Just be with me…Episode 10

Hello friends… I am back with another episode of just be with me. Sorry guys for not individually replying to ur comments. And one more thing I just write whatever comes in my mind. So, I am not sure about the no. Of episodes. and about dhruv and aditi pair I liked rida’s idea(aditi coming at pandey niwas and staying till marriage). Thanxx rida.
Here it goes!!!

Finally bihaan got his family love and most of all his mother love. Family isn’t always blood. Its people in ur life who wants u in theirs; The ones Who accepts u for who u are. The ones who would do anything to see u smile and who love you no matter what.

Bihaan came to the hall. He saw everybody busy in wedding arrangements. Dhruv was busy on phone booking the wedding hall. Dadi was instructing bhabi about the decoration. But his eyes were searching for his angel who was nowhere in sight. Dhruv approached him as he saw him lost. “what’s up bro” dhruv patted him.
“huh!! Huh….nothing” he came into senses. But he is still looking here and there.
“I was just…. Wha…wha..what are u doing” he stammered.
“bihaan relax why are u nervous” “as if I’ve caught ur lie”
“yeah so all of u are busy” he tried to sound normal.
“hmm after all its ur marriage” dhruv smiled.
“u seemed relax” Bihaan looked at his smiling face.
“hmmm… I forgave mom. U know bihaan ‘forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving a criminal of his crime. Its has everything to do with relieving oneself of burden of being a victim. Letting go of the pain and transforming oneself from victim to survivor’ dhruv said smiling half heartedly.
“I happy for u dhruv mere bhai” He hugged him.
“ok now I’ve lots of work to do. I’ve to leave” “after all its thapki’s marriage I will make it perfect”
as dhruv said her name. Bihaan’s heart skipped a beat.
“dhruv where is rest of them. I mean kiran suman bhabhi” “ashwin baiyya”
“kiran and suman bhabhi went to market” “ashwin baiyya’ve got some work” “why anything important” Dhruv asked curiously. He understood that he is looking for thapki but hesitating to ask about her directly.
“ and…and where is maa”
“ohh mom went to mandir” “she went pray for ur happy life” He grinned.
“and where are others”
“well bihaan. We’ve covered everyone. Nobody is left I guess”
Bihaan became a little bit worried. Thinking where she could be. Dhruv turned to go. At last he decided that he have to ask about her.
“thapki” He asked a little bit loud voice that sounded more like statement than a question.
“whoa bihaan have u gone mad I am not thapki I am dhruv u forgot the difference between male and female . Tum toh gaye” dhruv laughed.
He slapped his hand on his head. “I mean where is she” “I didn’t see her since morning” “so I was just wondering that…”
“dhruv stop teasing him” dadi scolded. “woh mandir gayi hai beta teri maa ke saath”.
He sighed in relief and then glared at dhruv who was laughing holding his stomach.

