Just a handshake is required . ( Every Indian and Pakistani must read ). An os – by harshita.

Hey guys how are you all….guys it’s a personal request to all indians and pakistanis to read it………indeed every person should read this. Guys a request plz be patient and read the full story then only you people will understand my reason of writing this story…..plz don’t leave it in between only…evey raglak or swasan or any other fan should also read this..


Swara and sanskaar loves each other a lot . Their family got to know about it. They were very happy and decided to get them married .

Soon both got married . Everything was going perfect but an incident changed their life.

One day the family decided to go to ” maa vaishnav devi mandir ”

In hindu religion maa vaishnav devi is our goddess and it’s mandir in jammu and kashmir is considered as one of the famous religious places.

The whole family went there.

While they all were returning a terrorist attack took place in jammu and a rush of people went there…due to this the family got separated.

Soon all the members were found except swara…..suddenly they heard swara’s scream.

Swara – sanskaaaaarrr !!!!!!!

They turned around and saw swara standing with a terrorist who was holding her hairs in a fist..

Terrorist – leave all my men otherwise i will kill this girl….

Sanskaar beggged him to leave her.

Somehow police caught him but he throwed swara in river.

Sanskaar – swaraaaa!!!!!!

But swara was drowned.

Police began to search swara but all went invain.

At last they declared swara dead.

Sanskaar was shattered . He was not ready to accept this fact. He decide to search his swara .


A boy was driving a jeep near a river with his father.

Ali – o plz abbu ( father ) now again don’t start again like ammi ( mother ).

Alfaaz( Ali’s father ) – but ali you are now eligible for nikah now so you should agree to what we are saying..

Ali – no abbu .

He stopped the jeep.

Alfaaz – listen ali..

Ali – abbu…

Suddenly ali saw something floating in the river.

Ali – abbu see there i think something is strange..wait I’ll see..

Ali went and he saw a girl floating in the river….he took her out.

The girl revealed to be swara.

Alfaaz – allah who is this girl. Ali lets take her home.

Ali – why home abbu we can take her to the nearby hospital.

Alfaaz – no ali see her clearly….this girl is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor which only hindu wear…….what if this girl is an indian….police will arrest her and this girl can even fall in danger.

Ali – but abbu…

Alfaaz – ali first take her to home then we will see what to do with this girl…

Ali aggreed….

They took swara to their home.

Their family doctor checked swara.

Alfaaz asked them to don’t tell anybody about this girl.


Sanskaar was continuously trying to search swara but was not able to do so…..

Sujata – sanskaar beta try to understand….swara is dead…forget her and move on…

Sanskaar – no my swara is alive I’ll myself will go and search her……

He stood up..

Sanskaar – yes I’ll again go to jammu and kashmir and search her.


Swara gained consciousness.

Swara ( mummering ) – san….sans…sanskaar

Zoya ( Ali’s mother ) – get up girl

She said softly..

Swara quickly opened her eyes..

She didn’t recognized zoya ……she saw all around and became scared as she found herself in an unfamiliar surrounding.

Swara – where I m ??? Who are you..

Zoya – don’t worry daughter…..my husband and son found you floating in the river so they got you here..

Swara tried to remember what happened….she remembered how that terrorist throwed her in the river…..she became very scared.

Swara – i want to go home …..sanskaar ..he must be waiting..

Zoya – wait daughter you are not well she began to struggle….

Atlast she injected an injection to swara and swara became unconscious..

Ali came there …

Ali – ammi what have you done..

Zoya – ali she is weak if she will take this much stress then it might cause danger to her life….

Ali – ok……but do you asked her who is she and from where she belongs to..

Zoya – not now but when she will be conscious again then we will find out…


Sanskaar reached jammu and began to find swara……..he literally forced police to open swara’s case again or it would not be good for them…..

As police knew that sanskaar maheshwari is one of the biggest businessman of india and he can do so …….. So they opened the case again.


Swara opened her eyes and found none there.

She thought it is good to escape now..

Swara jumped from the window and began to run….

