Just be with me…Episode 15


Thankyou again for such a lovely comments it makes me feel so good. This is 15th part of my fan fiction. I would love to hear ur opinions and suggestions about this.
Here it goes!!!!

@outside Shraddha’s house.
“are u sure u want this girl dead” Said the mask man eying thapki’s photo.
“yeah!! I want her to be dead at any cost” “before her wedding” shraddha said stressing the last words of her sentence anger boiling in her eyes.
“hmm. Kaam ho jaega” “but it would take more” said the man pointing at the cash which she had handed to him.
“u will get ur prize” “just do what I told u” She snapped. The man nodded at her and left.
“u destroyed my life thapki” “see what I do with u” she said to herself and smiled evilly.

@At night thapki’s room.
Thapki Was wandering aimlessly through her dream world. She saw her beloved standing beside a beautiful lake facing his back towards her.
“bihaan” She called him while running towards him. She saw his face and froze to see his eyes which clearly showing extreme pain. He opened his mouth to call her but no words came out.
She tried to move her legs which were stuck on its place. She felt her legs heavy her throat felt dry when her eyes landed on his stomach which was stabbed with a knife drenching his whole body with blood.
“b..b…bihaan” she shouted and woke up to find herself drenched with sweat. She got up at once from her bed and hurriedly ran towards bihaan’s room. She couldn’t calm her heart, ignoring her mind which was explain her not to worry it is just a dream he must be sleeping in his room. She banged on his door.
as Soon as bihaan opened the door she slammed herself on his chest making sure he is alright.
“thapki” He held her by shoulder to stop her shuddering.
“what happened” he took her inside, made her sit and offered her a glass of water.
She took the water but her fluttering fingers spilled it on the floor. Which made bihaan more worried.
“thapki look at me” “did u saw a bad dream” he cupped her face.
She nodded and burst out crying. “tumhe….tumhe” She tried to speak between her cry.
“ssshhhh!!” He kept his fingers on her lips as he understood her unspoken words. “keep quiet” He took her hand and kept on the left side of his chest. “I am alright see” “nothing to worry about” She touched his chest and closed her eyes to feel his heart beats then she gently kept her head on his chest and let the rhythm of his heart beat to soothe her pain.
The corner of his mouth curved into a smile to have her in his arms.
“thapki I know nothing will happen to me” “until u are with me” he tightened his arms around her.

After some time.
Bihaan took thapki to garden to lighten up her mood.
They sat on the grass and enjoying the Cool gentle breeze.
“ohh god!! This mahaan aatma how will I cheer her up” he thought as he saw her sitting quietly.
“chuk chuk gaadi u know u have bad habit” He said
“and what is that” she looked up in confusion.
“u have a bad habit if leaving the door Open before changing ur clothes” he chuckled. Her eyes widened and cheeks grew pink.
“bihaan u are not gonna change” She started beating him gently. And ended up laughing.
“bihaan I want to eat ice-cream”
“what!!! at this time of night” He pressed his eyebrows together hearing her demand.
“please…” she pouted.
“okk!!!” he threw his hands up in air. “tumse koi jeet nhi sakta” He sighed and took her hands.
“yeah” She jumped in excitement.

They both started walking while searching for shops but to their disappointment all of them were closed as it was almost past mid-night They were about to get back when bihaan’s eyes caught a small ice-cream cart.
“gajab” he muttered under her breath.
“bhaiya two ice-cream one chili flavored”
“and one strawberry” thapki interrupted bihaan and started giggling at his choice.
“what!!”he gave her an annoyed look as he knew she is making fun of him as he like strawberry flavor(girlish flavor)
“kuch nhi” she grinned.
Both were walking aimlessly lost in each other, eating Ice-cream, talking and teasing each other, unaware of the fact that they were heading in direction which is opposite to their home.
Wind started blowing making the whether chilly due to which both of them drew closer.
“chuk chuk gaadi I think we have came the wrong way” he said looking around with a worried expression.
“hmm” she responded tugging closer to him.
“ohh god we were walking in wrong direction” he said with a disgust expression.
she stared at him.
“what are u looking at lets go back” He pulled her.
“no… I am not in mood to walk” she sat on a nearby stone.
“are u in mood of staying here all night” he asked fed up with her childish demand.
She stared at him.
“u look so cute when u are angry” she pulled his cheeks.
“nhi nhi hum cute nhi hum h for handsome hai” “don’t call me cute” he protested. She again pulled his cheeks which annoyed him even more.
He sat beside her trying his best to be angry on her. He took out his phone and pretended of texting someone.
She sat there without responding as she knew he is faking. She began enjoying the chilly wind which were blowing even harder now. He stole glances of her cute and glowing face in the dim street light without letting her know. After all how could he be angry on “his rajkumari”.
“I love it when I catch u looking at me” she siad softly looking at him.
He let out a chuckle at this.
“u are beautiful” “how can I prevent myself” he Gazed at her lovingly.

