Just like that, we became shrenal — chapter 3 in nyc

The next day:


The plane ended and all the passengers were told to get out. As the crowd went out of the plane, one girl had her curly hair in a ponytailand was wearign her favourite baby pink hoodie. AlL you could see was the back of her. She went up to the plane thingy to get her bags.

Lady: and tour name?

Girl: shrenu parikh.

Her face was revealed and yes it was shrenu. Her eyes all red as she was crying  for most of the plane ride and she looked a bit pale as she felt nauseous during the ride a bit. She got her bags and slowly went from the airport in a taxi considering she was pregnant and was feeling quite giddy.



Kunal: surbhi, quickly book plane tickets, i am getting impatient.

Surbhi: shut up kunal! Finally i got permission from gul to give us a few days off. Now i will book.

voice: or kunal can just marry me.

Surbhi and kunal looked at the owner of the voice.

Bharati dadi ????

And her sidekick…..

Palak nani ????

Kunal: what do you want bharati and palak?

Palak: arre in one day, our friendship has been broken kunal? Kamal hai. And in one day, you have left bharati for shrenu.

Bharati: palak is right. Before you even knew shrenu was pregnant, you were all set to marry me and now? You are running after shrenu.

Palak: are you even sure she is pregnant with your child?

Kunal: palak, bharati, i am folding my hands and begging leave me alone and especially leave shrenu alone. Because of you bharati, she is smashed on social media and because of you she has left. So don’t make her life anymore miserable.

Bharati: but….

Surbhi interrupting: DO YOU WANT A SLAP?!?

Bharati and palak goes with evil looks.

Surbhi: yes got tickets!!

Kunal: finally. 

Surbhi: we leave tomorrow ok?

Kunal: ok as long as we find shrenu.

Surbhi: and I haven’t forgiven you yet.

Kunal: what?

In nyc:

Shrenu reached the house she brought and went inside. Her suitcases were on one side and she carefully walked around the empty house.

She had many dreams that she would share with kunal. A happy home together, a happy family they would together build and many more but those dreams are now nothing but shreds. 

She kept a hand on her baby bump and said: baby, i know that this isn’t perfect but as your mama i will make it perfect enough to make us happy.

She smiles lightly and cries.

Precap: kunal and surbhi in nyc+michmichmi feelings.

Do guyd sorry for a short and boring chappy.

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