She was near the border when a Pakistani officer stooped her..

Officer – begum ( guys i don’t know but my frends told me that in Pakistan other people calls girls as begum ) where are you going….don’t go that side otherwise you will reach HINDUSTAN ( INDIA )

Swara – I…..

She was shocked as she realized what he said..

Swara – what do you mean….where I m.

Officer – you are in PAKISTAN.

This was the most shocking thing for swara…..she didn’t even thought in her dreams that she will reach pakistan and that too like this..

Officer – what happened any problem ??

Swara – vo i…

Suddenly ali came there.

Ali – she is my wife.

Swara was shocked.

Officer – janab if she is your wife then why she is behaving so strangely..

Ali – officer sometime before she met with an accident and gained consciousness today only…..i think she is stressed out that’s why she is speaking like this.

Officer was not convinced woth this answer but somehow ali convinced him.

After officer left.

Swara – how dare you call me your wife.

Ali – cause it was necessary…

Swara pushed him and again ran.

She reached in the middle of the city…….

Ali came running behind her and forcefully took ber home.

Swara was struggling – leave me

Ali – ENOUGH….here we are trying to help you and you…

Swara – this is how sombody helps another person…

Ali – just shut up and first tell me are you indian?

Swara – yes I m .

Ali – if that officer would have caught you then you might never be able to return back to india….so better stay quite…

Swara was scared.

Zoya – cool down daughter ….. Tell me your name

She said while caressing her hairs.

Swara – swara, my name is swara.

Alfaaz – what a sweet name.

Swara – plz tell me how i reached here and i want to go back to india ……my family must be waiting for me…

Alfaaz – beta we found you in river ravi. You tell us how you falled in it.

Swara told them about the incident in jammu..

Alfaaz – i got it. After you falled in the river you with the rivers flow reached here.

Swara – i don’t know anything ….. I wanna go home plz.

Alfaaz – don’t worry swara we’ll help you in it….but now you rest.

Swara – no i want to go home right now.

Ali – are you mad…..you are not in a shop next to your house….. You are in PAKISTAN and you want to go back to INDIA…

Ali – do you even realize what are you speaking. You don’t have a visa……if pakistani officers would caught you then you will be behind the bars.

Swara – why would i….i didn’t did anything wrong then…

Ali – i think you are really mad …..entering into a country without visa and that too an indian in pakistan is enough to prove to you a culprit…….

Swara was shocked.

Ali – they would consider you as a jasoos and might kill you also.

Zoya -calm down ali.

Alfaaz – swara we will help you beta..

Swara – can i make a phonecall to my home.

Ali – no swara.

Swara – why ??

Ali – because that officer has a doubt on you and he’ll always keep an eye you….so for sometime you’ll not do any such thing that will get my family into trouble……is that clear..

Swara – you can’t be rude to me like this.

Ali – o shut up..

Swara became sad.

Zoya – don’t take his talks seriously swara….he is not that bad but circumstances made him like this.

Some days passed.

Now swara began to open up with the family.

But still she was sad and want to go back to home…..

Swara realized one thing that ali is not bad as the way he behaves with his family and the way he always help her proves this…

Once zoya told her that ali had some dark past….so she decided to confront him..

Swara – ali i know that I m stranger to your family but you all helped me a lot so if i can do….

Ali – come to the point what you wanna tell..

Swara – i want to know about your past.

Ali – and why you want to ?

Swara – because i want to help you

Ali – listen i don’t wanna share my personal life with any strangers..

Saying this ali left….

Swara always pressurised him to tell

One day –

Ali – ok fine you wanna know then listen..

I loved a girl ……..her name was zara she was my life but she ditched me…..she told me that she loves me and slend most of the time with me but one day i found her with an another boy. She was hugging him and saying that she loves him.

Ali – from that day i became like this….now happy , i told you everything…..now plz don’t interfere in my life.

Swara felt bad for him.

