It’s just a game… SWARAGINI fan fiction (Episode 2)


Unknown place:
Ragini opens her eyes and sees herself swara and two boys in a old abandoned mansion. She saw swara unconscious with the other two boys and tried to wake them up
Ragini: Shona wake up please
Ragini started tearing up and as the first tear fell on swara she soon opened her eyes. She had a gasp of relief.
Swara: Di were are we and who are those two
Ragini: I don’t know but we should wake them too.
They shook them and Ragini took her water from her rucksack and splashed it in their faces.
They and woke up straight away and screamed like girls. The girls giggled.
Lakshya: where are we sanskar and who are you two how dare you do this. Ragini was was shocked and furious. She grabbed his collar.
Ragini: how dare us?, how dare you say this to us we were only making you conscious!
As she spoke lakshya just looked at her and stared into her eyes. They both had a awkward but romantic eyelock.
Sanskar: ummm.. lucky are you OK?
Their eyelock broke. Swara liked sanskars sensibility.

Suddenly they all hear footsteps coming from upstairs. The lights turn off.
Unknown voice: the game has started…
Swara:who are you
Unknown voice: when you starts to explore dig deeper you will know everything, swara.
swara: how do you know my name
Unknown voice: just like how I know Ragini,
lakshya and sanskars name. The lights turn on again and except for them four nobody was there. A robot like voice said that on the left is sanskar and lakshya room and on the right is Ragini and swara room.
They walked to there rooms trembling and went on beds they all closed there eyes so that when they wake up they find out it was just a dream….

By the way I don’t do previews and it’s going to be raglak and swasan as the pairs.

Credit to: Alia

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  1. Cutiie

    Thanxx for pair…mice story

  2. Yar it’s short nd losing interest

  3. Nice….plz make it long

  4. I will make it longer

  5. raglak scene is nice

  6. Soujanya


  7. Superb

  8. Nice..

  9. nice….it reminds me of pretty little liars and big boss

  10. Megha123

    Too awsm raglak swasan ❤❤❤

  11. Yashasvi

    hey owsm.yippie raglak n swasan

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