faith on bihaan” “have faith on ur love” “he’ll be alright trust me” dhruv cupped her face.
Aditi sat beside him and kept a comfortable hand on his shoulder and thanked him.
Thapki remembered her moments that bihaan have spent with her. His bravery, his courage, his care for his family, his care for her and most of all his selflessness how he had suffered the hatred of his whole family just to save his maa’s pride.
“he is a fighter” she murmured
“yes” “ He will fight……for me” “because he is bihaan pandey” she said aloud to herself with a determined look on her face. Bauji nodded at her while she was wiping her tears.

“doctor how’s bihaan. He is fine right” bauji held doctor hand when he came out of operation theatre
“we can’t say anything until and unless he get conscious. We are trying our best” doctor gave an apologetic look to dhruv who was completely broken.
“mera bihaan hi kyu” “why does he always suffer” Dadi siad her eyes clearly describing her pain. Not only dadi each and every family member was hopeless crying and praying for him as he was the apple of their eye.

Vasu quietly went to thapki who was standing her hands folded infront of the small idol of krishna kept at the reception of the hospital.
Her eyes were gazing blankly at the idol but her heart was tried of praying.
She Got startled as she felt vasu’s hand on her shoulder. She quietly took a glance at her and got her answer. Vasu caressed her face “thapki plzz bring my son back” she said with hope in her eyes.

Thapki hurriedly opened the door and found him lying like life less body. She couldn’t step into the operation room on just seeing his very condition. Her Legs felt heavy not ready to move from its place. A feeble breeze touched her face and bought her back to her senses. She found herself on the doorstep “no….u have to be strong your bihaan needs u” “u can’t go weak” she argued with her heart. She slowly approached him and sat beside him on bed.
“bihaan” she whispered while taking his hand in her. His whole body was pierced with needles. Her eyes Couldn’t take his pain anymore and were cursing themselves for not being closed before watching him in this state. “bihaan open Ur eyes” “plzz bihaan plzz” she sobbed while moving her hands through his hairs. “u said u love me” “then why are u bearing all the pain alone” “this is not fair U promised me that we will share every pain every sorrow, every happiness 50:50” “where is my share” she shook his lifeless body.
“get up u idiot” “are u listening” she screamed. “I love u bihaan I can’t even take a breath with out u” “no one can separate us” she took his hand in her chest “not even god” she whispered. The family was witnessing the scene from the window.

She stood up in anger. “if u are not listening to me then I am coming to u. We can’t be parted. If we can’t be together in this world then may be in some other world” She shouted with anger boiling in her eyes…….she started looking for something sharp to stab herself she found a sharp knife and was about to stab it in her stomach. But dhruv’s hand snatched the knife.
“pagal ho gayi ho kya” “u think bihaan will be happy on seeing u like this ” she felled down on floor. She was now ruined both physically and mentally, can’t take any more.
Her eyes completely focused on her husband. She got up slowly and sat beside him. She caressed his face and leant into him to rest her head on his chest. “I love to watch u sleeping…. I adore ur sweet face… I want to be with u… To sleep with u… To Love u… I want to hold u and ur arms around me… I want to feel ur heart beats, as mine get synced together as one… I’ve found heaven in ur arms and my world in ur eyes… u are my love my life my everything…u are my universe” She Said and took a long glance at his face and closed her eyes. “I am coming to u” she whispered Two drop of tears slipped from her eyes to wet his chest. She was slowly drifting to an unknown world of darkness.

@ 6 years later.
“watch ur step aditi” preeti ran towards aditi and held her hand and supported her. Aditi kept one of her hand on her huge tummy and supported herself. There she was, aditi 6 months pregnant.
“who asked u to come down. U should’ve asked me” Preeti scolded aditi and made her sit on sofa.
“bhabi where’s dhruv” She looked around. Preeti smiled “don’t worry ur husband went to mandir with badi Sasu maa to pray for u and ur child”
In garden.
Dadi maa and suman were sitting watching over the little kids who were busy playing around.
priya the eldest one, daughter of sanjay was a very Cute and intelligent girl. Followed by the younger girl kriti a very bubbly naughty girl daughter of ashwin.

