Just be with me…Episode 12

Thanks everyone for reading my ff. And encouraging me. And thankyou aaliya plzz keep suggesting me.

Love is what when there are million things you want to say to someone, but when that one person looks into your eyes and holds you tight. Nothing in the life matters other than being together.
When you realize you want to spend the rest of ur life with that one person, you want the rest of the life to start as soon as possible.
Thapki and bihaan where in the same state where they can’t live a single moment without each other.
“thapki” vasundhra called.

“yes m..m..maa” she Came running. As vasu sounded normal after so many days.
“thapki you have lot of work to do” “its only 3 days left for ur wedding” “u haven’t brought anything for urself” “u have to go on shopping right now” she ordered.
“but maa” she tried to protest.
“no excuse dii” she heard a voice and turned to find aditi sitting at the table finishing her breakfast.
“aditi when did u came” she hugged her sister lovingly.
“I came last night” “and I got to know that that u came late last night so, I thought not to disturb u” aditi started teasing her.
Thapki blushed a million shades of crimson.
Vasu smiled at aditi.
“lets go dii” “I have so many things to buy” she cheered.
“Kon kaha jaa raha hai” they heard a voice and saw dhruv and bihaan descending the steps.
“hey jiju whats up”

“ aditi how are u” Bihaan gave her side hug.
“see, I was asking dii for shopping” “she didn’t got anything yet” aditi complained.
“ohh, mahan aatma, have u planned something” “ I’ll not gonna let u sit in mandap with these on u” He pointed towards her clothes. She glared at him. Seeing the look on her face. Aditi and bihaan burst out laughing and high-five.
“why are u teasing her?? Don’t worry thapki we will go and show them what is shopping called” Dhruv came to her rescue.
“if he doesn’t want to marry u. Then its ok, right thapki” dhruv said and winked at bihaan
“fine. I don’t have any interest in marring u. Go and find someone else” she huffed.
“lets go dhruv sir” She glared at bihaan before leaving.
Bihaan raised his eyebrows with a worried look aditi shrugged.
“lets go I will take u to mall” Dhruv patted him not able to control his laughter.
@ shopping mall
“dii try this” aditi took another piece and gave it to her. She tried it and looked herself in the mirror.
“wow Bhabi its good” kiran chimed in.
“no kiran Its too heavy” she siad while running her hand through the dress. She looked at bihaan who was standing at the back and raised her eyebrows. He signaled her that its not good.
“ohh, god thapki how much time will u take to choose one dress” said dhruv while pacing the room looking at his watched.

“whats ur problem dhruv. Dii u take ur time” aditi gave and angry look to him which, looks more like a cute angry little girl, made him laugh.
“few more minutes sir” thapki gave an apologetic look dhruv.
Then she started picking all the dresses one by one showing to bihaan.
Finally bihaan nodded at a dress which she didn’t bothered to look at.
“I’ll take this one” She gave the dress to kiran.
“what!!!” all said in unison.
Then she looked at the dress and realized their reaction it was an off shoulder one piece. Ending just above her knees. She saw bihaan laughing and huffed in anger as he winked at her.
“i…i…I mean I am asking….” She didn’t find a proper reason. “I don’t want to buy anything” she sat down with arms crossed over chest.
Bihaan approached her and started browsing through the saris trying find the best one for his thapki. Thapki smiled at his gesture. She began looking for the lahanga for her sangeet. Her eyes found a simple elegant dress which she didn’t noticed earlier she was about to pick it but bihaan’s hands found it.
He stood infront for her and held the dress on her to make sure that it look perfect on her. He came close to her as he saw the bewildered expression on her face.
“try this. Chuk chuk gadi” he whispered in her ear and quickly kissed her cheeks which nobody noticed.

