Just like that, we became shrenal — chapter 1

dear kunal,

tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this. today is your marriage with bharati. I am still shocked that you are marrying her even after that incident.

of course you would be marrying her because you really don’t know what happened that day.

i’ll tell you.

2 days ago, whilst we were shooting the last episode, I felt thirsty so I went to get some water which I kept in my makeup room. but whilst going to my makeup room, I heard someone talking and I immediately made out that it was bharati’s voice.

I went to see if what the hell she was doing and when I reached where she was, the sight shocked me.

she was kissing another man and saying that she doesn’t love you. because she is a failed actress, she is dating you but she doesn’t love you at all. she just wants your fame and money. I  heard that she was planning to rob you once she married you and run away with the one she truly love.

quickly I found you and tried to explain everything to you but what did you do?  you yelled at me saying that I only wanted to destroy your relationship with bharati and that bharati didn’t want you for fame and money. then you slapped me and I landed on the floor with my hand on my stomach protecting OUR baby. thanks god the child is safe.

yes kunal, I am pregnant!  I am pregnant with your child! when I found out, I was so happy to tell you but that day changed everything.

when my parents found out that I am pregnant before marriage, they disowned me. I am alone now kunal jaisingh. ALONE!

and I want to tell you one thing:




but I think my love for you was just a fan crush-nothing else.

why I feel this way?

because if a fan crushes on a star, their dreams of marrying that star doesn’t come true.

anyway for your kind information, let the world tell me to kill the child growing in my womb but I won’t kill this child. even though this is your child as well and thinking of you is giving me pain, I will raise this child. I will love this child. and I will do that ALL ALONE!

goodbye kunal jaisingh. I am leaving India forever.



she kept the letter in an envelope and kept kunal’s name on the front. then she kept it on a desk hoping for surbhi to notice it and so she can give it to kunal.

then shrenu got her suitcase and went out of surbhi’s house. tears in her eyes and her hand on her baby bump.

precap: shocked jaisingh+the moment of realization 

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