Just for fun and emotions and quotes


Guys this is not copy of others it is just my small jokes. And quotes and some ideas

Conversation during public exam time

Student:Oh!!only 10min remaining I need to write one 16mark

Teacher:write fast

Student:Dai pls keep quiet I am itself writing in jet speed

Teacher:only 5min more tie your papers and continue

Student:enda usura vangura
Teacher:Time up collected answer sheet

Student: Mind voice unnala oru 10mark vittutaen da panni????


“Some days we will laugh remembering the days we cried . some days we will cry remembering the days we laugh”


Teacher: tell subject code then only you can write exam

Student: subject name itself I don’t know then how I know subject code??


“Distance means nothing when someone means everything”☺☺☺☺.


“One should be always ready to travel”ls-6 prose

“Punctuality is the collection of good habits”-lesson-6 prose

“Home is where the heart is”-The summer flight..

“Mother is the one who makes us happy if we torcher them also”-The summer flight..

“Be wit,be honest,be successful”


Be happy with what you have☺☺☺??


Girl and boy talk

Girl:Do you know how much I love you


Girl: what do you think about my beauty??

Boy: Beautiful (mind voice unna mathiri worst figura life la pakala)


Diff between a boy in love and a boy not in love

Boy in love:If he gets a missed call he should get up and see in any time.

He should not see any girl than her lover

He should recharge his phone daily for talking

He should be punctual

He should comment for whatapp messages

Our credit card should be given to them for shopping

Boy not in love: above thing he does not want to be worried becoz he does not love ?????? Be happy boys don’t stick to one girl be free and enjoy your life till you get married

Guys sorry if I hurted girls and someone and it is just my opinion guys pls don’t take it serious

Enjoy it guys and quotes for those who write for 10public in Tamil nadu guyzzz I have mentioned the lesson name pls use it guyzzz

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. narendran you copied my dp but you jokes r very nice and your quotes too so funny and i can’t control my laugh

    1. thnx reji actually it is my 10 std quotes

      1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        hi ranaji…………..

  2. Wow u r also rocking in this.

  3. Wow Ranaji .u r also rocking in this.

    1. Thnx sana

  4. ranaji tumhare is picture ka colour bar bar change kese hota hain and nice jokes

    1. I think others also commenting on his name

    2. Can you pls tell me how to change the colour

  5. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    nice and thanks for wishing tenth std students………………………

    1. You are welcome and I am waiting for your ff pls after exam pls upload it and can you pls tell me how to change the colour near my name??

      1. wellwisher (WW) Siya ke ram fan

        BECOME A MEMBER IN WORDPRESS.COM…… in this website if u change ur dp then automatically here it will change……….. and ya i will post after my exams gets over….

  6. Suprb ranaji

    1. Thnx arham

  7. bro awesome it made me remember my 10th class when i was reading this i was constantly remembering my 10th and at last i saw u were commenting that it was from 10th book i was very happy can’t forget my 10th thanks for remembering me now what u r dng bro??

    1. +1 studying +2 portions is going on but i am happy becoz commerce group

  8. Ranaji nice yaar……I read ur comments in TPK .Even ur jokes&thoughts are simple that make our mind free for a minute.Wtg to see the next…….are u a+2 student????

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Yes but I am not writing any ff in tpk I am just a fan of dhruvki and I write kkb and matsh ff and I completes IKRS ff,swaragini,and ssk and I completed kkb and matsh season-1 now season-2 is running yaar

      1. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

        are u in +1??????????

  9. Post them in english cant understand in tamil

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