Just be with me…Episode 1

Note: this is a fan fiction

This is my first fan fiction or I can say first story written by me .I am not so good in english
I am writing this as I am fed up with the show .I wanted to something inspritional too
I hope u will like it and plzz let me know ur opinion.
My story starts when thapki and bihaan left pandey niwas.
@night outside pandey mansion.

Thapki’s pov
“what the u think u are doing ?” I said controling my anger & tears too.
“I am not gonna leave u alone” he said in calm voice
I frowned now I can’t control myself anymore I bursted out “b for bihaan just leave me alone. Your family just kicked me out so why are u folowing me don’t u hate me”
Iwaited for his reply “but I hate u so don’t waste time after me. I can manage my self u can leave”
But of no use!!! He stood there didn’t moved an inch but still holding my hand. Did he even heard me I thought “no I had to this I had to finish this today” I jerked his hand “I insulted your maa so much and u are still trusting me . Why bihaan why. Just leave me alone” I shouted but looked away. Suddenly I felt his strong grip on my shoulder and he pulled me closer. “stop this crap in front of me I won’t work on me” He said in a heavy voice while his hand pulling me more closer. I could feel his hot breath. “I know u did this to save maa. I know thapki. I know everything.
Bihaan’s pov

I stood there staring at her while she was uttering those bullshit I didn’t even bothered to hear her. How can a girl be so selfless. In these 2 months I’ve got to know one thing about her that she’ve never thought of hurting a fly in her whole life.she never wished anything for herself.
How selfless!!!
I came out of my thought when she jerked my hand as if making sure that I am listening. I saw her face going red and eyes burning with anger. Oh god again she started but her one word poked through my heart “maa” The word maa echoed in my ear . I felt my whole body heating up due to anger. I held her by shoulder.
“stop this crap in front of me . It won’t work on me” I said while pulling her more close. Icould see the truth in her eyes.
I told her I know everything about her saving maa. Her eyes welled up
Oh shit!! Ididn’t wanted to make her cry .

She took her face in her hands and cried like a baby. All my anger got vanished after all I can’t see tears in her eyes. I patted on her shoulder but to my surprise she turned and hugged me “I am tierd of fighting bihaan” She said while crying “maa hates me bihaan maa hates me” I cupped her face wiped her tears “thapki I am here nothing gonna happen to u I promise” I consoled her she looked at me with hope in her eyes “I m gonna be with u at every thick and thin of your life” I said while hugging her “tomorrow we are going searh for a place to stay is that okay” “ trust me thapki” I said

She just nodded and hugged me tigtly

Credit to: Mineey


  1. Fatarajo

    I liked it a lot Mineey at least here thahaan will be away from pathetic Pandey mansion and also loved the fact that Bihaan saw the true face of Vasundhara n understood

  2. puppy

    Wow!!!! Amazing!!!at least u have some other location for thahaan…thank u so much…good work…keep writing…..,update it daily yaar……..

  3. riya premi

    Waaaww!I’m proud of u dear.and lucky to have such a writer in my life.incredible writing,emotions,feelings .love u

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