Just A Kiss An OS by Riya ( sorry gift)


Hi guys this is a sorry gift and I’ll be back on 28 th please forgive me and do comment
It was a calm and peaceful morning. The rays of the sun entered the room through the window and fell on Shravan. He stirred in his sleep and shut his eyes tightly. But the rays were much stronger. Shravan took the pillow he was resting his head on and shielded his face from the rays. After a while he felt suffocating and turned to get up. He looked the other side and was stunned.

The bathroom door opened and there entered an angel. An angel clad in an orange suit. Suman – Mrs. Shravan Malhotra left the bathroom. She was looking ethereal. The suit she wore perfectly fit her body to show her curves. Her hair wet. Water dripping down her neck. Shravan gulped seeing the sight in front of him. Suman threw the towel and it landed on his face and that was when Shravan came back to his senses. A smirk played along his lips because he knew what was coming next. It was like a daily routine now from the past 1 month.

“Shravan, can you please tie the dori at the back.” Suman said standing in front of the mirror. Her back facing Shravan. He quickly got up and reached up to her. He slowly raised his hands to hold the dori of the blouse. And then accidentally his fingers brushed the bare skin on her back. A shiver ran down her spine. Shravan smirked seeing her. She could see Shravan smiling. He was done tieing the dori but his hands were still their feeling the softness of her skin.

He stood there taking in her fruity scent. The scent aroused many senses into him and he was having a hard time controlling them. They had just turned friends and he didn’t want to force anything on her. He moved back. Suman was confused. “Kya hua Shravan?? Kya baat hai??” She kept her hand on his shoulder standing close to him. “Kuch nahi.” He turned back swiftly getting her afraid and loosing her balance. She closed her eyes as she thought she was going to hit the floor bit she didn’t. A strong pair of hands caught her just in time.

Shravan caught her. His one hand on her waist and the other on her back holding her protectively. Their faces were just centimeters apart. She stil had her eyes shut tightly. “Open your eyes Suman.” Shravan spoke in his husky voice. She quickly opened them to see his face only centimeters apart. She pushed him backward and straightened herself. A blush adorning her cheeks. Shravan wanted to kiss those pink cheeks. He was eyeing her when he realised that her dupatta had fallen off. He immediately picked it up and covered her. Suman couldn’t believe the change in him. The person who didn’t care for himself was now thinking about her.

She just kept staring at him. Not able to control herself she ran into his arms making him lose balance. He quickly held the dressing table for support. Her head resting on his chest and arms circled his back. His chin resting on her head. Noneof them talked. They just stood their in silence. After a while she looked up at him not breaking the hug. And for the first time, she saw something more than care. It was love. She knew he was attracted towards her and alao cared for her. In fact she shared the same feelings but today the look in his eyes. It was love and she was sure.

Shravan now couldn’t control himself anymore. He slowly tilted his face to meet his lips with hers. And then the fireceackers burst. The passion was induced. The kiss turned into a wild and passionate one. Each of them fighting for dominance. They parted for the necessity of oxygen. Both were hesitating to look at each other. But then they did and their eyes met. Both were drowned in them. Talking in the language of their new and fresh love.

Shravan was the first one to come out of trance. “I am getting late for office.” He said walking inside the bathroom without looking at her. “It’s Sunday. Mr. Shravan Malhotra.” She chuckled and whispered to herself. She touched her lips still feeling the warmth of his lips still lingering. Looking at herself in the mirror she adjusted her dupatta thinking about the incident that just happened. The kiss, the look in his eyes, the shy smiles, all of it couldn’t be wrong. But it could also be Just a kiss to him. It surely felt something more than that to me.

Just then the bathroom door knob clicked. Shravan peeped into the room only to find Suman still near the dresser. He gave a sly smile and said “Ermm… I forgot to take the towel and the clothes inside. They are in the wardrobe. Could you please kiss me.” Suman looked at him with a shocked expression and eyes wide opened. “Ermm… I am sorry… I meant… Actually… I meant… Could you please PASS me.” He tried to explain.

Suman brought the towel and clothes in front of the opened part of the door. He tried snatching it but Suman held on tightly. He gave her a quizzical look. She came close to the door her body touching it. She made him turn his face with her hands and whispered in his ears “Shravan, it was JUST A KISS.” and pecked him on his left cheek. He quickly closed the door behind him. “I aint going to wash my cheek until I get a new kiss there. And I will make sure it happens soon.” He thought

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  1. Angel20

    Hi, im new here,
    Omg!!! That was so cute???
    Adorable… Just loved it!! Kiss????
    Lots of kisses from me too???