They were trying hard to make their little brother learn alphabets.
“bhai say a For apple” “b for ball” teaches priya.
But there sat the stubborn child. Not ready to open his mouth and blinking cutely at her.
“bhai plzz study otherwise chachi will punish u” Kriti warned with a cute pout on her face.
“I’ll tell chachi that u are not studying” “say a for apple” Priya warned.
A naughty glint appeared on his face as he saw his mother approaching him. “Its’s not a for apple it’s A for aryan pandey” he Shouted, laughed and ran inside. Yes, he is Aryan the only son of thapki and bihaan.
Dadi maa and suman laughed seeing his naughtiness. “bilkul apne bihaan pe gya hai” said dadi maa with wide smile on her face.
“a…a…aryan” “come to me I said” Thapki Started chasing him but soon got tired of running behind him she sat beside aditi breathing heavily.

Preeti and aditi giggled. Thapki smiled seeing his son mischiefs This was an ordinary scene in pandey niwas. (thapki running behind aryan).
Aryan came to her tightly holding a water bottle which he somehow managed to bring from kitchen.
“a…a..aryan” “what is this” Thapki asked confusedly.
“mumma plzz drink water” “I am sorry mumma” “mai aaj ke baad kabhi asa nhi karunga” He said cutely.
Thapki took him in her arms “its ok aryan” “mumma is not at all angry with u” Saying this she kissed him on his forehead he smiled. “but u have to study right then u will be a good boy”
“I’ll Help u” Aditi pulled his cheeks.
“no chachi I know ABCD” Saying this he started reciting it.
“A For aryan pandey” “B for bihaan pandey” “c for chuk chuk gaadi” Thapki’s jaw dropped. “who made u learn all these”
“papa” he replied.

“ohh!! Its ur daddy let him come home then I’ll show him” said thapki irritated.
“kya hua chuk chuk gaadi why are u missing me so much” Bihaan entered the door while aryan ran to him. “papa” “papa mumma was scolding me”
“accha chuk chuk gaadi why are u scolding my son” he said chuckling as he knew he have to pay for this later.
“bihaan” she huffed. But soon her anger vanished on seeing her husband and her child together. Laughing and smiling. She felt like starring at them her whole life. What else she wanted from life she shuddered at the thought of that fateful night when god had almost taken away her breath, her soul, her bihaan.

Flash back:
Thapki was slowly drifting to the world of darkness. But a voice disturbed her the voice was so sweet And soothing that she was forced to open her eyes. She looked up to find the most beautiful pair of eyes gazing at her. Its belonged to her husband her beloved her bihaan.
Bihaan opened his eyes and found thapki on his chest right above from where the bullet passed.
He called her “thapki” But no response he got worried As he knew what must have happened.
He caressed her face.

“thapki” She looked up as if getting Out from a deep sleep. Relief flooded through him as he saw her beautiful face.
“thapki” “I am fine” he voice was weak and frail but was soothing her heart her mind. He assured her that he is fine. A fresh set of tears rolled down her cheeks. “not again” he thought and reached her face to wipe them. But she held his hand And kept on crying. This time didn’t stopped her he knew that she need let out her pain. She cried her heart out. “bihaan” “I love u” “never leave me alone” She finally spoke “I’ll never I promise” He opened his arms inviting her to come to him. She slowly kept her head on his chest letting the rhythm and the music of his heart beat to soothe her pain.

Guyzz this is the last part of my ff. Thankyou friends for bearing me. This has been a quite new experience for me and Looks like I’ve made some new friends too.
As it’s the last episode. I would love to hear ur opinions. I am requesting everyone, who so ever have been reading my ff, to comments just for once, I just wanted to how many people have read my work. Plzz plzz it’s a request.
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