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Hi friends!!!! My training had just started so little busy in that. sorry for making you wait. Pardon me if the update is not your expectation. just typed in hurry. No proof reading!! Go ahead!!


Ding ding ding

I pressed the snooze button delaying the alarm for fifteen more minutes and again tossed on my bed recollecting what happened before a month when my life changing decisions were taken by not me but by my parents. Despite having passion towards architecture and the score of 90% in the merit exam conducted by one of the most reputational universities for B.Arch, I was forced to leave my dream. They weren’t willing to send me to another state to study being afraid of the world, pointing out my shy nature. My stubbornness, my tears everything went into vain. While remembering about them a set of fresh tears escaped from my eyes being a start of another cry. After few minutes of sniffing and sneezing, I closed my eyes to get a nap for the new long day ahead, my first day in college of engineering. Just then, the phone started to ring flashing the name ‘amma’ on it. I swiped the ring on the phone to right before holding it near to my ear.

‘hello’, I could barely say it.

‘still you are thinking about it. I know we had taken decision against your wish but you have to think about us too, right? a scary kid like you who is so reserved and afraid to talk to strangers, going alone to an unknown place to study, is a good idea? Or Could I and your father stay in peace? Please understand our situation too dear’, she said in a convincing tone. I just hummed in response.

‘it’s going to reach 6’O clock. Go and get ready for your college. Don’t be late, don’t rush and don’t forget to have breakfast. Be careful dear’, she said.

‘okay amma, bye’, I cut the call.

I sighed and then switched off the alarm before it would ring. While arranging the bed, I heard a long ringing of bell. The girls who were staying with me got up so lazily.

‘wake up girls!! It’s 6’O clock. Get ready for your college. The bus will be here at 7.30 AM’, the wardens’ announcement was more than a yell.

As soon as those words hit our ears, the girls were running here and there with an excitement. They had an argument over who would get into bathroom first. I could guess that they were friends from school though I didn’t have spoke to them yet. I sat on my bed after taking my clothes to wear and looked outside through a window. The only thing I liked after joining the college was the window on the left side of my bed. I watched the birds flying out of their nests. They are free, they can do anything they want but they have to struggle to live. I don’t know why I thought like that. I came out of my thoughts when I heard, ‘hey! The bathroom is now free and it’s almost 7’, one of my roommates said in a not-so-pleasant voice. I heard some murmuring behind me. I knew they were gossiping about me but I didn’t give a damn to them. I thought that at least I should be happy about staying in hostel but I wasn’t.

I reached the college. When I got down from the bus, my heart beat raised indicating my nervousness. I went to my class directly as I had instructed about it earlier by the warden. I was at the doorstep of it. When I got into it, many unknown eyes looked at me at the same time. it made me so nervous. I found a seat at the last bench. I walked straight to it and settled myself there. except myself, everyone was wearing that sparkling smile. Unknowingly, my eyes welled up. I blinked my eyes quickly. Just then, a professor entered into our class and a girl occupied the seat beside me. we exchanged our smile. The professor introduced himself as Prof. Mehta for chemistry and asked ‘what do you mean by chemistry?’. Actually, I was weak in English and I didn’t know what to answer. He asked one by one about their name and whereabouts then the answer for that question. I was looking at my palm and rubbing it often. Then I heard someone was answering. I let out a sigh of relief but the studious girl inside me said, ‘I will beat you in academics for sure’. I smiled at the thought.

‘hey, why are you smiling? Do you know him before?’, the girl beside me asked. ‘nothing. I don’t know him’, I said and looked at him, noticed that he wore a baby pink checked shirt with black pants and sleeves rolled up to his elbow. His skin tone was fair. his back was facing me so I couldn’t see his face. when I moved a bit left to see his face, I collided with her.

‘where were you lost?’, she asked. I gave my famous dumb expression to her. she smiled and said, ‘I’m ragini’. I smiled back and said, ‘I’m swara lakshmi’ when I heard his deep voice, ‘sanskar mohammed’.


Note: I planned to post it twice a week. that is wednesday and sunday. If you aren’t okay with it then suggest me two days.

Request or Fair Warning : Leave your feedback about it. both positive and negative critics are welcome.

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  1. Nisha_Anu

    Hehe. Im so lucky to read this !! Btw, I know you dont know me since I’m new here but I’ve read your work and I just love them. So I’m basically a fangirl of your stories. Cant wait for Sunday to come!!
    About the chapter, I think its quite relatable since I’m going to college next year, and I’m fricin’ unexcited cause I love my school. I loved it. Update soon di. ??

    1. Anjali30

      Lol… Nishu…. I posted almost the exact same comment in prev chappie 😛 😛

      School…. I love school but you’ll find out that coll is awesome too…. At any rate, You’ll have 2 places and 2 groups of people who u can call ur own… 😀 😀

  2. Sethooty

    Swaralakshmi…today morning this name came in to my mind…nice start..go ahead

  3. Tamanna

    Nice…..but try to update more in a week….

  4. Abirsha


  5. Anjali30

    Sindhuja!!!… I really think I should call you Sindhu akka though… Tell me which u would prefer 🙂 🙂

    Well, Personally my first day in coll was waaayyy different… But when I joined school in chennai in 7th, I felt the same…. I was quiet and blah blah..

    Now i’m a monster 😛 😛

    I just love the way we can relate to ur stories <3 <3 And any day is ok for me… I'll read it as it comes 🙂 🙂

  6. Meher

    It was so relatable.. Itz just reality.. What a new student could feel…

    U r osm..

    Oops I forgot to tell you earlier u r my favorite ?

    I am huge fan of ur previous ff.. I joined TU that day when u hd posted last part of that I.. read all in a go.. N I fall in love with that story

  7. gud yaar

  8. Hey nice update. Are u d one who was writing I dreamed a dream ff, if yes can u give me d list of ur works ff/os/ss. Sorry if I bother you but do tell me.

  9. nyc..i can totally relate to swara’s character coz im just like her..

  10. Sindhu akkaa!!!…well…its quite interesting…… Go ahead,i am eagerly waiting….. Nd any day is ok for me yaarr….

  11. awesome!!! What ever days it’s ok!! but it would be nice if you can post more episodes in a week!!

  12. awesome….it is really so natural….when i’m reading ur ff….i’m remembering my 1st day of cllg…..u have extrodinary skills…..n r u from andhra or telengana

  13. Jwala

    superb dear.. but sanskar mohammad??? sanskar name for Muslims? hell confused.. I think his parents were belongs to different cast.. else how it is possible?

  14. Sweetie

    Hi Sindhuja!! I just loved the episode.. 🙂 I was shy on my first day of college too,by the end of the college I’ve become really famous for my antics..lol..Nice update dear..I’m okay with any day you would prefer,I just want to read your stories,that’s it..Waiting for next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  15. RUPA

    An awesome update akka

    And pls give link to previous update in every update if u can.

    Any day is totaly ok for me.

  16. AnuAnn

    Awesome update dear.. Waiting for next part..

  17. I think u r the one who wrote i dreamt a dream ?? Well it was my first favorite ff in telly updates at that time i was a silent reader ….

    I didnt ask sree harini di about u …. but i am a fan girl of urs ….

    U r the one of the most amainzing writer i have met ….

    Okay what about me ?? Di will u become my friend ….

    AND the update was awesome …. but please continue i dreamed a dream ….

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