Location : Swaragini’s room
      It was early morning when suddenly laksh jerked up hearing the knock on the door…he lazily went and opened the door..and again went back and lied on the couch (lazy one ?). But seeing the scenario the person on the door just banged her head to her hand ?..she was none other than SHARMISHTA GADODIA who came to wake her daughters up and along with her was Shekhar..they sighed seeing the scene as it was a regular one for them ??.
They went near bed and lovingly woke them  up swaragini and wished them happy birthday..and thn gave them key and said a surprise was waiting for them..they screamed so loudly that sanlak got up with jerk and they rushed towards them only to find this a brand new matt black Audi standin th garage !!

Overwhelmed they hugged their parents and thanked them and then quickly went up to freshen up…After sometime sanlak who went to their home which was just beside their mansion came GM getting ready for their outing as they had holidays for colleges!!When they were busy thinking the destination for their outing swara suggested adventure park and Sanskar immediately supported her .. ?. ..they both too agreed and then hoped on their open Jeep and started the journey!! Unknowing to where this would lead them to and it was going to be a new beginning!!

Hey guys !! I know this chapter is too small and boring but in
next one their would be a lot of fun! Please keep supporting and VOTING!!

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