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Part:- 1
Marriage is a sacred bond between two imperfect people which is made possible by a perfect god, and held with limitless love unshakable faith and undying devotion for one another. Thapki and bihaan shared the same bond. They stood there for each there whatever the situation is. Unknowingly they fell in love.

“aditi be careful” kiran held ladder from the bottom while she arranged some flower on the wall.
“kiran I am so excited about my performance today” she jumped slightly showing her excitement.
“aditi” kiran glared at her pointing towards shaking ladder. “do Fast I must go and see why thapki bhabi is taking so long.
“yeah u can leave honey I’ll manage” she flashed her a warm smile.
“really I mean can I leave” kiran asked in teasing way.
“yup dii must be struggling with her lahanga” “just go and see her I’ll be back in a minute” she ordered.
Dhruv noticed while taking on phone “uff!! What a trouble she is” he thought and turned to go.
Suddenly aditi’s leg slipped
“oh no!!” she gasp and closed her in fear to meet hard floor. To Her surprise she felt to strong arms holding her safely. She opened her eyes to find most beautiful pair of black eyes gazing at her lovingly which belongs to dhruv. They both got caught in each others eyes. They felt something with each others touch which they weren’t able to make out.
“dhruv get her down” Dadi’s voice and kiran’s giggle bought them back to their senses.
“woh woh she just falling down so i…I…” dhruv stammered. His cheek heated up with embarrassment and while she turned pink.
“dadi I just slipped and he saved me” “but I didn’t asked u dhruv” “I could have managed” she cleverly trailed off the subject.
“its okay now both of u go and get ready” dadi said while passed a secret smile to kiran.
“that’s very smart of her to change subject so easily” he chuckled And looked at her. She lowered her gaze not able to make out her feeling and ran to thapki room.

@thahaan’s room.
Thapki was struggling with her chunri. She kept that chunri aside and tried to tie the knot of her blouse. Bihaan was unaware of thapki’s pressence dashed into the room to take his belongings.
“b..b. Bbihaan” she jumped back in shock “what are u doing here” She crossed her arms over her chest.
He was as shocked as she was his eyes checked her blouse clad body for a moment and abruptly looked away.
“actually I… I forgot my brooch here” “and I saw u” “I mean I didn’t saw anything” he was continuously blabbering didn’t know what he was saying she blushed a million crimson.
“I was just I…I … didn’t know I am sorry” his heart throbbed against his chest not able to handle the situation.
“okay It’s kept on the table” “ Take it” she smiled seeing his nervousness. He was about to open his eyes.
“no don’t” thapki warned.
“then how will I find it chuk chuk gaadi” he compliant.
“wait I am giving”
She came to him and kept it on his hand keeping a safe distance between them. But fate, she slipped and found herself in bihaan’s arm. His eyes gazing at her lovingly. She tried to stand in hurry but again slipped their bodies brushed against each other sending shivers down their spine. They composed themselves there was an utter silence between them. Not able to meet her eyes bihaan went out of the room closing the door behind.
“oh god!! One more second she would have got me a heart attack” he leant against the wall and sighed in relief he held his chest to calm down his heart beat.
She stood shaking infront of the mirror remembering what just have happened and looked herself. She took her face in her hand blushing hard and smiling.

“Welcome to our unplugged sangeet” “I am dhruv pandey” dhruv and aditi were hosting the function “and I am aditi” She chimed in.
“we invite u to fully present with us in our sangeet ceremony of bihaan pandey my bro” Dhruv said and smiled at bihaan.
“and thapki my sister” aditi took the mic from him. “so, please turn off ur cell phones and cameras” she said.
“not the cameras aditi” Dhruv elbowed her. “ohh not the cameras” she bit her tongue and smiled sheepishly. Every one laughed.
“so lets welcome thapki Dii” She said waiving her hand towards the stairs.
Thapki descended down the steps looking gorgeous in her cream color lahanga and dark pink chunri. Bihaan’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t draw his eyes off her.
“thankyou” “enjoy our party” Dhruv took thapki by hand and made her sit on the chair beside bihaan.
She looked at dhruv. “thanks” she mumbled. He nodded and went back to aditi. She sat waiting for bihaan’s compliment and but he avoided eye contact with her which frustrated her.
“what happened” She kept her hand on his and gently squeezed.
He looked up. “nothing just trying to get out of the trauma which u have given me” He chuckled.
She felt her cheeks heating up while remembering the situation
“it was ur fault” “u should have knocked before” She scowled.
“ohh!! So it’s my fault that u fell on me” he demanded in a teasing way
“hawww!!” she pouted he tried to hide his smile.
“its ur mistake” she snapped.
“no its ur’s”
“its ur’s”
“but what is the mistake” they heard vasu’s voice and looked up to saw everyone gaze on them. They both turned pink.
“it’s….nothing” he answered as he saw his mother’s demanding eyes.
How could he tell her that he dashed into thapki’s room while she was changing her clothes.
“choro vasu ye toh lardhte rhenge” “ Waise bhi jagre se hi toh pyaar bardhta hai” bauji gave a friendly smile to them.
They looked at each other and grinned.
Every one was enjoying the party. Both sanjay and ashwin danced beautifully with their respective wives. Thapki and bihaan didn’t left a chance to tease each other. Dhruv was also enjoying with aditi her mere childish act made him laugh everyone noticed it including poonam and krishnkant. They saw their daughter laughing whole heartedly after a quite long time.
“so our next performance is very special and is dedicated to every love birds” “so, put ur hands together to welcome bihaan bhai and thapki bhabi on stage” kiran announced leaving both of them shocked.
Their jaw touched the floor.
“jiju close ur mouth its just a small dance” aditi took both of them on stage. Thapki opened her mouth to explain.
“nope I don’t want any explanation” aditi grinned and left them on stage. Thapki looked helplessly at bihaan. He shrugged.
“what don’t u know how to dance” he made a challenging face.
“don’t challenge me bihaan pandey” she glared at him.
Music started
They both beautifully danced on the song slaame ishq (no romance it’s a family function) teasing each other. At last he took thapki in his arms twirling her around. They both enjoyed a lot.

