Just crush? – Sindhuja

While many unknown eyes traveling on me I walk as if I own the world. I stop and take my phone, scrolling down the messages. I click the one titled IRCTC. I read the coach number and search its position on the information board. ‘Mmm! It’s 8th’, I note it.

I can hear some noise. Offo! My stomach! It’s hungry. With those tired black orbs of mine I pierce through the crowd to spot a food shop. My fortunate or unfortunate, I find a snack shop. Just for a day, I won’t get that much weight. I buy a chips pocket and a water bottle.

I settle myself on a bench with crossed leg and start to much the chips. At last, the day has arrived. Four years over. late night preparation, exam fear, group studies, everything is over. I take a deep breath and release it slowly. When I first entered this city, I was so anxious, scared to talk to people. Now, it changed. I have changed.

Will he also look like this in his old days? , I think seeing an old bald man. His thought itself is making my heart flutter. I giggle which gradually turns into a wide smile showing a dimple on my right cheek.


Note: The update will be on July 1st.

Remember me?

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  1. Meher

    Omg!!!! ????

    Wow!!! Eagerly waiting for 1 July ????

    1. Sindhuja

      Good to read your comment 🙂

  2. Harshitha

    Nice one waiting for next update ❤

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks Harshitha 🙂

  3. Anjali30

    Sindhuja!!!!!!! I have read ur prev stories and have heard a lot about you from sree, needhi and neha!!

    God, I miss sree… I remember asking her to introduce me to you…??
    But since she hasn’t been replying anywhere ill introduce myself…??

    I’m very weird ik…. I’m just so excited to finally meet you….

    I just loveeee ur stories!!!! ?????

    I remember waiting for I dreamt a dream like crazy…. ??

    Anyways…. this story too sounds ???
    Can’t wait for the next epi….

    Am glad ur back!!!!

    1. Sindhuja

      I am very glad to meet my stories crazy fan 🙂 i too missed my friends so much. but what to do? i have to search jobs to build my career and don’t be over excited. i may be irregular and this may not up to your expectations. you are the writer of Mr. Maheswari and I?

      1. Anjali30

        Wow… so that means u have found a job now?? Awesomeee……
        Lol…. don’t worry… I can wait patiently for a good story!! Which it will be….

        And Yupp i am writing mmai…

        If uve read it then I’m going to faint right here!!!! ?????????

    2. Sindhuja

      haha!! once i was a silent reader of that ff but stopped in middle. the reason, you know it already. today i gonna read it.

  4. interesting

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks vyshu 🙂

  5. Hadi

    Of course dear who forget u thanks thanks thanks for coming back dear I am waiting eagerly for ur next update this epi is prove of urs well done

    1. Sindhuja

      thank you so much hadi 🙂

  6. Aashi

    Sindhuja finally you are back!!…..
    I was just missing you like anything !!

    Even had messaged you on wattpad and was happy that you could have recognized me!!…..

    Hows you?….
    Is this a short story?? I’m just happy you’re back. Well to be frank after reading I dreamed a dream I could never find such a beautiful ff ever!!….

    Lots of love!….

    1. Sindhuja

      hi aashi! i too missed you all. i replied to you on wattpad. yes, you gussed it right. it is a short story. thank you so much for your compliment 🙂

  7. Hi Sindhu di ,
    Remember me ???? Is that a question to ask???
    Ofcourse , we remember u but u forgot us.
    Thank god!!!!!! U came back….
    Missed u a lot ….
    This is really good.
    Waiting for the next chappy……
    I just hope , u r the same Sindhu di , i used to talk , if not ignore it.
    Sree’s latest ff ‘s r :
    1. Swasan -Acceptance.
    2. Raglak-Second Love.
    She is really missing u.

    1. Anjali30

      U missed her… but u don’t think of us?? At least me??

      Ur never here nowadays…????
      Pata h kitna miss kiya aap sab ko?? Sree is never here… and with her u also went away…

      I’m a bit mad today so ignore this long speech…. but yeah!!! Be active… ???

