HEY GUYS !This is sanaya back with a new story “just friends “….? Hope you enjoy reading this….

Ragini Gadodia : A Architect in making… Beauty with brains…loves her family to the core…twin of Swara..bff of laksh aka lucky and Sanskar

Swara Gadodia : Ragini’s twin … Pursuing Architecture..a creative girl ..loves ragini and her friends to the core and vice versa..bffs with Sanskar and lucky

Sanskar maheshwari : Son of RP and sujata maheshwari … architecture student ..fun loving boy and topper ..loves his friends

Laksh maheshwari: Son of DP and Ap ..same personality as Sanskar.. loves his friends and can do anything for them..A cool boy

The rest characters are same as in serial… Maheshwari and gadodia’s are family friends and businesses partners.

In this fan fiction I promise u all kind of elements like college fun ,Friendship ,love,emotions everything….but for that I need ur support if u want me to continue..PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT ..

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  1. Neha_01

    Nice..continue dear

    1. SaNaYa

      Thanku so much dear ?

  2. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Make it swasan raglak pls.

    1. SaNaYa

      Let us see dear….bt it willbe all abt their friendship…?

  3. Awesome

    1. SaNaYa

      I am soo glad u like it ..Thanku ??

  4. Suma123

    Is it Ragsan FF…????

    1. SaNaYa

      It’s abt ragsan raglak swalaak and swasan dear…for major time being though…Thanku ?

  5. Tweety_SwaSan

    If it’s SwaSan then I’m in.. so please tell the pairs..

    1. SaNaYa

      Hey! I can just promise u that u will witness scenes of all the pairs for major time being …cannot think of pairs in a way..hope u read it though dear ??

      1. Tweety_SwaSan

        Hey am sorry dear…Can’t read about rag___________________San though about friendship..

  6. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend ❤????

    1. SaNaYa

      Tysm dear ??

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