After the dance.
Thapki looked at him who was laughing and hugging his mom and bauji she was so happy to see him enjoying with his family. Then she remembered her selfishness how she took him away from his family. Tears flowed down her cheeks unknowingly.
“thapki beta yeh aasu kyu” Dadi patted her.
She quickly wiped her tears as she doesn’t want bihaan to see her like this he hated tears her eyes. “nothing dadi something went into my eyes” she lied didn’t want to spoil dadi’s mood.
Dadi took her by hand and made her sit beside her.
“thapki I want to tell u something u are going to get married tomorrow this is what I have experienced in my married life” Dadi smiled and her sparkling eyes clearly shows that she remembered her past memories.
Thapki took her hands in hers and signaled her to continue.
“most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all things they have longed for
Companionship, intimacy, friendship etc. The truth is that marriage at the start is an empty box, you must put something in before u can take anything out. There is no love in marriage, love is in people, and people put love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage; you have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple must learn the art, and form the habit of giving, loving, serving, praising of keeping the box full
If u take out more than u put in the box will be empty”
She listened dadi Carefully soaking in each and every word. She wanted to live a happy life in future with her husband bihaan and elders blessing is the most important. She took a quick glance at bihaan who was being teased by the suman bhabi.
“so, here is today’s last performance which is specially dedicated to our soon to be wed couple” “so, ladies and gentle men put ur hands together and welcome aditi and dhruv bhai on the stage” Kiran announced and quickly took her seat.
Aditi came on the stage making a dhamake daar entry. And started dancing gracefully on the song didi tera dewar deewana (hum aapke hai koun)
Then dhruv joined her with a the same energy level. They both started teasing each other like in the movie. Every one laughed and enjoyed their cute dance. Aditi threw a basket of garlands at him. And dhruv started chasing her.
Vasu was so happy to see her sons lost smile back on his face. “this is all because of this sweet child aditi” She thought and smiled.
“look she is the one” a women said pointing towards aditi.
“so, she is the one who did a fake marriage with diwaker” “well, she doesn’t look like that type”
“I’ve heard that diwaker blackmail her on some bad pics of her” few people gossiped about her. Aditi was standing close to them. She heard every thing and quietly went away without anyone’s notice except dhruv’s.
Dhruv came on the trance and saw her gazing at the sky.
“aditi” He called her but he was welcomed by silence.
“aditi” he shook her.
She didn’t responded instead looked down.
“do u want to say something” He broke the silence.
She looked at him angrily but seeing his face she calmed down.
“I am very bad” she finally spoke.
“I should’ve told u about diwaker’s blackmailing” “instead of keeping it to myself everyone asked me about it so many times” “I was being so stubborn” She took her face in her hands and cried.
He put his hand on her shoulder comforting her as he was aware about the gossip.
“do u considered consider me as ur friend” he confirmed
She nodded with out making an eye contact.
“then look at me” he turned her face towards him.
“u only advised me to take time to fix all the mess in life” “then why don’t u use it urself”
“don’t ever say u are not good enough. If that person can’t see how good u are, then they are the one who’s not good enough for u” he said while taking her hands in his.
“u can’t change how people treat U or what they say about u all u can do is change how u react to it” “I hope u are getting my point” he wiped her tears with his hands. He didn’t know why he was feeling protective about her suddenly.
She nodded feeling relaxed and hugged him gently. He was shocked at first but gently patted her. They both were feeling good in each others embrace aware of the fact that they were developing feelings for each.

Precap:- thahaan’s romance in rain.

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