It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction episode 7


Sorry guys I haven’t updated in a long time btw I’m alia
Let’s start the story …

Neilkanth: I still remember what happened
Mystery girl: papa can you please tell me the full story this time I want to know

Fb starts
26 years before

We all studied at the same college I was the nerd of the school everyone laughed at me .
Then one day aryan the most popular guy in school dared his two minions shekar and durga to drug me which would cause me two go crazy and my iq to decrease
They befriended me only to embaresss me but it had gone to far
The teachers thought I was mental and got me admitted in a mental asylum I nearly died in there those demons even bribed the nurse to inject me with the drugs
They shocked me the volts got to my brain and I actually turned mad for 5 years I was tortured they even stopped the drugs but nothing happened I was stuck in those five years I even got paralysed I was in a wheelchair they finally released me when I reached home everyone was gone they had all left me fled from their I was all alone then I met your mother we got married she was the only one who loved me then you came I was so happy but suddenly her health got warse and worse she left me forever
Fb ends

You will evenge me you will ruin their lives MAHI
Mahi : I will avenge you dad

Now who thought it was mahi it’s either everyone or nobody btw sorry cause I spelt words wrong the bad thing is that I’m from England English is my first language
So sorry for my bad grammar and if this story is rubbish

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  1. Hey i just read ua ff in one go its nice…loved d chappy n feeling bad neilkanth…..

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