Thapki was avoiding him since morning as he didn’t proposed her till now. At the table everyone was sitting. While suman and thapki were serving. Thapki was serving the food which bihaan didn’t liked. And he understood it.
“bhabi mujhe vo wali sabji chahiye” He pointed to the bowl in thapki’s hand.
“bihaan dewar ji but u don’t like pumpkin” she asked curiously.
“bhabi but I like it now” “change is always good u know” he smirked.
Suman understood that he want thapki to serve him.
“thapki will u plzz serve bihaan” she asked
Thapki glared at him. “ohh so u want to eat pumpkin. Now see I will make u eat, u will never eat pumpkin again in future” she thought while serving.
He gulped as he saw his plate full with food he don’t like. Suman giggled.
“l..l.lo khao bihaan aur khao” she gave him more. And winked at him.
Elders saw their cute nok jhok and smiled but didn’t showed it.
Thapki went to kitchen alone to bring something. Bihaan took the chance.
“ahem ahem” He fakely coughed.
“what happened bihaan” Someone asked.
“I just need some cold water” he went after her.
“what happened chuk chuk gadi” “why are u ignoring me” he blocked her way.
“I don’t wanna talk to u. Get out of my way”
“nope” He smirked.
She kept the bowl at the platform and crossed her arm near her chest. “what do u want”
“tell me why are u avoiding me” he asked curiously. But she didn’t replied and was about to go but he held her and pinned her to the wall. He came close to her. “now tell me why are u doing this” he asked in a husky voice. She got nervous and started breathing heavily. He touched her bare back. She shivered. “bihaan leave me koi dekh lega”
“let them see” “u didn’t answered my question” he looked into her eyes deeply and touched her face.
“I asked u something last night. But u forgot” She pushed him and went out angrily. He then remembered that she wants to go out with him
“stupid how can I forget this” he muttered while thinking what to do.
After lunch family sat to spend a quality time together.
“m..maa bauji dadi ma I want to ask u something” “actually I want aditi to stay with me till marriage. She have suffered a lot and We want to spend some time together. If u don’t mind” thapki asked.
Family members agreed to her and asked bihaan to bring her.
“dhruv will u bring her I have some work” as he was planning for the date.
“actually I have a meeting. with the lawyer regarding the divorce of shraddha and me. So, I will take her on my way home” Dhruv agreed.

Thapki got a parcel. She went to her room and opened it to find a Red Sleeveless gown with some mirror work on the waist and a letter with something scraped on it. Which says her to reach the given address wearing this dress.
she understood bihaan hand writing and smiled.
She reached the given address there was a beautiful cottage decorated with lights. As she entered the gate She saw board pointing towards garden direction. Garden was beautifully decorated with glowing lamps, flowers. The candle light dinner was also arranged. She followed… then she saw her beloved standing facing his back to her.
Her heart beat fastened as she approached him. She saw him talking to someone “what is he doing” she muttered under her breath. Then realized that he is practicing.
“oh my god he is practicing to propose me” She amused.
He turned as he heard her melodious laughter and was mesmerized seeing her in that sleeveless gown which, he took hours to select, was perfect on her body. He raked his hand through his hair and smiled sheepishly.
“hey chuk chuk gadi I haven’t done this before don’t laugh at me” he complained.
He forwarded his hand to her. She held it happily.
“so what have u planned” “well u did this bihaan” she asked curiously looking around the arrangements.
“thapki I did this for u. And u are not even praising me” He said with fake anger.
“oh I am sorry bihaan I mean i love it thankyou so much bihaan” She came close to him and held him by neck. He looked at her innocent behavior and smiled.
“thapki I want to say u that…. He stopped “ohh god I again forgot” He took out a paper and started learning.
She looked at his childish act and laughed.
“thapki my moti buddhi can’t learn all this” “I can’t propose u the way u want” “I am sorry” He made a puppy face.
“bihaan I don’t want those cheesy lines” “I just want u. I want to spend my whole life with u” “I want u to just be with me forever” she hugged him.
“wait…” “ u are supposed to propose me” “I am not” she looked up with confused expression. And turned around angrily.
“ouch!!” she heard him. She turned to find him kneeling before her.
“thapki I luv u…I am who… I am because of u. You are the every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had and no matter what happens to us in future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours… will u be mine”
She nodded with tears of happiness in her eyes.
“hum itna accha bole tum ab bhi ro rahi ho” he chuckled. She wrapped her arms around him. and rested her face on his chest. They stood there in each others arms for how much time they don’t know.
“ I don’t know thapki” he said thoughtfully.
“what” she looked up at his face.
“I mean How did a guy like me ended with a princess like u”.
She laughed at him. “well that’s really a good question” she ruffled her hands through his hairs.
Then they had dinner followed by romantic dance. The beautiful evening went on like this they enjoyed, talked and laughed. Made fun of each other. The stars and the moon were witnessing their lovely moment.

Precap:- yet not decided.

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