Just be with me…Episode 13


Sorry guys for being late.
Thanks all of u for liking my fan fiction so much. This is a small episode. Actually I am too busy these days Hope u understand.
Here it goes.

Jealousy releases anger and anger the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately with hold your destiny.
Shraddha was totally blind in anger. Unknowingly she was drinking the poison of anger and revenge and expecting the other person to die.
@police station.
“thanks papa for getting Me out of this hell” Shraddha hugged her dad.
“don’t worry beta lets go home” he consoled her.
She came back home. She fumed in anger as she got to know about her divorce and thapki-bihaan marriage.
“enjoy as much as u can because tomorrow will be ur last day thapki” she thought and smiled evilly. Then she called someone.
@pandey niwas
“maa I’ll do it” thapki took the basket of flowers from vasu’s hand.

“no I’ll not let u touch any work” “it’s your sangeet today” “go get ready” Vasu scolded her.
“aunty, Don’t worry I’ll do it” “dii dadi maa has asked u to get ready” aditi jumped in and took the flowers.
“that so sweet of u aditi” vasu pulled her cheeks.
Aditi smiled sheepishly.
“ok aditi but be careful while using the ladder” thapki warned her and went to look for bihaan.
“thapki” “I don’t like this at all” “don’t u think that its useless” “I mean….” Bihaan complained with a exhaust expression standing at window of his room.
“but what” thapki leaned on him. And looked at him lovingly. She was too busy in admiring him. “he is handsome” She thought. “he was always it was me who didn’t noticed it before I was too busy in finding flaws in him” she argued with her inner mind while her hands ruffling through his hairs. He kept his hand on her waist and dragged her closer.
“actually I mean we are not spending much time together” “don’t u think ” he asked his hands unknowing moving on her waist. Thapki smiled feeling his touch.
“I know these junglees(aditi kiran dhruv and both bhabi) will not leave us for a single second” he took her face in one hand. And gazed in her eyes deeply.
He never have imagined, that this girl who is totally opposite to him whose thought never matched his would the most important person in his life,

He never expected anything back from this relationship. He never thought that she would love him back. Fascinated by the fairy tales that he heard from dadi maa as a child he also dreamed of getting his rajkumari. And there, she was ‘his rajkumari’ in his embrace.
Both of them was so lost into each other that neither of them heard someone walking up to the room. In fact, It wasn’t until the door opened and either of them registered another person’s presence.
Both thapki and bihaan shot away from each other with the speed of light.
“oh shit!!!” “sorry I didn’t mean to disturb u” Kiran closed her eyes being as shocked as they both are, apologized. Kiran opened her eyes and giggled.
Thapki opened her mouth and closed simultaneously to explain but no words came out. Bihaan stood as far away as he could, his back pressed against the wall. Seeing the look on thahaan’s face kiran brust out laughing.
“what bhai aap to darr gaye” She chuckled.

“trust me I didn’t see any thing”
“actually dadi has asked both of u to get ready for ur sangeet” she said while trying to hide her smile.
“well bhaiya bhabi u know I’ve always wanted to see u both together” “bhai when u left the house for thapki bhabi I was very happy” “I know it sounds a bit rude” “I was happy as u got sometime to figure out ur relationship” “your eyes described that day how much u were in love with thapki bhabi” “u are meant to be together” Kiran smiled hugged thapki and left.
Thapki came to him and rested her head on his chest.
“bihaan I luv u”
“I know” He whispered in her ear and tightened his arms around her. She closed her eyes feeling safe and protective in his arms.

Precap:- sangeet function.

Credit to: Mineey

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