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Hii guys lover here with my third os.I know I know that you must be thinking I am wrong its my second. (To aap logo se ek baat share karti hu bolu?ya nhi bolu? Aacha nhi bolungi?ok sunna hai to suna hi deti hu?
Passionate love twinj os is written by me only.but I am angry on you because none of you is able to recognize me?? and you only said na that you will not forget me but you only forget me and that too soon.
Ok so now enough of my lectures I am going to present my new os in front of you all.please support me but mei gussa hu tum logo se.so let’s go.

Kya thoda to prank banta hai as your return gift to forget me.

Ok ok so here we go:
It starts with an idol of radha krishna being shown and now the whole place is shown its a temple where a marriage sorry a child marriage is going on and 5 people (3ladies and 2 gents) are witnessing it with their eyes.(let’s hear what are they talking about and who are they?)
Lady1:I am so happy that my son is getting married in front of my eyes and that too with the girl whom I want.
Lady 2:but I am somewhere feeling that we are doing wrong by getting our kids married at early ages bebe.
Lady 3:why are you worrying we are here na and we are first friend then anything else. And I am getting my daughter as twinkle for kunj.she will more than happy with us leela ji.
Man 1:leela ,usha ji is saying right and we are here only na. Whenever we want we will be with twinkle am I right manohar?
Man 2 :are you mad why are you asking she is your daughter and kunj is your son whenever you want you can meet them and we are doing this only to make our friendship in relationship.(so they are leela usha bebe manohar and rt and they are making their children I.e twinkle and kunj to marry at very early ages.can’t they know its illegal?omg they can do it some years ago too but its ok let’s see what happens in this marriage .is it works out or not?)
Priest announced that marriage is completed and they are husband and wife now.and as it announced just then
Twinkle/Kunj:mom dad now can I go to play doll/cricket with my friend? As they are waiting for me.
They nodded their head and both twinkle and kunj run towards their respective places.

