It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction (Episode 4)

They all try to open the door. Ragini and lakshya start pulling really hard but then loose their grip and fall onto each other. They share a intense eyelock.they finally come back to reality and get up without saying a thing. Meanwhile Mahi and sanskar had opened the door.

Swara: thank God you found me hop down I found something.
They all started going down Mahi went first then sanskar was having difficulty with coming down and swara didn’t even mind.
Ragini in mind: why doesn’t she care she was
really jealous before when he helped Mahi.
They all eventually got down and swara showed
them a painting draped with a red veil they put it off. It was a picture of a old man.
Lakshya: isn’t this the mental scientist professor Neilkanth deshmukh.
Sanskar: yeah wait is this his house.
Ragini: no its his ama’s house
Sanskar: really?
Ragini: no idiot of course it’s his house what else can I expect from you Bandar ka bhai toh Bandar hoga na.
Lakshya: how dare you….
Ragini interrupted
Ragini: why do say that all the the time is it your favourite word or something can you ever shut up and teach your brother what sarcasm is.
Mahi: enough guys stop fighting like children.
Swara: she is right let’s get back up.

They all started to go back up. They all March back to their rooms.
Ragini goes to sleep
Ragini in mind: today I just had to fall on him and look into his eyes and then start fighting like cats and dogs. Sometimes I feel like I like him but sometimes I want to punch his face in.
Then she started to think about swara and how she weirdly acted she woke her up.
Ragini: swara wake up I need to talk
Swara: what is it
Ragini: do you remember when we were kids and and you fell down the stairs and I was with you the whole ride to the hospital.
Swara: yes of course
Ragini: wrong
Swara: WHAT
Ragini ran out of the room locking swara in
She ran to Mahi s and the boys bedroom and called them downstairs
Mahi: what is it
Ragini: swara
Sanskar: what about her
Ragini: swara isn’t swara
Lakshya: what do you mean
Ragini: she is not swara
Bang the door of swara bedroom Bursted open
Mahi: did you lock her in that room
Ragini: yes to avoid trouble but now she has escaped

They all ran separate ways
Ragini hid behind something


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  1. Yaar its nice but plz try to post long part

  2. Yashasvi

    hey alia, wow!!!!!!!!! loved it..simply owsm…………………..i think she got changed when the lights were off, awww ragini is really frank in ur ff, i mean the way she fights with laksh…. luv her n u tooo

  3. Wow its becoming more interesting. Plz post next part asap.

  4. Megha123

    Really awsm! It’s becoming interesting ?☺?
    Love to read it ❤❤❤
    Try to update nxt part ASAP plzzzzzz I’m dieing of anxiety ?????

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  6. ragini is awesome

  7. hmmmm suspence

  8. awesome….kitna suspense?

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