Just be with me…Episode 11

Thanks for ur love and support. How many episodes I am going to drag this, I don’t have any idea. So, guys plzz keep reading and keep commenting. And I liked ur idea aaliya thanxx.

@thapki’s house.
“dhruv beta come in” Poonam exclaimed. “how are u”
“yeah aunty all good” he took blessing. “actually…”. He started
“I know thapki have told me about ur arrival” Poonam interrupted “aditi was waiting for u” “I should tell her first”.
“aditi dhruv has come” she shouted. “why are u standing sit”.
“no… no.. Aunty I m fine”. He protested. “sit I said” she ordered.
“okay” he threw his hands up in air and sat down which made poonam laugh.
“u sit I’ll get u something” “make yourself home” she called over her shoulder.
There were so many photos hanging over the wall which He didn’t noticed earlier. He went through them.
“ouch!!” he heard. He turned to find aditi Struggling With her luggage. His jaw touched the floor as he counted the no. Of bags.
“looks like she planned a long vacation” He thought.
“hey dhruv. Help me” she ordered.
“aditi what’s up” he smiled.
“can u plzz do ur formalities later” she said pointing towards her luggage.
“ohh sure” he smiled at his stupid act.
They settled in the car.
“so, what were u asking” she patted him. “ finally I am gonna meet di” she cheered.
“I was asking how….” He tried to speak.
“u know my shopping is almost completed” She cutted him dhruv sat there waiting for a chance to speak. “now, only jewelry and sandals are left” She Smiled to herself. “hey u didn’t tell me what were u asking” she almost slapped his Shoulder.
“ actually i…” He started.
“u what tell me” “why aren’t u saying something” she again interrupted.
“leave it” he sighed
“oh god she is a big chatter box” “and different from thapki” he thought and smiled fakely at her.
“actually I want to meet my lawyer if u don’t mind” finally he completed.
“don’t be so formal dhruv” She again slapped his shoulder and shook him from head to toe.
“whoa aditi be careful I m driving” he complained.
“oops sorrry” she held her ears. “the fact is I am too excited to meet di and bihaan jiju. Yayyy” She cheered like a kid. He smiled at her childish nature.

She talked with out any break and almost covered all the topic one could take up at a time leaving no option to dhruv then to listen her. She came to senses when he stopped the car.
“did we reach ur home” she asked looking outside.
“aditi I think u forgot I told u that I will meet my lawyer first” He gave a worried look to her.
“ohh I forgot” “u go and meet him I m waiting here” she took out a chocolate and started eating.
“are u sure aditi” “ I mean… Its dark here” he asked her worriedly.
“what… do u mean by its dark. Do u think me a kid” She angrily replied.
“well, Its looks like” he siad trying to hide his smile. She glared at him.
“okay u stay here I’ll be back in a min” he went inside.
She soon finished her chocolate and started playing games on her phone but she got bored.
“ohh god how much time he is gonna take” she muttered while adjusting her hairs. “lets get some fresh air” she opened the door of the car and stood outside waiting for him.
It was quite dark and chilly suddenly wind started blowing making the environment more ghastly. “I think he was right. I should have gone inside with him. Its too scary” she finally admitted.
She turned to go. when she felt cold hands on her shoulder. She felt a tingling on her spine as She tried to sense the danger lurking behind her. She turned to find a pair of dark cold eyes staring at her. She jerked his hands and took two steps back. There stood a drunk man eating her through his eyes.
“dhruv….” Her voice was shaking.
The man came forward. “come on honey” “aren’t u afraid of dark” “or u are waiting for someone” he looked around when he found no one. His hands approached her and was about to touch her. When our hero dhruv held it. And gave a hard punch on his face making his nose bleed. He fell on road dhruv held his collar and gave two three more on his stomach.
“say sorry to her” Dhruv held him by his neck.
“sorry sister I’ll not do this again in future” the man pleaded
“dhruv let him go plzz” she requested. He was about hit him again when he saw aditi on the verge of tears. He left him.
She quickly hid her tears and hugged him in fear. Dhruv was shocked by her sudden move.
“hey aditi its ok I am here see” “he’s gone” he patted her back.
she composed herself when she realized her position. There was an awkward silence between them.

“someone told me she was brave” dhruv broke the silence.
“who told u I was scared. I was about to give him the punch but u came in between” She huffed.
“ohh should I call him again” He teased her.
“nooo” she shouted. “I…I..i mean I’ll give him when I’ll meet him next time” “now lets go I can’t wait to meet di” She rushed to the car.
He laughed at her act .

@pandey niwas.
“thapki raasta saaf hai” “u can come inside” Bihaan said peaking in the hall. Thapki jumped from the kitchen window.
“thapki look what a luck I’ve got” he complained while tip toeing through the hall.
“why” she stopped giving confused expression.
“I mean look we are married right” “then why are u afraid of dadi” “I mean what is bad in going on a date with ur husband” He angrily whispered.
She chuckled at his question. “then go and try dadi” “ Well u deserve this b for bewakoof b for bihaan” she ruffled her hands through his hairs messing it up.
“chuk chuk gadi I will not leave u” He ran after her In the process he knocked down a vase which crashed on floor alarming.
“who is there” dadi came outside.
“bihaan what are u doing here” dadi questioned him.
He looked around for thapki who was hiding behind the pillar. He raised his eye brows as if asking her what do to now.
Thapki grinned.
“why are u looking here and there bihaan I am asking u something” dadi demanded.
“who woh… I was just having a walk” “I am very sleepy dadi I’ll talk to u tomorrow” he started towards his room.
“wait” dadi said angrily. He froze he knew he very bad in lying. Thapki slapped her hand on her head “ohh god dadi caught his lie”
“why are u going to ur room. U forgot I asked u to stay in different room till ur marriage” She reminded.
“ohh dadi I again forgot” he smiled in relief. “good night” he ran towards guest room.
Dadi started leaving. Before entering her room she called over her shoulder. “thapki no need to hide behind the wall. Go and sleep u must be tired. And one more thing u look good in that red gown” dadi smiled and went inside.
Thapki felt her face heating up due to embarrassment. “ohh god how do u know dadi”. She went to her room thinking.

Precap:-not decided.

Again guyzz need ur suggestions about dhruv and aditi scenes.

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  1. Really very nice specially conversation between dhruv n aditi was just so cute n awesome….keep on writing n update soon

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  3. Dhriti sweet couple
    THAHAAN cute couple
    Good going. ..and nice ff

  4. Nice episode.

  5. Good epi.. adhiruv do make a good pair.. but pls give more thahaan scenes…this epi was almost full of aditi and dhruv..!!

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    love epi
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  7. Thanxx guys for reading my ff.
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  8. Thnx for appreciating my idea …..here’s anothet idea ..umm…what abt next morning after breakfast …..aditi and thapki will have a talk in which she will tell thapki abt the goon incident and then abt how dhruv saved her then….after talking everyone will get busy in preperations of marraige and then aditi will get the job of flower arrangement and dhruv will help her while she is on the ladder she will lose balance and will fall then dhruv will catch her and they will have an eyelock

    1. lovely idea!!!!
      thankyou thankyou so much dear.
      keep suggesting me!! I need them badly.

  9. Nice mineey..pls nxt tym tru to add more thahaan scenes..

  10. ah !!..cute episode

  11. Abt thahaan I think mehndi rasam will be taking place so..bihaan will see thapki getting her mehndi done and bihaan wil stare at her beauty then he will come to secretly meet thapki and will romance her…

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