After the shopping everyone came back to their usual work bauji sent bihaan to his work dhruv and aditi were also busy in decoration and arrangement. So, all of them decided to meet at Terrace after dinner but elders were not allowed.
Everyone gathered at terrace except suman Bhabhi’s husband. Terrace was dimly lighted.
“what should we play” kiran said excitedly.
“we should play ghost game” “like we can recite ghost stories” suman chided herself with the thought.
As soon as aditi heard the word ghost “nooo” she screamed
Dhruv who was sitting beside her.
“we haven’t started yet” “stop shouting” he pressed his hands on her mouth.
She released herself from his grip.
“I am not afraid of ghost” she lied “ I saw a cockroach”
“c…c..cockroach” “where” thapki stood up frantically.
“thapki relax” bihaan held her hand and stood up. He pulled her to make her sit but she slipped he held her by waist. Both got lost into each others eyes.
Everyone was watching them and smiling.
“uhem uhem” “if ur romance is finished shall we start the game” Kiran’s voice brought them back to their senses. Both of their faces turned bright red. They sat down not able to look at each other.

“ok, now we will play truth and dare” “but we will play in teams” kiran announced.
“now plzz decide ur teams first” “I will be with ashwin” said preeti pulling ashwin’s cheeks.
“kiran I will be on your team” suman sat beside kiran.
Now aditi and dhruv looked at each other and quietly sat together as they don’t want to disturb soon to be wed couple.

Bottle points firstly towards preeti and ashwin everyone ask them to dance as they choose dare they both dace beautifully on the song bolna( from picture kapoor and sons)
Now the bottle points to aditi and dhruv they both choose truth.
“aditi have u ever loved someone” kiran asked curiously.
“no” “I didn’t find anyone till now” She blushed as she answered.
“now its ur turn dhruv bhai” “umm tell me who is most important person of ur life” Kiran asked.
At this question all dhruv could think about is his mom how she had supported him all the time. How she became his strength.
“mom” he answered clearly.

A smile lit up bihaan face as he heard his answer.
The bottle spins again. This time it pointed straight towards thapki and bihaan.
“dare I will choose dare” Bihaan threw his hands up in air. Thapki was confused
“what chuk chuk gadi u afraid” He teased her. “dare” she pointed her finger towards him.
“okay okay don’t fight” Aditi said and whispered something to kiran and suman.
“okay so, bihaan dewar ji u have to propose thapki in front of us” “ In a romantic way” everyone laughed as they saw the shocked and bewildered expression on his face.
“what kind of task is this” he complained

“why are u afraid b for brave b for bihaan” thapki teased him.
With out replying.
He took hold of her hand and cleared his throat.
“I’ve fallen for ur laugh which is utterly contagious. I’ve fallen for ur smile which makes me giddy for no reason at all. I ‘ve fallen for our late night talks, when 1am arrives far too quickly. I’ve fallen for ur jokes, which I remmember days later and burst out laughing. I’ve fallen for how can u make my day better. I’ve fallen for every second I get to spend with u, even if those seconds will always leave me wanting more.
Thapki got lost in his eyes. Everyone started clapping for them.
But dhruv eyes filled with tears as he remembered his moments spent with thapki its not like he love thapki he love those beautiful memories that he have spent with her. His mother’s and his wife’s betrayal flashed infront of his eyes he excused himself from there before anyone’s notice except aditi’s

He was sitting in the garden quietly when aditi approached him he quickly hid his tears and flashed a fake smile towards him.
She sat beside him and took his hands her hers dhruv I know why u came back.
He looked at her thinking how she got know about it.
“its nothing its just some memories” he assured her.
She gently squeezed his hand “I know”
“I know u’ve lost someone and it hurt”

“ u may have lost them suddenly, unexpectedly or perhaps u began losing pieces of them until one day there was nothing left. It is irrelevant u can’t control the depth of the wound another soul inflicts upon u”.
“Which is why I am not here to tell u that tomorrow is another day. Or the sun will go on shining. What am I here to tell u is this; it’s okay to be hurting As much as u are. What u are feeling Is not only valid but necessary because that makes u more human. Though I can’t promise that I will get better soon. I can tell u that it will- eventually. For now all u can do is to take ur time. take all the time u need.
Dhruv listened to her words carefully.
“ I hope u understand” she patted him and got up to leave.
“aditi” he called her. She looked back
“thanks” He smiled.
“so, friends” aditi forwarded her hand. Which he took willingly “friends”

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