She dropped her eye lids feeling extremely shy.
off course, she is a beautiful girl she often get these comments but hearing it from him made her feel so, special and elated.
“chuk chuk gaadi u are blushing” He said amused and brushed his fingers on her cheeks in order to get some pinkish tint on his finger.
“no I…am….not” She got up at once flushed.
“thapki” he called after her. She looked back.
“I love u” he shouted his eyes clearly reflecting his unconditional love for her. She smiled cutely.
She approached him and held him in the cage of her arms.
“U make me feel beautiful. You are there for me when no one else is. You make me laugh. U accept me for who I am. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me” she leaned her forehead against his and whispered “I love u too”.
They were carried away in each others eyes when cool drop of rain touched their face. Their close proximity was disturbed.
“damn!! this rain” he muttered under his breath. It started raining he got worried as he knew they were quite far form their home and now were in some deserted road with neither house nor shops. Where will they shelter now. Its is winter night above it, it started raining also. Suddenly his eyes fell on a tin roofed house a little inside the woods. He rushed to find the door locked. So, what he is bihaan pandey, he took a stone and broke the lock to find a small a little dusty but yet cozy room. He feels happy as now they can spend the night in a safe place away from rain.
He came out the place and found thapki enjoying the rain her arms opened wide allowing the drops of rain to drench her body.
“chuk chuk gaadi” “what are u doing u will fall ill” he dragged her but thapki like a innocent child drag him in rain as well.
“come bihaan plzz” “lets enjoy this weather” She stood there like an innocent but stubborn kid.
“are u out of ur mind thapki”
“no…plzz bihaan” in this process of dragging they both are drenched from head to toe. He looked at her who was enjoying drops of rain on her face is appearing like dew drops on soft petal of flower.

He couldn’t resist himself. Held her arm and pulled her closer to him.
She was startled at first but then went with the flow. He tilted his head and down to her neck. A pleasant shiver passed down her spine feeling his lips she couldn’t help but smile. He placed a kiss on her neck his heart throbbed against his chest as she slid her arms across his neck drawing him closer.
He slowly made his way to the jaw line kissing away the water droplets. He stopped at her lips she opened her eyes and found his intense gaze on her. She knew he wanted her to take the final move. She took the bold step and brushed her lips against his. He slowly lessened the gap and put his lips in hers he found the touch of her lips was far more relaxing and filled with warmth. She closed her eyes to Enjoy the moment to the fullest. Both their lips are taking the pegs of love like they are made for each other. Bihaan unknowingly rubbed her waist. He deepened the kiss as felt her soft lips pleading for more. They parted due to the lack of oxygen and found each other panting. Rain was almost stopped by now.
He slowly cupped her face though he wanted to take this relation to the next step. But not without her consent. She looked in his eyes and understood what he wants to say. She too don’t want stay apart from him anymore but couldn’t tell him straight due to her shyness.
He gently smiled at her, not getting response. He caressed her face and said “ I don’t want to rush in this relation. Take ur time” he turned around to go. When she hugged him from behind.
“I can’t stay away from u” she confessed. He worriedly looked at her and gently made her look into his eyes and said “take ur time” “I will wait for u forever” “ I just want ur love I just want to be with u Thapki”

Thapki hugged him tightly and whispered in his ears “enough of formalities now” “ Push my limits test my boundaries, show me how much I can take, how strong I can be. Own me make me yours”
He couldn’t resist himself after her honest confession. He took her in his arms and made his way to the house.
He laid her on the mat and looked at her intensely. She opened her arms wide permitting him to claim her. There is complete silence between only their heart beats are making noise. He touched her face which was glowing in moon light entering from the little window. He descended down to capture her lips through his. Soon the barriers were removed and both of them they lost themselves into each other and the room filled with passion. They discovered each other and finally became one.
Intimacy is not who u let you touch. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about dreams and fears. It is giving someone your attention when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always at the back of ur mind, no matter how distracted u are!!!.
Its not about sleeping with someone or being able to get physical pleasure out of a relationship. In sweet and loving relationship intimacy is not purely physical. It is the act of connecting with someone so deeply that u can see into their soul.

Precap:- shraddha pointed gun at thapki.

Guys this is the first mature content that I have ever written. So, feel free to criticize.
Tomatoes, eggs and chappels are welcomed too.
So plzz plzz let me know ur views.

Credit to: Mineey

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