      Love you!!!!!

      1. Sindhuja

        oh god! hope she is alright and will come back soon!!

    2. Sindhuja

      yes, i am the same one. i missed you so much. i will surely read her stories. where is she? did she leave after completing the stories as she said?

      1. Anjali30

        She hasn’t finished the swasan one… raglak I have no idea…

        She fell ill in April end and was admitted in the hospital… after she was discharged she came here few times but I think she is still weak so not active here right now..

  8. Sweetie

    Hi Sindhuja..I’m very big fan of your FF “I dreamed a dream..”Lovely FF it is.. 🙂 This one is interesting too..Waiting for 1st July.. 😀
    Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Sindhuja

      i am glad dear. keep smiling and be happy 🙂

  9. Pooja26

    omg!!!!! u r back………
    m so happy……..


    1. Sindhuja

      i m also happy to see your comment 🙂

  10. Wowwwwwwww sindhu its u only na?????!!!!!!……….u don’t even no how much i miss u …..u stupid ,idiot nd wat not ….me ,needhi,sree missed u nd we were waiting for u ……nd u!!!……but its ok i think u were busy in xams nd all but really yaar missed u a lot…umaahhhhh!!!…..nd wat type of question is dat ofcourse we will remember u…nd pls don’t vanish again…..nd thanks to needhu who informed abt dis ff…..nd if its not d sindhu which i no ,i am srry

    1. Sindhuja

      hehehe!!! [hearing your scold] i too missed you guys a lot.big tight huggies. try not to vanish dear. hope we will be connected 🙂

  11. Soujanya


    1. Sindhuja

      thanks soujanya 🙂

  12. Abirsha

    sindhuja finally u r back…..i missed u and ur ff a lot….yesterday too i remembered about u dr nd i got a update from u…..awesome….

    1. Sindhuja

      i too missed you. what a coincidence!! thank you 🙂

  13. waiting for it..

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks 🙂

  14. Waiting dear

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks 🙂

  15. Isabel

    Interesting story, waiting for more..

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks isabel 🙂

  16. U r back di

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks shagun 🙂

  17. sheetal(joya)

    I loved ur story I FOUND A MATCH………

    1. Omggg joya diiiiiiiiiii……finally aap mil gayi….aap pls apni fb open karo….mai ne frnd rqat beja hai dekho

    2. Hey joya…how r u Dr….narajse hoo kyaa….miss u dr

    3. sheetal(joya)

      Hey vaishu,sethooty

      Missing u a lot guys……….
      Hum kisi se naraj nahi hai……..

      Vaishu humne tumhe ek msg kiya hai fb pe…..jitni jaldi ho sake padho……sethooty vaishu tumhe bhi kuch batayegi……plz guys check ur fb……..and reply me………i wanna share wid u something

    4. Sindhuja

      thanks 😉 it’s sheetal or joya?

      1. Actually Both??..

  18. Omg sinduja…I dreamed a dream…read ur many one shots fabulous…happy to see u again….welcome back…

    1. Sindhuja

      thanks sethooty!! glad to know that you read my crazy one shots 🙂

  19. Shruthis

    lovely concept yaar …i loved your previous ff ..eagerly waiting for july 1st…

    1. Sindhuja

      thank you shruthis 🙂

  20. Hey di. I saw ur books on wattpad. Really I love all your writings. Count me as your fan!

    1. Sindhuja

      glad to know dear!! counted you as my friend, is that okay?

  21. nice concept dear………eagerly waiting

  22. Anjali30



    Sindhuja!!! I’m really sorry to disturb you….but can you pls read these two OSs and tell me what you think of them…

    Only if ur free of course…

    1. Sindhuja

      Hey! I already read the second one and commented there. Check it. Will read the first one for sure ?

      1. Anjali30

        Yeah…. I saw ur comment… have just replied back!!! Thnxxx…. ???

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