Alfaaz and ali contacted with pakistani officers and told them abkut swara…….as alfaaz was one of the biggest businessman of pakistan and he always contributes money for welfare of pakistani army and other peoe in pakistan so he was helped…

Pakistani officers contacted india ……and they told indian officers about swara..

Sanskaar came to know about swara and was very happy … He told his family…..everybody became happy. They decided to go to jammu to get their bahu back.

Soon swara was going back to india….she was very happy.


Sanskaar and swara met .

Sanskaar took her into a bone crushing hug.

Both were shedding tears but the tears were of happiness…

Sanskaar was about to take swara but swara stopped him.

Swara – sanskaar stop.

Swara moved towards ali and his family and thanked them for their help.

Swara – thank you so much…..you all had done soo much for me….i also want to do something.

Swara called someone.

Ali was shocked to see her.

Ali – zara..

Swara – ali you said you loved her but didn’t even thought to find out the truth regarding her once…

Ali – what are you saying..

Zara – I’ll tell. What you saw that day was not true….the boy to whom i was saying i love you is fahad and he is my frend…..actually i want to propose you for marriage but before that i was practicing with him and you misunderstood us and didn’t even let me explain…

Ali was guilty…

Zara – i love you ali..

Ali couldn’t take it anymore…

Ali – i love you too zara..

Ali – thank you swara..

Swara – no need to thanks …..you helped me get my love and i also did so…

Swara – now hisab barabar..

Swara left to India with sanskaar and family. Here ali did nikah with zoya and both led their life happily..

Guys people are same everywhere…..many of the Indians think that all pakistanis are bad and they hate pakistan…..but its not true..

The motive behind me to write this story is to tell that every person in this world are same…..if we keep the blood of an indian on one side and the blood of pakistani on another side and then ask a person to differentiate that which blood is of indian and which is of pakistani….. Will he be able to differentiate???

The answer is a big NO . So why to gate others….all pakistanis are not bad only due to few terrorists Pakistan is considered as a bad country it’s wrong.

In the story if due to one pakistani swasan got separated and due to the other they both united again…..the think matters is our mentality…

Both the countries can unite once again…..JUST A HANDSHAKE IS REQUIRED..

Thank you all…..this is harshita signing off

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  1. Shrinjal

    Amazing OS harshita. Moreover a good message to everyone!! Keep it up!! I’ll always support u..?

    1. Shrinjal

      Wrong emoji..???

  2. Rj12

    Very true yaar only a handshake is required, this we understand but now only the people of Pakistan and India must understand then these 2 countries will unite
    And coming to the story it was fab

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  3. Sus

    Soooo nyc dear
    Yaar u know we tried so many times that every person is human but peoples mentality

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  4. nice
    ur right
    beautiful os

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  5. Fuggysona

    really impressive
    it is fab and loved it
    keep it up and well doing…

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  6. Yes u are right ? ? ? but what about our soldiers who are dieing because of terrorism there which honestly speaking I really respect every country including Pakistan I really respect it but hate terrorism there I am not saying every people are bad there but they have terrorism it’s also truth u have also depicted it

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear and the msg I m trying to convey is that we should not hate pakistan and we should hate the terrorist

  7. Superb

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  8. Rhimjhim

    good but cud have been even better… and check on few spelling… it is threw and not throwed ok.. i hope i didnt hurt u but all in all it was really nice… the story was good and written with complete passion…

    1. Look who’s talking??? Have you seen your writing?! At least we understand what she wrote but yours.. nevermind? LOL???

      1. Eva

        Try to respect someone who corrects you when you are wrong so that the mistake is not repeated.I’m sure that whatever Rimjhim said was not to belittle Harshita.Rather it was a correction.
        I hope my words did not hurt you.

      2. Rhimjhim

        have u read any of my work i don’t remember reading ur name anywhere… but still if u have nd not commented as u did not like it… it is ok… i will try to improve my writing and thank u for the not so needed or wanted comment.. well i wrote this to tell Harshita her mistakes and not to show fake support which i think u r very used to doing well good going and thank u Eva for supporting me i really dont need respect from someone like this girl who is more hurt than Harshita i think…

    2. Harshita

      Thank you dear and ya i m not hurt

  9. Rosey

    amazing Harshi hatts off you know i wish it comes true
    just fab yaar i loved it
    you made my day

    1. Harshita

      Thank you desr

  10. Rhimjhim

    ur moral touched me it is just amazing i really hope all the Indians and Pakistanis read this beautiful story and realize the beautiful world of friendship and unity..

