It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction episode 6


They were all shocked.
Ragini: is that other man your father?
Sanskar: yes and is the other..
Ragini: no I just said papa for the sake of it.
He turned to lakshya.
Lakshya: sorry bro but you kind of had that coming.
Sanskar: I hate you
Lakshya: yeah I know
Ragini OK if this brother to brother talk drama is finished then can we please pay attention to the drama in our lives.
Ragini gets out her phone and takes a picture of the painting and sends it there phones
Ragini: I’ve sended the pictures to your phones save until the right time.
Swara: Di
Ragini, lakshya and sanskar turned around shocked by seeing swara with bruises cuts and marks on her
Ragini: Shona are you okay… Wait are you really my sister or are you that creepy clone.
Swara: no I’m really swara
Ragini: thank God
Swara laughs and Ragini hugs her. They break the hug
Ragini: how come he let you go
Swara: I don’t he just opened the door and told me I’m free for now.
They all here a Creek from upstairs
They rushed up
The doors were open
Lakshya: how did they open
Ragini duffer it’s..
Swara: bas karo meri maa
Swara: the doors let run out
They all jetted out before the doors slammed shut.
Sanskar: wait what about Mahi
They all gasped
Ragini: well…
Lakshya: we can’t get her out now so
Swara: I think we should just
Sanskar: wait are you all going to leave her here
Ragini :yes
Swara: exactly
Lakshya: straight on
Sanskar: you guys are just sad
Ragini, swara and lakshya: get over it!!!
They all drag sanskar and run across the road eventually the get a ride back home.

Gadoidia mansion:
Ragini and swara run into their house
Shekar: my sweethearts
They both run into there fathers arms
Ragini: we both missed you so much
Swara: yes we really missed you
He notices the injuries on swara and Ragini

Maheshwari mansion:
Durga prasad:boys
They rushed to their dad and literally jumped on him giving him a big hug.
Lakshya: we missed you so much

Hooded person: I hope the drug is in affect
Neilkanth deshmukh: me too I wish what they did to me all those years ago happens to them
Hooded person: I’m sure that it will work they will pay. We will win this last battle


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