It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction (Episode 3)


. sound of someone screaming for help echoed from downstairs. It woke the foursome up from their disturbed sleep. They all rushed downstairs to investigate.
Unknown girl: please help is there anyone else here.
They all rushed towards her
Sanskar: who are you and how did you get here.
Mahi: my name is Mahi singhania the big
business tycoon Rahul singhanias daughter someone banged me in the head with something that’s all I remember.
Sanskar helped her up they had a short eyelock. Swara couldn’t bear to look she was burning
with jealousy. Ragini looked at swara and noticed the jealousy in her eyes.
Ragini: come with me swara I need to talk with you.
She pulled her towards a corner
Swara: what are you doing
Ragini: what are you doing swara how come you were so jealous when sanskar was helping Mahi
Swara: I was not jealous
Ragini: do you like him or love…

The lights turned off. Then came back on.
Swara was not there
Ragini: swara where are you guys come here I think that monster took swara.
While they were rushing to Ragini Mahi spotted something on the floor.she went to pick it up.
Mahi: I found a note guys come here… They rushed towards her
Mahi: it says if there can be doors on the walls then why not on the floors
Lakshya : what does that mean
Ragini: WHAT ELSE WOULD IT MEAN means that there is door on the the God damn floor.
Lakshya: how dare you call me, lakshya Maheshwari, a idiot.
Ragini: with my voice
Lakshya: you can just be….
Sanskar: quit it you two instead of fighting how about you help us find swara
They both started helping staring at each other
with anger.
Mahi: I found a door over here.

Somewhere in the woods:
Hooded person: everything up until now was nothing if they think things are going to get better they are joking themselves this is just the beginning of the end game


Credit to: Alia

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  3. Megha123

    Loved today’s epi very much ❤❤
    Swara s jealousy lol .
    Raglak r very cute.????????????????????

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