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  11. Aarushi_99

    Amazing OS with an amazing message!! Loved it!!❤️❤️

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  12. Rabia

    Harshitaaa itss amazing ??? os was awesomeeeeeee ???? hats off to u..

    1. Well you are 100% correct . I dont know why people think like this about my country but its just some misunderstandings that has to be sorted out but because of corrupt politicians it has become really difficult. Me being a proud Pakistani know how my country is in all aspects and about terrorism so I must say that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism and pakistanis are not terrorists but people like indians . And harshita aapi the way you have portrayed it is just amazing. I m happy that people out there also want both of these countries to unite

      1. Harshita

        Thank you dear… And ya I m an indian

    2. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  13. Loved it nd u r Ryt all human beings r equal. V must respect every1 whether they r Indians or Pakistanis. Ur moral was very gud Thumbs up?

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  14. Aashi

    Awesome dear!!, the message you potrayed is so amazing…..

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  15. Ayesha123

    Thank u so much Dear…Thank u so very much…I always wanted something like this….Pakistan And India are two Twins Countries…But I don’t understand why are they fighting from past 60 years..its more than enough now…They should unite because of this revolt many Innocent people are losing their lives from both the sides.. Plz don’t take Pakistani Wrong..we too are ur Brothers/Sisters..sometimes I literally cry thinking about Pakistan n India..your message was really nice..I really appreciate ur work…keep this view in your self all ur life.. Don’t let anyone Chang it..I am a Proud Pakistani..and I am really upset to see that many people are showing a wrong picture of Pakistan to the Indians…we are not ur enemies dear…the one who are our potential enemies we are dying to make them our allies…plz try yo change your views…
    Pakistan Zindabad..
    Jai Hind

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear….. And ya I m an indian

  16. Simi

    Good moral ?

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  17. Maryum

    I don’t now y u all say like this that Pakistani are terriers ap human terriers bola raga ho ap ko yeh pasta hair him hear roza apna kit a piyaron ko khodeata han terriers attacks main nai phir bhi hum terriers han I can’t tell u roza Rosa apna pyaron ko Marta dekhena kiss hota hai ap loga kabhi Nazi samjho game yeh AGR him terriers han to khude Ka hi logon ko kun maran game plz for god sake use or Brian and think once

    1. Harshita

      I m not saying all terrorists are pakistanis………but just try to understand the point what I m telling …………..

      You very well know that USA had declared pakistan as one of the biggest terrorist countries …..

      I m sorry if you felt my os was not correct but i really wanna decrease the gap which people have created between INDIA and PAKISTAN…..so sorry

      1. Maryum

        Dear I understand or point and I agree with this but pakistains are not territories dear I m just saying this don’t mind

  18. Seebu_s

    Good msg os….terrorism is not bcs of countries…it is bcs of ppl’s thinking…all people’s mind set should change…countries should unite n kill this terrorism…

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  19. Hi…. Well I. Really love this ff…
    Honestly we Indians don’t hate Pakistani people, but due corrupt politicians of both Countries make misunderstanding between people for their welfare…. But from bottom of our hearts we Indians never can hate any Pakistani person because we still consider them our family members…. Because once Pakistan was part of India and even they fight for freedom with us. So we can’t hate any Pakistani…. But there is just some misunderstandings between two Countries which lead us to enemity but still in our hearts we care for u guys……
    I just hope that our new generation will make this enemity to long lasting friendship….
    With lots of love and blessings……