Days passes by and within passing days both families become each other competitor in business but this doesn’t come in their relationship .but one day when there is kunj birthday party in sarna mansion and due to some misunderstanding and some planning by their rivals to make them apart they both families broke into quarrelling with each other and it leads to make them apart and to broke all the ties with each other. And after that day they become perfect rivalry of each other in which they didn’t even let one chance to make each other low.they didn’t even want to see each other face.So they sent their children to some other place for studying to make them not to know about past as they now didn’t want to make kunj/twinkle as their daughter in law/son in law.
Leap of 18 years:
A XYZ mall is seen and a beautiful girl is shown singing muskurane ki wajah from city lights. And many people are listening to her.But in middle she forget the lyrics and all people standing nearby started giggling about her just then a cutteee bubbly sweet simple but gorgeous looking girl come in front and completed the song.and all claps for her.
Girl 1:hii thank you thank you very much for helping me.my self mahi mahi sarna.(how many have think her to be twinkle?)
Girl 2:no need to thanks its ok I haven’t done any favour on you.and my self twinkle.(yes guys twinkle helped mahi when she forget the lyrics).
Mahi:so friends?(forwarding her hands).
Twinkle: what friends? But we can’t be friends………
Mahi: (sadly )ok
Twinkle:its not ok because we can be best friends and smiles.
And they both share a hug.
Mahi:so let’s celebrate for our new friendship.
Twinkle: ok but how?
Mahi:first come with me to my house.
Twinkle: but..
Mahi:not but ok as we are friends now so you have to follow my talks.
Twinkle agrees and they both reach mahi’s house.as they entered
A boy is shown asking mahi why is she so late?
Mahi:sorry na bhai.OK now leave all this and meet my friend twinkle.
Boy turns around and both twinkle and boy get shocked to see each other their.and they both screamed you.
And went to a flashback:
It shows a old lady is running and screaming Chor Chor (thief thief). the same boy whom mahi called bhai is passing by and heard her screaming and he run to catch the thief. And at last he catches him to make him arrested and while he is returning back a girl approach to him and starts scolding him thinking him as a thief.
Now the girl face is seen and she is none other than twinkle urf siyappa queen.
Twinkle:you idiot fool you made an old woman run by thieving her purse and she continues blabbering…………..
Boy:(thinks)how much does she speaks in one breath bakbak queen.but she is cuteeee and adorable. What are you thinking she is screaming you and you?but what to do I like her no no I love her.omg love at first sight.
While his thoughts come to an applause when twinkle screams are you listening what I am telling to you. Just then the old lady come to them and thanked the boy and give him blessings to live happily in his whole life and to get all the things that belongs to him.
By listening this twinkle mouth go wide open and she become shocked to think that she misunderstood him and she closes her eyes in fear that what will boy do now. But to her surprise the boy didn’t speak anything and went from their while twinkle follows him for getting his apology.
Twinkle:ok I am sorry na I am at fault.
But before she speaks more the boy immediately put his hands and tape her mouth with to prevent himself from hearing her blabbering or I say non stop blabbering.
Boy:how much do you speak yaar.please keep silent for sometime and give the chances to others to speak too bakbak queen……..
Twinkle: mmmmmmmmmm….
And the boy take up his hand from her mouth to let her speak.
Twinkle: I am sorry….
And after that he smiles and leaves from their being engrossed in his thought.
Flash back end and they both come out of their thought as Mahi speaks what happened where you both are lost..
Both together: no nowhere.
Mahi:so bhai this twinkle my friend and she tells him whole story.and then she introduces twinkle by saying meet my bhai oh sorry Kunj for you.(so guys the boy is kunj only)
And they three burst out into laughter.
By each and every passing day twinj get closer and share a great bond together.They become their bff or we can say more than that. somewhere they both have some feelings for each other.they both understand each other without saying or we can in the language of silence with their eyes.but they fear to confront their feelings to each other.and Mahi also get to know about it.(pyaar nahi chupta???).
So she decided to make them together and one day she went to an outing with both of them and some other friends of them too.and on the way she knowingly make them lost from group so that they can realise their feelings.
And it happens as she wants very next day kunj comes to twinkle home take her out and proposes her .twinkle too readily accepts it.
And they both tell their respective families about this without mentioning each other name and family accepts it.and when they meet each other they quickly starts fighting like dog and cat.and twinkle and kunj both get the biggest shock of their life that they both are already married and they don’t know this fact.They both look towards each other with a lot of pain,love,respect,and most importantly trust and bond they both share for each other and they both share a short eye lock but it break as they come out of their love world and saw their families quarrelling. And they both families tell both of them to come with them and both being obligated went with their families by having a stone in their heart and tears in their eyes.
And they both after reaching their home went to their room and cries whole heart out till morning. And after that twinkle get Kunj call saying that I can’t live without you twinkle too says the same and both decides to meet each other at some place.
And after meeting they both decides to run from their family and call Mahi asking for her help and she readily agrees and very next day they both writes a letter for their parents which states :
I know that you all are getting shocked by thinking that where we went so I want to tell you all that we both love each other as we have said earlier too and we can’t even think of living without each other .don’t search for us

And they both went to airport and their families get their letter and they too reaches airport. But before their families sees both of them Mahi make them elope by boarding them a flight.and wishes them a happy married life ahead.
After a journey of some hours they reached Los Angeles and went to their home.they both were sad for leaving their respective families and for cheating their love but both are not showing this to each other as they think he/she feel bad.but they knew each other conditions and both care for each other and their needs too. Twinkle care for Kunj as a mother and love him as a wife whereas Kunj tries all the ways to make her smiling by doing different things and then after sometimes they start forgetting about each thing due to the only love care and trust of each other.they were in contact with Mahi only as she lives in London only and that too alone and not with sarna family.

A leap of 4 years:
Both families get to know that the misunderstanding is created by their rivalry to make them apart and after sorting out that they get to know that twinj are in Los Angeles. So they too reach their. They get overwhelmed to see their love and care for each other and by meeting their 2 years old little daughter Park.They bless them and ask them to return with them but they rejected it and tells them to stay with them as their business and memories are there.so after that they shifted to los Angeles and lives a happy life ahead.
The end………..
Hope you like it please tell your views through comments.Bye..
And in passionate love I got 18 comments its good but less than the first one in infinity why its only you…
*Thanks sidmin
*Zaku itna pressure maat do dimaag mei ok i am lover
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http://www.tellyupdates.com/passionate-love-twinj-os/ and here is the link of my last os passionate love.bye and I am sorry for not commenting on your ff and os but trust me I read all of them.

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