    1. Sharmansangel

      A very warm welcome from my side and thanks

  2. Omg riya what u wrote???
    Come on tell di what u wrote???
    Tm main 11 saal ki ho ya mazaq krti ho???
    Baby u wrote in a professional manner
    I was like oh bete ki……..
    It was ammmmmaaaazzzziiiiiinnngggggg
    Yar loved it
    And many more
    Going to be busy???
    Oh its ohk
    Bt take care
    And ya Eid Mubarak in advance
    Love u

    1. Sharmansangel

      U scared me appi and Eid Mubarak to you too and I’ll be back on 28th as my exams are going to start

  3. Ariana

    Omg Riya is back again!!! Woho…. The os. Awwwwwww…it was so cute. Just a kiss? Like just. wonderful. Brilliant write up. Make more os dear and come back soon. We all missed u allllloooooooooooottttttttt.
    Love u
    take care

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you thank you thank you so much Ariana and I am very happy u liked it

  4. Is it one shot ya. Do v have a next part to dis because I just lubed it???

    1. Sharmansangel

      It’s ka a one shot only well I think you are new here

    2. Sharmansangel

      It’s ka a one shot only well I think you are new here

  5. pretty preeti

    Hey my riyo sweeto is back I messaged u in fb but no reply I also thought u might be busy
    But I accepted ur this sorry gift
    Marvellous gift
    Riyo I loved it
    Now jldi aana
    Waiting till 28
    But now me also going will come after 30
    Ok love uuuu
    Study hard
    All the best

    1. Sharmansangel

      Di actually I didn’t saw it sorry actually my paper are approaching so that is why thanks and love you

  6. WeirdSister

    Hey riya..
    I was missing u like hell .
    I loved this one…
    Very well written..
    Love u..
    Take care..
    Be back soon…

    1. Sharmansangel

      Sis even I Missed u badly but what to do exams love you too and you also take care

  7. Nikita

    This is a new genre here, but Riya, It was beautiful..
    I loved it..
    It was very cute!
    Love youuu….

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Nikki Di love you too

  8. Marie

    Haye riya……!!!!!!
    Ye Kya tha Behen….???? Aaj TU ko aag lag gai is kiss se……!!!!
    Hahahah it was so romantic velvet I felt shiver……!!! While reading this hahah I started imagining shraman monuments n it turns out so romantic bheeeee tune to Kamaal hi kar dia
    Totally in love with this one aj kal bht bht acha ache one short Arahe Hain or Han romantic bhi like this one….!!!!!
    May I say queen of romance u r….!!!!
    Ooyyy 28 ke baaaad chal koi nai…..!! Study always cms frst my darling….!!
    Best of luck fr ur exams..! Will pray fr u
    Happy EID in advance…!!
    Love u darling gonna miss u…!
    Mu aahhh take care

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you so much appi and thanks for the tittle to and thanks for the wishes too Eid Mubarak to you too and love too and you also take care

  9. LogaMegan

    Hey riya it was awesome dr loved it
    Pls do write many os like this
    Lots of love from Loga-Megan

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks loga-megan

  10. Plz plz make another part of it its so romantic…..filled with love and kisses…

    Plz make another part….it should be romantic and romantic….

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks aashriti

  11. Dnt tell me u r 11!
    Ah! Girl u r just a mini version lf me!
    Eh…i am 13.
    2 yrs before, I was just the same as u r now.
    My class used to ask me if I really was 11 or it was a mere joke.
    Well, I feel so glad to see someone just like me.
    Darling, your vocabulary is amazing.
    Are you fond of reading?
    It seems so.
    You were too good at it. Luckily I opened it, though I don’t read one shots much.
    I got to read such a masterpiece.
    Beautifully done sweetheart.
    Well, I just hope that when you reach my age, you excel even more.
    It is a real privilege to meet such a writer like you.
    Keep writing like this, okay?
    I am like you elder sister, and you can always contact me for anything you need.
    Stay blessed dearie. Keep smiling.

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Di I am very happy to have a sis like you love you

  12. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey riya !!!
    First of all welcome back yar .. missed u nd ur ff ???
    Nd secondly this OS .. OMG !!!! What was it ? I mean it was amazinggggg awwwwesome fantastic nd full of romance .. grrrrrrrrreat yar .. do write this kind of OS .. nd best of luck for ur exams ..
    28 k baad a rae hoo .. will wait for u dear .
    Nd advance me Eid Mubarak ..
    Lotzzzz of love ??????
    Take care ..

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks appi I Missed you too and Eid Mubarak to you too

  13. Angel_pari

    Miss u shoooooooooo much….nd ur bck with blast….u wrote amazingly loved it………

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you so much pari Di Miss you more than u missed me

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