    1. Harshita

      Thank you so much dear. I m glad that you understood what i want to convey

  20. Hi dear. Can I ask u some questions? Which country u r belonging? Let it be how old r u? Why u have posted this sensitive matter on this place. U don’t know how sensitive is this matter? And about your story all know all Pakistanis are not bad we have also seen it movies like bajrangi bhaijan. And u r thinking terrorism is the problem then I think u r not an indian then not up to date with news. Before some month our pm had done with their system. But I don’t want any moo here. So plz don’t write again anything in this type of sensitive matter where ur knowledge is very less. Sorry if I will hurt u but really its sincere request to you plz don’t bring such type story which are very sensitive matter for our country. Again I am sorry if I will hurt anyone here

    1. Ayesha123

      Sorry to interrupt dear but I am not satisfied with ur statement…Ig not Harshita but someone else would have raised this topic..there’s nothing bad in it dear we should raise voice against the Pak-Indo war bcz its us the citizen who are being Crushed bcz of this revolt…Haven’t u heard about the Kashmiris they are being the victim of the Fight..we shod atleast raise a voice to dissolve this….of u can’t be a part of it then plz don’t discourage her..it is a sensitive matter but if we start ignoring it thinking it of a sensitive matter then we can’t reach any solution for this…
      Thank u..
      I hope I didn’t hurt u..

      1. Harshita

        Ayesha dear due to pakistan means due to terrorists of pakistan ………I m not saying all terrorists are pakistanis same Indians are also part of terrorist commity……plz don’t misunderstand me……..if a fight is created here it means my efforts to write this os got wasted…….so plz i beg you all to stop fighting………all people are created by god…….and we should respect all……

        We should fight against terrorism not against Pakistan or india or any other country……

        Terrorist can be anyone from any country………plz don’t fight

      2. Harshita

        It was *some indians

      3. Ayesha123

        Dear I have no intention to Fight but your Words seems to be odd to me bcz u urself was saying an out Pak-India unity st first then. .You said Due to Pakistan India has suffered….No dear I don’t think there are any terrorist in Pakistan who is causing harm to India as in Pakistan some people are using india”s name and doing terrorist activities we all know there’s no fault if Pakistan nor of India as I said before. ..THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE OUR POTENTIAL ENEMIES BUT WE ARE DYING TO MAKE THEM OUR ALLIES. .these people itself are creating rift between us….
        And dear your Efforts would never go into Vain. …?
        I hope I didn’t hurt u

      4. Harshita

        Yes ayesha……i m just saying that only……I m against terrorism not against any country….glad you understood it….and maybe you are right that someone else is trying to create a rift between both countries……and thanks for your support……

    2. Harshita

      Thanks for your reply dear….and the answer of your questions are –
      1 – I m an indian and that too a hindu.
      2 – I m 18 years old……and i think I m adult enough to understand what’s good or bad.
      3 – I also knew how sensitive this matter is.

      Due to pakistan our country has suffered but it’s not all pakistanis are at fault…

      And I totally agree that terrorism is just not the point……..but many indians hate pakistan because of terrorism only…

      I have written this message just to convey that because of the terrorism we should not make up our minds against pakistanis……

      That’s what i want to tell

      First try to understand the motive of the particular person then put your comments……

      1. Ayesha123

        Excuse me dear…You said that Bcz of Pakistan your Country suffered can u plz justify it…I am not able to understand how pakistan made India suffer..I really didn’t wanna raise this point but …

  21. Eva

    Well I’m neither an Indian nor a Pakistani..but I must say,your writing had the beauty of facts and morals.
    Your humanity does not depend on which country you belong to…you expressed this fact/moral beautifully by the means of two couples,our swasan and Ali-Zara..that was excellent.

    Keep writing dear???

    1. Harshita

      Thanks and I m an indian

  22. awesome dear…. i dont hve words to expln…. its toooo gooood

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  23. nice msg…love both countries

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  24. IQRA222

    awesome os the bestest one till date
    a one with fresh new and amzing conept
    hats of to you di

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  25. awesome

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  26. one of the best os i usually love u r ff and os but this one is quite impressive we dont know each other but i am familiar with u r fabulous ff

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  27. Harshita

    Guys first thanks to all who have supported me till now…….

