It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction (Episode 5)


Swara laughs maniacally
Swara: how did you think you could escape from me
She drags her by her hair and Ragini winces in pain.she pushes her and Ragini injurres her head. Swara gets a knife from her pocket and just as she was going to stab Ragini she deliberately misses her aim and it goes through the floorboard.
Swara: don’t worry I won’t kill you I will just torture you until you yourself want to die.
She throws a first aid kit at her.
Swara: I won’t let you die but I won’t let you live you have to survive.
Lights go of. They turn back on to reveal that she had disappeared. Ragini cries
Ragini: I just want my sister back
Lakshya somehow cant bear to see her in tears
Her goes to comfort her
Lakshya: don’t worry everything will be fine
Mahi: I think a love story is brewing here
Sanskar: yeah atleast there is something nice and entertainning in this crazy house.
Ragini and lakshya realise that they are In a embrace.
Lakshya: I think you should get some sleep
They all go to their rooms

Hidden room:
Swara ( the real one) is shown tied to a chair ripped clothes and cuts and bruises
A hooded person caresses her face with a knife
Swara: what did you make me do?
The person puts the knife at her neck
Hooded person: you injured a loved one
Swara: what happened to Ragini
Hooded person: listening to your sisterly love melts even my stone cold heart and dont worry it’s only a small injury but if I choose it could be much more worse.

Maheshwari mansion:
Durga prasad gets a phone call from the police station.
Police officer: please come to the station it’s to due with your sons
They called shekar aswell calling him to the police station.

Police station:
Police officer: we have traced their phones and it led us to the old deshmukh mansion
Their faces turned pale.
Shekar: are you sure
Police officer: of course
Durga prasad: may I have a private talk with Mr Gadoidia.
Police officer: sure
They go to a corner
Durga prasad: do you think…
Shekar: no he couldn’t of escaped
Durga prasad: do you think that he kidnapped them and is punishing them for our sins
Shekar: shush nobody should know what happened then it’s a closed case and I won’t let other re open
Durga prasad: do you remember what he said when they took him
Shekar: yes it still echoes in my ears
If one game ends another starts

Deshmukh mansion:
A noise wakes up only rags lakshya and sanskar leaving Mahi asleep
They follow the sound and go down to the bunker and find yet another painting with three men one was Neilkanth deshmukh but as soon as they saw the other two their faces went pale and the gasped
All together they said


Credit to: Alia

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    Awww….toooooo much of suspence
    Can’t wait for it to be revealed
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