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The rough pitter-patter of the rain caused thapki and bihaan to stir in their sleep. She opened her eyes adjusting the dim daylight. She found herself in bihaan’s arms. Her back Was nestled snugly against his chest. While rest of her body Was cradled in his strong arms she could feel the tip his chin resting on her hairs and their legs perfectly And comfortably intertwined.
“bihaan” she whispered with a sweet yet shy smile playing on her lips as she remembered their last night beautiful intimate.

A pair of strong yet gentle and warm arms tightened around her waist.
“kya hua chuk chuk gaadi” he said sleepily.
He yearned to remain under the warmth of the sheet and her body.
She turned to face him and saw his eyes which were trying hard to block the dim daylight That snuck in through the creases in the blinds. She was admiring his handsome face his sun tanned skin perfectly matching his features. Her chain of thoughts were disturbed as she realized her surrounding. She wasn’t at home.

“what do u mean by “kya hua” its our marriage today. What If our family finds out about our absence. They will freak out” her voice clearly describing how worried she was.
“umm hmm” his arms tightened playfully around her drawing her more closer she could feel his warm breath in her ear.

“bihaan get up” she gently slapped his strong masculine biceps.
He opened his eyes and looked at her helplessly. “u are a lot more nicer when u sleep” His long fingers Curled a loose strand of hair behind her ears.
“what” she huffed and sat up.
“relax chuk chuk gaadi” he got up “how will I go outside like this” he said pointing towards his naked chest and crossed his arms across them. Which is then she realized that she is wearing Only his shirt. Her cheeks went blood red.
“I….am….g..giving” her stammering worsened she signaled him to go outside.
“gajab!! Sharma kyu rahi ho” He grinned “yesterday u became a tigress” “what’s up now” he teased her.

“bihaan go out I want to change my clothes” she gathered her courage.
“I can’t go out with out my shirt” he exclaimed. She got nervous as she saw the naughty glint on his face. He came close to her. “let me help u” He whispered in her ear, touching the Buttons of his shirt Trying to open them and burst out laughing seeing the bewildered look on her face.
“don’t worry. Jaa rahe he hum” He kissed her forehead and went out.
She sighed in relief. His two shades one the kid’s and other the matured ones it sometimes confuse her about his actions. She couldn’t make out what’s going in his mind.

“aditi, child please bring thapki. Why is she taking so long” vasu said while Impatiently pacing down the mandap.
“ji aunty” she smiled and went towards her room.

Bihaan’s eyes were completely focused on the actions of his mother. Her small gestures of showing motherly love towards him, was making him elated. He was sitting on the mandap waiting for his bride to come. His life had been totally changed since last month It felt like a dream to him he couldn’t believe that he is getting married to girl like thapki who was a pure and a golden hearted diva and he was totally opposite to her a rouge. He got his mothers love for which he yearned his whole life. The most important person of his life his bauji was proud of him for choosing the right person at a right time for choosing thapki over his family. And most importantly his brother dhruv who became the victim of all the crimes. Was finally moving on he could see the happiness in his eyes when he is with aditi maybe dhruv don’t know this but his family is aware of the blossoming love between them. Finally everything is going to be perfect. His deep thinking were disturbed as his gaze froze at his angel his thapki who was straightway heading towards him. Her face held a bright smile which he would like to stare until the angel of death take away his breath.

She flashed him a warm smile. Tears pricking at the back of her eyes tears of happiness. Her rajkumar hate tears reason doesn’t matter to him. So, she held them back her symbol of love her tajmahal is completed today. This is best day of her life.
Soon the rituals started krishnkant and poonam did kanyadaan of their daughter but they were happiest and luckiest parent in the world who were smiling and laughing while doing this, unlike other parent who cries while giving their daughter some other family, this case was different because bihaan was different his unconditional love towards Their daughter was different.
Marriage vows were taken pheres were completed now only one rituals was left filling her hairline with sindoor the only sighn of a married woman. It is the same sindoor which she had once washed away in anger, in feeling of betrayal, in dismal. But that one betrayal has became the beautiful truth of her life.

Vasu came forward with the thaali which contains the mangalsutra and sindoor. And forward it bihaan signaling him to make her his wife.
He took the mangalsutra.
“what chuk chuk gaadi tell me if u don’t want to marry u still have time” He said while tying it across her neck.
His mere silly joke made everyone laugh.

“If I deny will u not marry” she answered with a smirk on her face. Her intelligent answer always make him out words.
“at least don’t fight here on mandap” vasu scolded with a cute smile of satisfaction on her face.
Everyone smiled seeing their cute nok jhok That’s What make them compatible for each other.

Somewhere between the crowed was the villain hiding waiting for a perfect timing to finish the task given to him. Shraddha was also hiding in the back came to enjoy the scene. She signaled her men to shoot thapki as she wanted to take her life before completing her wedding. But men stood there unable to take off his eyes from thapki his memory clicked back some pictures of his mother telling him pointing towards thapki, who was standing in the temple praying,
That she and her husband saved her and her grandchild life. She in return have let them to stay at their old house. He came out of the flash back as shraddha patted him asked him to shoot.
“noo” he shouted which was loud enough to get everyone’s attention.
Thapki and bihaan gasped seeing shraddha with the armed men. And stood up.
“what the hell is this shraddha” dhruv shouted which was enough to scare her.
“ohh dhruv I was here to enjoy their wedding right thapki” She said returning to her normal self.
The men still stood beside her but holding the revolver loosely in his hand.

“noo she came here to kill her” “she bribed me asked me to kill thapki” “but I will not let u do that” The man took two steps back giving an assuring look to thapki.
“shraddha don’t even think about that” bihaan gave a death glare to her. He held thapki’s hand tightly assuring her that he will not let anything happen to her.
Dhruv tried to approach shraddha to drag her out of here. But she snatched the revolver and with in a second And shoot thapki. Everyone froze for a moment.

Thapki closed her eyes to feel pain anywhere in her body but to her surprise there was nothing. She opened her eyes in confusion to find a solid figure standing infront of her Like a wall covering her whole body. She was confused for a moment not able to make out scene infront of her.
“bihaaan” she heard someone’s gasp. Soon her vison cleared and she saw her husband her rajkumar her bihaaan standing infront of her holding the left side of his chest which was drenched with blood. Her knees felt weak at the sight infront of her. The ground beneath her was shaking she saw immense pain the same pain in his eyes which she saw in her dream but with a faint smile of satisfaction on his lips.

“bihaaan” she finally screamed.
He laid there on the mandap on the same mandap where few moments ago he took vows of marriage with her thapki. And he followed those vows he saved her. As he promised her. He was feeling immense pain right below his heart or may be in his heart. But a feeling of satisfaction ran through his veins as he saw thapki taking his head on her lap and caressing her wound, she was safe and sound what else mattered to him. he saw her tear stained face which disappointed him her eyes clearly showing her miserable state of mind and heart he very well knew what she must be feeling in seeing him like this. He reached her face to wipe those blo*dy tears. She held her hand softly. “Bihaan” was all she could say.

Suddenly his eyes landed on her hairline which was still vacant Indicating his incomplete marriage. he rubbed his blood stained hand on her hair line. Coloring her maang with his bright red blood.
A layer of satisfaction and happiness covered his heart above pain. He felt relaxed though he wanted to admire her face with the red color in her maang but slowly sleep engulfed his vison leaving every thing black.

Precap:- not yet decided.

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