    I really don’t wanna hurt anyone but by reading some comments i realized that people are hurt by my os and maybe many other silent readers are also hurt….but trust me i don’t wanna hurt anyone…..

    I can’t even imagine that you people will hate me that by sending me a private msg and than abuse me like that..

    I m younger than many of you cause I m just 17 n half….and you called me a sl*t

    I m really hurt and i promise I’ll never write anything from now and will never disturb you all in future..??????

    Thanks to the people who supported me…bye guys

    1. di whom sent u pm

      1. Harshita

        He was a boy but leave it candy…..i have given hum a good reply and i don’t want any enmity on tu so forget about it and ya thanks for your suport

    2. Hey harshita plzzzz dont say like this…u r really a amazing writer after reading ur os i m feeling so happy..nd dont u day try to think that u will leave TU..aur han kuch logo ki wajah se aise baat mat kiya karo..samjhi..plzzzz yrrrr i know i never commented in SR page but ur os is so heart touching plzzz yrrr..dont leave TU..nd one more thing frnds?????

      1. Harshita

        Thank you dear

    3. Seebu_s

      Harshitha??dont feel bad?ppl will bark like that only…n this is really very gud os…i appreciate u…dont cry..dont leave tu…if you left tu…i swear i’ll kill u?i love ur ffs/os?

      1. Harshita

        Thank you dear and now I’ll not leave tu pakka ☺ luv u dear

  28. Kakali

    Hi, Harshita.! Sorry I’m commenting without reading your work.!
    Dear, I would like to say you to reply those people who have abused you rather than saying a bye bye. You know some this kinda people do exits who knows to bark in Private chat.! No guts to comment in front of us but to abuse in Private. and do you think u r taking a good step by stop writing? NAAH.! I know that particular person might have hurt you a lot.. But look at your admirers.. look at ur lovers..! People r supporting you.. Loving your work..! We all are here to support you whenever you need..! So it’s a request from my side don’t take any kind of decision now.!

    Plz name them.! I want to know their names… who have dared to abuse a courageous girl like you..!
    I want to know her/him..! i want to reply them.!
    blo*dy morons.!
    Come back soon with your works n show them you r not weak.. REPLY THEM.!
    Huh best of luck dear.!

    1. Harshita

      Thank you kakali di for making me understand that i should not be affected by anyone’s thought and don’t worry i have given him a good reply and i can’t tell his name cause i don’t want any kind of affair or enmity in tu but thanks a lot di

  29. Wow loved it i’m a pakistani and i’m proud of it ??❤️ And i also hate this war between two countries
    I also want peace between this two countries but if all the Indians think that Pakistani is a terrorist country than that is not good and it’s not that only that India had suffered a lot Pakistan had also suffered a lot i’m sorry Harshita aapi if youre hurt with my words but that what you said was not correct and otherwise bevorr 60 years those two countries were one and i dont know why they are seperated but all i know is that not only India has suffered because os Pakistan, Pakistan had also suffered because of India i dont live in Pakistan i live in Switzerland but i also know how much pakistan suffers because of the attacks on Pakistan i’m sorry if i have hurted you but thats my point of view
    I’m a proud pakistani
    Pakistan Zindabad

    1. Harshita

      Thanks for your reply dear and I m glad that you liked my os….

      Yes the two countries were united but they were separated bacause of Britishers……..Britishers created difference between hindu and muslim due to which pakistan got sseparated from India and bangladesh was also formed because of hindu-muslim war……….cause bangladesh was also a part of India and was east part of bengal

      But dear i wanna clarify one thing that INDIA never attacked on pakistan first ……..
      You only think if someone attacks your country then you have to give a reply or not ……… I m not blaming you dear but it’s ttuth that because of terrorist india has suffered a lot…….

      Let me remind you of a case of SARABJIT. I don’t know you know about it or not

      SARABJIT was an indian who reached pakistan by mistake whlie he was taking his goats …… Pakistanis caught him and put him behind the bars….. His sisters did a lot of effects to bring him back to india..

      While india supported him …. Indian government also send a msg to pakistani government that he is innocent and should be sent back…

      But instead of doing so he was killed by pakistan government…..

      Now think if Indians will never give a reply then what will happen…..

      I m not blaming PAKISTAN dear ….I m just correcting what you said….

      I hope you understood what i told and didn’t felt bad ……..

      Even I m a proud Indian
      JAI HIND.

  30. Harshita

    Guys plz i beg you all not to fight…..if you will fight then my efforts which i have applied while writing this os would be wasted……..plz understand I m nkt against any country……I m against terrorism

    And when did i said that terrorist are only pakistanis ????? Can anybody explain plzz…

    Terrorist can be anyone from any country…

    Some terrorist are imdian also……so plz for god sake stop fighting…..and try to u understand…

    This is veru serious matter guys…….if you will fight like this then maybe i will become a reason for increasing the gap between INDIA and PAKISTAN…

    Plz don’t fight

  31. Harshita

    And if some of you think I m supporting pakistan and not india then you all are wrong……

    Guys I m an indian and how can i defame my own country…

    I m proud to be an Indian…


  32. Loved it

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  33. Yaa i also understand what you wanna say i was was just supporting my country i’m sorry if i have hurted you

  34. Shifa96

    Awesome os..
    Even I live in India and I feel so bad for those martyr’s who loose their life fighting against terrorism
    There are few terrorist group in many countries but it doesn’t mean that all the people residing their are terrorist..
    At least u took an initiative to write so if u get few negative comments don’t feel bad.

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  35. Shreeyu

    Awesome Harshita… U really did an incredible job… And pls don’t be disheartened dear… U just love what u do and do what u love… And there is no need of getting sad cause u never did anything wrong… It’s not at all a crime to state your views…thnkew for presenting it…!!!
    Take care?

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  36. Deeksha

    Truly said dear….

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

  37. First of all hello Harshita! I’m a Pakistani. The topic you raised is good, but the terrorism which is going right now here is due to the conspiracies of other countries and the victims are innocent Pakistani, you’ve mentioned in above that your country has suffered a lot due to Pakistan but how, can you please justify your statement? Though I respect every country and I respect every citizen but your words aren’t right!
    Here Indians are living with full freedom, they may celebrate their festivals freely no one is here to harm them but if this freedoms is provided to the people living in India, have you seen the current situation of Kashmiri, many Muslims have died, they’ve nothing to eat due to the strikes, no money and not even have sources to earn money, there Muslims can not even eat according to their own wishes celebrating​ festival is a far thing. I’m not here to quarrel or to raise finger but it’s just I’m justifying my country.
    Terrorist belongs to no country, they’ve no religion, they aren’t even human and due to terrorism the loss we’ve had is not recoverable, we’ve lost our future generation, many children have lost their fathers, mothers and we’ve lost our several soldiers but still our army is fighting against those creatures and one day InshaAllah we’ll win this battle and will prove that Pakistan is a country of love.
    As far as America has proved pakistan as the country of terrorism then first it should look at itself America itself is the head of creating conspiracies, and terrorism is present in every country but that doesn’t mean they are pakistani and above all they’re​ not Muslims.
    Anyways you’ve done good job! Hopefully people will change their mentality. Sorry if my words hurt anyone. I’m not that much mature enough to raise finger but still have some knowledge about right and wrong. Sorry again if anyone gets hurt through my words!
    Life is small so live it through spreading love<3

    1. Harshita

      Dear even I m trying to explain this only that terrorist doesn’t belong to any country they cam be anyone……..my motive is just to tell that when people points pakistan on the base of terrorism , they are wrong..

      People who live in PAKISTAN are also humans like us….so why to hate them.

      But when someone pointed their fingers on my country INDIA then i will defend my country ……

      When i can take an initiative to support any other country so i will do the same for my country………I m not blaming any country..

      Motive is same what you said…


  38. Vyshu10

    superb….good message

    1. Harshita

      Thank you dear

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